This Bastard is Too Competent Chapter 43 - Who Becomes What?

Author: CleiZz Editor: Tetrax


Fiosen flinched at Ian’s request.

He had no choice but to do so.


“Sir Fiosen, I’d like to take you as my squire.”




Fiosen was visibly perplexed.

He had been feeling that way since Ian sent a provocative letter stating “I have information that could destroy Lavaltor,” but it was a more absurd request than he expected. In the first place, there was no nobleman who ever thought of making the successor of a duke a soldier.

But that wasn’t the most surprising reason.


‘It’s just as Father said.’


Fiosen turned his eyes and looked at Duke Lavaltor.

In fact, it was because of what Duke Lavaltor said before Ian came.


‘He’ll probably ask for me.’


Duke Lavaltor had precisely predicted that Ian would ask to take the heir of the duke, whom others were reluctant to do.

The only difference from the Duke’s prediction was…


“Did you say a squire?”


“Yes. It is as you heard. Or would Duke Lavaltor prefer to be my knight? It would not be a bad condition.”


Lavaltor burst into laughter for the first time. 

What Ian proposed was the lowest-ranking knight among the knights.

In other words, in Kaistein, it meant reserve knights who did not receive a title, and they served their lords by doing all sorts of menial tasks like a servant.

Hence Duke Lavaltor sneered. 


‘This little boy. You want my son to do odd jobs?’


And Fiosen, who thought Ian would ask for his sister’s hand in marriage in place of the Second Prince, said in a panic.

He had a lot to say, but that wasn’t important now.


“Well, Your Highness, please think again. There are many other knights besides me. Even if they are not as good as my father, in the First Knight Order…”


But Ian smiled instead of answering.


‘It would be an even more absurd request to ask to be the fiancé of Duke Lavaltor’s daughter in place of the Second Prince.’


There was no way Lavaltor would listen. In the first place, Ian didn’t want to choose his partner here.

In addition, he had his own reason for choosing Fiosen.


‘Fiosen will be greater than Duke Lavaltor in the future.’


Fiosen revealed his true worth when Duke Garcia trapped Duke Lavaltor and threatened his life.

Later, he would be known as ‘Fiosen of Iron Wall.’ Because of him, Garcia could not even annihilate Lavaltor and proposed peace.

So, of course, it was Fiosen if Ian had to choose.


‘Galon specializes in attacks, and Nathan specializes in sabotage.’


Both were rather far from the defensive.


“Ah, by the way, Garcia’s second son and third son are working all the time. Squires often do miscellaneous works, but an escort knight has to be by my side 24 hours a day. You know what that means.”


At Ian’s meaningful words, Duke Lavaltor raised his lips. 

How could he not?


‘Are you saying we can spy on Garcia?’


The squire did errands according to Ian’s words. In other words, it meant that if it was Ian’s errand, he could go in and out of Garcia’s mansion naturally.

Sure enough, Ian’s golden eyes curled.


“Isn’t the first thing you wanted to put a spy on Garcia? It wouldn’t be a bad picture.”


Duke Lavaltor looked at Ian in contempt.


“Will Garcia let my son wander around?”


“I just have to give him work to get around.”


It meant that he would actively support Garcia so that he could take a look.

So, Duke Lavaltor, who originally intended to kick Ian out only after hearing the story, listened.


“I haven’t heard anything about my daughter yet.”


Ian smirked at the remark. 

And at this moment, he willingly began to unravel information that nobody knew.

That’s right.


“It’s a pity to say this as his younger brother, but the Second Prince has a strange sexual preference.”




They stood stiff with a shocked look on their face.

There was no other thing they could do.


‘Did Lavaltor not even expect this?’


Although in the future, it was too late to turn back.


‘If he is still a fiancé, they can break the marriage.’


In the past, the Second Prince hid it so well.

However, during the second half of the succession war when others invaded the Second Prince’s palace.

In a secret room hidden in the deepest corner of the palace, they found a gory scene of blood and pieces of flesh scattered around. That was when Duke Lavaltor found out about the hidden fetish of the Second Prince.


‘Unfortunately, it was too late by then. The duke’s daughter was killed by the Second Prince.’


In the past, with this as an opportunity, Lavaltor advanced to the royal castle.

But Ian didn’t have to tell them all of it.


“You’d better look into the Second Prince one more time. He is too dirty to hold such a bright and beautiful princess.”


He might have already tried to touch the young lady. Or he expressed his desire a little bit.

At Ian’s words, the honest and upright Fiosen was taken aback. 


“No, that… How did you know that?”


“My brother’s palace, a secret room hidden in the corner. The truth will be there.”


This was enough. 

Duke Lavaltor was sure to find the fatal weakness of the Second Prince.

Duke Lavaltor and Fiosen exchanged glances at Ian’s words.


‘What do you think?’


‘If that’s true… we have to stop it somehow.’


They needed to check for now. 

However, it was more likely to be true. As for Lavaltor, it was a word from a child that Garcia, who collected information like a rat, took in, so he couldn’t just let it go.


‘If it’s true…’


Even though it was a marriage that proceeded even before she was born as a result of a promise with the previous king, he could not give his only daughter to such a filthy bastard.


But that and sending Fiosen as a knight was another matter.

Even if he was a squire, just by sending Lavaltor’s eldest son, the nobles would think that Lavaltor had reached out to Ian. They wouldn’t think of a hostage situation here.

Unsurprisingly, the duke’s eyes flashed as he looked at the really shrewd little boy before him. 


“So, is this what the letter, ‘I know information that could destroy Lavaltor’ all about? I don’t think this will be enough to touch the tip of our family’s flag.”


“Of course, it’s a lie. I don’t think you’d even want to meet me if it wasn’t for that letter.”


Duke Lavaltor laughed at Ian’s impudence.


“But it doesn’t pay at all to trade the life of Lavaltor’s successor with uncertain terms of negotiations.”


Ian raised the corner of his mouth. 


“Don’t worry. It’s fixed-term.”




“One year. It’s enough to be my knight for just one year.”


It wasn’t a bad suggestion.

And the fact that Lavaltor did not avoid him in the first place meant that he was willing to negotiate.


“Instead, leave the choice to Sir Fiosen. If he wishes to remain as my knight, Duke Lavaltor should also let him go.”


“Hmm. I don’t think that’s going to happen.”


Ian smiled inwardly at Duke Lavaltor’s confident voice.

It would only be a year for someone.

But it was going to be a huge year for Ian. Fiosen would be so busy that he wouldn’t dare to think of returning to Lavaltor.

Of course, Duke Lavaltor had considered it from the beginning.


‘Anyway, the time has come for us Lavaltor to plant a spy on Garcia.’


At the very least, he had to figure out the reason why Duke Garcia’s second son and third son stayed with Ian as well.

The Garcia he knew wasn’t the kind of person who invested in things that didn’t make a profit.

Of course, Lavaltor and spying did not sound to match each other, but…


‘It is enough to suffer once.’


The conversation between the Third Prince and the information that the Second Prince gave.

What’s the price of pulling out the dragon’s beard which had been quiet all this time? It was time to tell the world about the Second Prince.

As the Duke of Lavaltor nodded, Fiosen stood in front of Ian with a stiff face.


“All right, the Oath is sacred. From this moment on, I, Fiosen Lavaltor, will follow Ian the seventh prince.”


“Yes. You can’t come to me right now. So, I’ll be waiting, Sir Fiosen.”


The First Knight Order served only the king.

In order for Fiosen to officially serve Ian, he must resign the position of deputy commander of the First Order. That was what Ian was saying.

Fiosen bowed his head, and Ian smiled. 

This made Ian the only prince supported by both dukes of Kaistein. Everyone’s support was bound to pour in at the same time.

At least, he had a powerful card that the other guys didn’t have.


‘Fiosen will grow to be great in the future, but he is still very useful as the eldest son of Lavaltor.’


Ian closed the door of the First Knight Order commander’s office with a light heart.

It was time to go back.




Returning to Crystal Palace, Ian lit the problematic candle.




Of course, he didn’t forget to put on the necklace he received from the Third Prince.



‘Maybe he’s after me. I can’t trust anyone yet.’


Although it reacted to the scented candle, he couldn’t completely trust the goods given by the Third Prince. So, he draped the cloak with a defensive function around his shoulders and heightened his senses with <Faith>.

And right at that moment. 




As the scented candle burned, light began to radiate from the necklace.


‘The cloak is unresponsive.’


Ian walked closer to the smoke as if he had expected it.

At the same time, Ian exclaimed unconsciously. 

He had no choice but to do so.


‘This feeling…’


It felt like his soul was being filled.

His whole body trembled as he felt as if a corner of his lonely soul was being filled.

And at that very moment.




Ian felt something inside his body. He didn’t know what exactly, but it didn’t feel bad. 


‘My body is being energized.’


It was half a gamble, half a test, but he didn’t know what more might have come with the swordsmanship talent.


‘Well, I’ll just have to check it out.’


And then.

As soon as Ian acquired the talent, the scented candle disappeared in an instant.

It was as if it had fulfilled its duty.

He needed to test other things over time. 

As Ian organized the scented candle.


Knock. Knock. Knock.


Someone knocked on Ian’s door. 


“Ugh, I’m beat! Please take this!”


It was Heinley who entered. However, Ian tilted his head at the pile of things he was holding. 


“Why books all of a sudden?”


“That’s what His Majesty wants me to deliver to the prince!”




Ian wondered why the king had sent him books all of a sudden, and Heinley said, out of breath.


“You are going to take a test. The nobles want to confirm your qualifications as the owner of the Crystal Palace. So, please study.”


Ian’s expression was distorted by those words.


‘Huh? These?’


Of course, Ian had taken a test in this regard in the past. But that was a very long time ago.

It was a test to pull him out because he was hiding behind the Duke so much. If he failed, he would be deprived of his qualifications as a successor.

But this time, it was the qualification as the owner of the Crystal Palace.


‘I’m speechless.’


Then Heinley smiled insidiously.


“Don’t worry. There are a lot of good teachers in Garcia.”


But Ian snorted. 

It was because he remembered Heinley who was bullying him under the pretext of education.


“Whew. You can’t even do this? You, the so-called royalty? You can’t do it right?”


Ian fumbled under the bed.


“Didn’t I tell you to clean up properly? It’s full of dust.”


“S, sorry? No way I’m cleaning under the bed…!”


“Do it right, why don’t you? The teacher’s story comes next.”


Heinley stormed out in anger and went to get cleaning tools.

But Ian was lost in thought.


‘The Crystal Palace test.’


He knew roughly what was going to come out, and it wouldn’t be too difficult to pass.



‘It feels awful. At least I should get something if I pass. It’s mine, so why do I have to take a test to get their approval?’


As he was thinking about how to get back at those who asked for it.


Knock. Knock. Knock.


A servant came in.


“This is a letter from Third Young Master Karan.”


Ian checked the letter immediately after sending out the servant.


[The conversation with the merchant went well. She is hoping to see you tonight right away.]


Ian smiled. Karan seemed to have done a good job.

Then when Ian was about to lay the scented candles away early on. 

This time another servant found him.


“Your Highness, His Majesty summoned you. He wants you to come to the main palace right now.”


Ian got up, burning the letter from Karan. 




The royal conference room.


‘I didn’t expect to be summoned here.’


This was a meeting place where nobles and the king gathered to discuss major policies.

Of course, Ian from the past never came in. It was because his qualifications, such as acting as a government official, had never been acknowledged.

As Ian was about to go inside, he heard some sound. It must have been time for a break.


It was then.


“The new star of Kaistein, The Seventh Prince, enters the room!”


As Ian entered, the conference room fell silent in an instant. 


“Did you call for me, Your Majesty?”


“Well, now that he’s here, we can proceed.”




It was the king at the top of the stairs who spoke.

The king was looking at Ian with interest.


“It’s just that I think you need a teacher.”


Ian secretly flashed a smile at the remark.


‘You choose a teacher for something like that?’


He didn’t know for sure, but it was obvious that the nobles were fighting over the position of Ian’s teacher.

Having the title of the teacher of a royal family would bring a lot of benefits and, at the same time, sate their curiosity about Ian, who was nominated as a successor.

As expected, the king said. 


“All of this comes from the agenda that proper education and examinations are required as the owner of the Crystal Palace.”




In short, the nobles were nitpicking him. The king could cover up this kind of agenda, but Ian didn’t know it. 


‘He is enjoying it.’


The king was also curious. 


“You don’t need to feel too pressured. It’s a basic skill that any royal family and the owner of the Crystal Palace should have. And although it is customary to determine the teacher by royal law, there are a lot of people who want to take charge of your education. So, I decided to call you because I thought it would be best for you to decide for yourself.”


Ian smiled inwardly.


‘What? Teacher?’


Ian was confident that he would pass the test without it.

Rather, it was something else that mattered.


“You can send the teachers one by one to make it fair.”


The king raised the corners of his mouth. 




“However, Your Majesty, the Crystal Palace is mine, so why do I need a test? If I take the test, please give me a reward accordingly. Only then will I take the test.”


Ian raised the corners of his mouth meaningfully.


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