This Bastard is Too Competent Chapter 36 - What I Brought

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“Get out of the way! It’s coming!”


“Pardon? It’s coming… What do you m—”


Right at that moment.




The three-headed hound that was chasing Ian stuck its head out of the gate. But the monster wasn’t in good shape either.

Its body was bleeding all over after fighting Ian. One of the three heads even seemed to be missing one eye.

Some fainthearted aristocrats and young ladies passed out on the spot at its hideous appearance.




“Wh-what’s that monster? What’s going on here?”


“Guard! Where’s the guard! Get rid of that monster!”


But the royal family was different.

They knew exactly what Ian was doing.


‘You have been fighting against the gatekeeper?’


‘One of the monsters that the First King signed a contract with?’


Of course, it looked a little different from the monster they knew. All the brothers challenged the [Tomb of Sword].

But at least they knew precisely what the monsters in the treasury were like.

From a young age, they grew up hearing that it was a monster they could never stand a chance fighting.


‘That idiot, I can’t believe you’re going against such a thing!’


However, unlike the others, King Eloin’s eyes lit up with interest.

His gaze landed on the blood flowing from the monster’s eye.


‘No wonder you asked to bring the sword. You managed to survive against it.’


Rather, it was a look of satisfaction.

He couldn’t help but do so. It was because the king knew the monster the best, though no one else knew it.

The [Sword of Dawn] handed down from generation to generation by the king of Kaistein.

That’s the key to dealing with them.


‘That was the contract between them and the First King. Those who have the [Sword of Dawn] will never be attacked, and the monsters will be appeased.’


But the king didn’t expect Ian to bring that fellow out.

The most ferocious, feisty, and uncontrollable young bastard inside.

The wild monster was going berserk as it stormed out of the gate that it even attacked King Eloin.




“Your Majesty!”


King Eloin leisurely avoided it. But his eyes sank calmly.

He never imagined that a monster that originally had to bow its head in front of the [Sword of Dawn] would come out this far.


‘You’ve already lost your mind.’


Perhaps it was because of Ian’s armor that it had become so violent.

That’s the likely reason.


‘It’s a relic of the First King who attacked them directly.’


In the end, the king had only one choice to make.


“Kill it.”


Everyone in the ceremony hall flinched.


What did the king say just now?

Did he mean to kill that monster now?


They couldn’t comprehend his words for a moment.

But the royal family pulled out their swords as if they had been waiting.


“Step aside. That is my trophy.”


“Don’t make me laugh. Do you think I don’t know that you’re going to kill that monster and steal the loot?”


Now they were armed with all kinds of magic tools.

Not to mention, unlike when they were young, everyone had honed various fighting skills. They were confident that they would never lose in their respective fields.


‘It’s not like that. We have received special training from the royal knights.’


‘The king has acknowledged us. Get out of my way, kiddo.’


The royal family shot Ian and the monster with fiery gazes.

Duke Garcia, seeing the current situation, immediately made a move. 


“What are you all doing? Go rescue His Highness!”


Duke Garcia intended to leave the monster to the excited royal family and bring Ian to safety immediately. 

He didn’t want to lose his precious card again.

And at the Duke’s command, the knights and soldiers of the royal family moved.

As expected of the royal soldiers of Kaistein, famous for their greatness, their speed was truly incredible.

They were all moving to save Ian.

But just then.




The king’s sword struck the floor.

Everyone was surprised at the sound and looked at the king. The king’s eyes glinted intimidatingly.


“All step back.”




The king ordered the soldiers, glaring at especially his children who were about to come forward. It was a cold tone that they didn’t dare defy.


“I have never commanded you to come forward.”




“Didn’t you hear me? Step back at once.”




After silencing everyone, the king set his eyes on Ian.


“The trial is not over yet. The person who brought it out shall be responsible for it.”




Ian and the others were surprised.

There was a reason for it.


‘His Majesty’s eyes.’


His eyes were as fierce as those of a beast. As if he wanted to see Ian do more.

His eyes were literally sparkling.

That’s why everyone was so taken aback.

Ian, however, seemed to have thought it was an opportunity, and his eyes flashed. 


“Then, I will dedicate its head to Your Majesty the Great. But please allow the rest to be taken by me.” 


The king raised an eyebrow. He noticed Ian’s plan at once.

Ian’s brothers gritted their teeth.


‘He is going to sweep all the spoils!’


‘A monster of trial breaking out is unprecedented throughout history. If you catch it, you will get loots you never imagined.’


Everyone’s eyes glistened with greed.

But the king burst into laughter.


‘This rascal. You’re going to take what’s in its stomach.’


Others wouldn’t feel it, but King Eloin sensed it clearly. The monster that did not listen to him, and the relics of the First King that remained in its stomach.

So, he replied, “Do as you please.”


“Your Majesty!”


The princes and princesses shouted.

How could that be!

However, Ian, who saw the king’s eyes, understood exactly the king’s intentions.


‘Great, I’ve got your permission.’


As Ian approached the monster, the suddenly stranded royal family clicked their tongues.


“That bastard doesn’t even know his place. He thinks he can catch that monster? And in such an open space at that.”


“He’s too young to have good judgment. If he dies like Eldest Brother, that will be his loss.”




“I mean, he’s overconfident. If it were me, I would have asked to fight alongside the royal knights.”


The Third Prince laughed at the ridicule of the Second Princess.


“Are you still a Kaistein?”




“I asked if it would make sense for us to borrow someone’s hand to catch that monster.”


“What? But the child is still young, and he hasn’t learned proper swordsmanship…”


“So, did the youngest ask for help?”




The Third Prince’s eyes gleamed menacingly.



It was the name that was passed on from the First King who founded the kingdom in the past. A warlike nation that loved swords and battles so much that they never avoided any fight.

Although its existence and reputation had faded over time, the strength and tradition remained the same.




“I can’t believe you have such a way of thinking. As a fellow successor like you, I am ashamed. Father would be delighted if he knew.”


The Second Princess glared at the Third Prince and Ian, her face burning with shame.

Her scheme was discovered all because of a momentary slip of the tongue.

Right then.






The three-headed hound rushed at Ian with its three maws open. Ian fearlessly slipped under its belly, using his cloak as a shield.

Ian kept his eyes on the enemy in front of him.

He had no choice but to do so.


‘If I stop even one step, <Faith> will be extinguished.’


<Faith> also had weaknesses like knights’ <Oath>.

The moment he acted to betray the promised sentence, his power would disappear. Unless he tried his best, he couldn’t run away in front of the enemy like now.


‘I heard that knights sometimes lose their <Oath>. The same may happen with <Faith>.’


That was obvious.

Like Oath that put one’s life on the line, Faith also contained one’s own will.

Just because he didn’t win against a jerk like that, he would no longer even have the right to wield <Faith>.

The knights who didn’t know Ian’s situation shouted in frustration.


“Your Highness, you’ve gone too far inside! Stand back, please! It is dangerous if you go any further!”


But Ian kept moving on.


[My steps will never stop.]


One step, two steps.

And another step.


Using <Faith> and the cloak of the First King as a shield, Ian inched closer to the monster.


‘I can win this.’


He didn’t do this simply without thinking. For Ian, Faith, the higher level of Oath, was giving him strength, and the flames and claws of the three-headed hound could not penetrate the cloak of the First King.

Ian was truly its perfect nemesis.

After such a long time had passed.




At last, Ian’s sword, bearing such great intensity, cut through the monster’s belly. 

The monster fell helplessly.




When the monster collapsed, silence dawned in the ceremony hall.

Nobody ever imagined that Ian, who was still young, would subdue the monster.


“Maybe that’s why he brought the subspace ring and a sword instead of the invisibility cloak.”


All to hunt a monster that others were too busy avoiding.

And at this very moment. 

The atmosphere of the ceremony hall had changed from before. 


“For now… It seems that the succession war in the future will become more intense. Such courage…”


The nobles glanced at Duke Lavaltor. Duke Lavaltor, who had been ignoring Ian without even sparing a glance, stared at Ian in shock. 

That sight could not have gone unnoticed by Duke Garcia.


‘That guy.’


Duke Garcia glared at Duke Lavaltor with displeasure.

Looking at his gaze, it was clear that he had his eye on Ian.


‘I must move first before he uses his hands.’


But then.


“Th-that’s dangerous, Your Highness the Seventh Prince!”


“You can stop now! It’s down!”


Exhausted, Ian fell and scrambled to approach the still-breathing monster. 

The royal chamberlain and the royal guards shouted at the sight, but he did not listen.

Rather, he even smiled as if it was the main point from now on.


‘Now is the time to get the relics.’


The rule stated that he could choose only one item in the trial. But as long as it was out there, he could have everything.

The king had already given him permission as well. 

At last, Ian’s eyes flashed and he reached for the split stomach.





Ian flinched.


‘They’re gone.’


There were no relics found in the three-headed hound’s stomach. The relics of the First King must surely be there!

Ian couldn’t help falling into panic.


‘Has the monster digested it?’


His face distorted in rare devastation.

What a shame. They might not fit his body well, but they would be pretty useful. 

But right then. 




A red light began to gather over the three-headed hound’s body. Something that looked like an orb was floating in the air.

However, something was off.


“Prince, what’s the matter?”


“Can’t you see this?”


“What are you talking about?”


‘Is it only visible to me?’


Ian reached for the red orb.

And then.




The red orb was sucked into the [Small Subspace Ring].

As if it recognizes Ian as its master.

It was then.

The king rose from his seat.


“Very well. This concludes the ceremony.”


When the king was about to turn around, the chamberlain rushed to his side in a hurry.

There were still some procedures left.


“But it’s not yet finished…”


“It is.”


The bewildered Ian looked at the king.


“Are you not going to check the things I brought? I haven’t shown you yet…”


But the king looked at Ian and raised the corners of his lip.


“Isn’t it the thing you put around you?”




“What else should I see?”


At the same time, everyone flinched.

Nobody noticed it because of the monster’s sudden appearance, but it was evident that there was something different in Ian from when he entered.


“It’s a cloak. I brought a cloak.”


Moreover, during the fight, Ian had always wrapped the cloak around his arm to make it like a shield.

But as long as the king knew, he no longer needed to do so.

The cloak was restored to its original shape, fit just right for Ian.

That wasn’t the only thing.




It was not windy, but the cloak fluttered as if a breeze brushed past.

However, the nobles sighed at the sight.


“What? A cloak?”


“Ah, so you were in the Pandemonium? What’s the use of bringing it with such courage…”


The faces of the royal family, which had been very stiff, were also loosened.


“I can’t believe a Kaistein brought something that isn’t a sword. You are such a fool!”


But the laughter didn’t last long.


“F, Father?”


“Your Majesty?”


It was because the king was smiling.

As if the answer Ian gave was the correct answer. He had a smile that he had never shown to any of his children before.

Seeing this, the royal chamberlain bowed to the king and asked.


“Then… shall I declare the completion of the ceremony?”


“Isn’t it obvious? From now on, I will officially recognize Ian as the seventh prince.”


King Eloin approved the completion of the legitimation ceremony with a proud smile.

Right at that moment.


“Please wait! There’s still something left!”


Someone from the royal family came forward.

She was the First Princess who looked like an ice beauty. It was only for a split second, but she looked as if she could not stand seeing Ian, who received an affectionate smile from their father.


“He has not yet proven the worth of the thing brought from the trial!”


In general, those who passed the [Tomb of Swords] judged the superiority and grade of the sword brought through a match.

At the same time, they had already proven the historicity and value of the weapons they brought. That’s how they set their rank.


“Please proceed in due course! We will have to evaluate the grade and value of what he brings.”




“Therefore, I implore you, Your Majesty, to judge which of us here has the best!”


Everyone’s eyes turned to Ian.


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