This Bastard is Too Competent Chapter 48 - First of All, One Guy

Author: CleiZz Editor: Tetrax


Silence fell in the audience room. 

It was no wonder.


Is he asking for a fight now? 


It was because Duke Garcia’s expression looking at Duke Lavaltor was unusual. 

And the nobles, sensing the anger, shivered and peeked at Lavaltor. 

No matter what, Garcia had chosen to be the Seventh Prince’s guardian. 


‘Isn’t it morally wrong?’


‘You’re right. It was Duke Garcia who brought the Seventh Prince.’ 


‘Of course, it’s a joke. His Majesty being interested in the Seventh Prince is a compliment to the Duke.’


‘That’s right.’ 


Hence, the nobles tried to say something to Duke Lavaltor, but they soon held their breath. 

They had no choice but to do so. 


‘It-it wasn’t a joke?’


Lavaltor’s eyes were serious. And they could see the determination in them.


“I never knew you had a sense of humor, Lavaltor, so I thought you weren’t good at jokes, but I guess you indeed have the talent.”


The nobles trembled at Duke Garcia’s sharp voice.

Yet, Lavaltor took it lightly.


“The future of the kingdom seems really bleak because Duke Garcia, the pillar of the kingdom, can’t tell jokes from truth apart, Your Majesty.” 




Was he for real? 


The nobles were scared witless when they saw Garcia’s eyes. 

Unsurprisingly, with Duke Garcia’s provocation, the two dukes’ gazes clashed violently.  

All because of only one prince! 

The nobles were nervous at the sight of the two facing off against each other.  


‘Are the two dukes going to work together?’


‘This is the first time they conjoin directly like this since Adria of Intellect disappeared.’


The two, who had been sworn enemies since their youth, could never get along, just like water and oil. 

That was why the nobles were worried. 


‘If the excellent Lavaltor Knights and First Knight Order move, even if it’s Duke Garcia…’


‘But Duke Garcia, on top of immense wealth, also has abundant soldiers. If he mobilizes steel infantry and heavy cavalry…’


The nobles glanced at Ian. 

But they couldn’t help being shocked at once. 


‘The prince is smiling?’

‘Is he enjoying the situation right now?’


Ian seemed to be enjoying the two dukes walking a tightrope. 

King Eloin was also watching them with interest.

But right at that moment.  


“This is nonsense! How could you hand over Lavaltor and my fiancée?” 


The Second Prince raised his voice.  

He was genuinely angry. 


‘You’re treating me like this for killing a few maids. This is absurd!’ 


His influence was still strong. Even though they were rivals, he had a strong comrade named the First Princess.

It was ridiculous to collapse like this. 

And at the Second Prince’s words, the nobles of his faction stepped forward as if it was an opportunity.


“That’s right, Your Majesty. It’s against etiquette to change the betrothed in this way, regardless of age.”


“That’s right. His Highness the Second Prince may have made a mistake, but this is not the way to do this when it is still under suspicion.”


“Enough. It’s up to me to judge.”


The nobles were frozen seeing the king’s eyes.  

At the same time, the king turned to Lavaltor and was about to approve.  

But then someone stepped in with a smile. 


“Pardon my impertinence, Your Majesty. Are you going to proceed without even asking the person concerned?”


As Ian stepped up, the Second Prince glared at him with bloodshot eyes. 


“This is no place for you.” 


“Well, it’s about my engagement, though?” 


Ian’s words began to change the atmosphere. 

Especially King Eloin. He raised the corners of his lips with an amused expression.


“So, do you refuse the engagement?” 


“Your Majesty!” 


“You stay put. I don’t want to listen to someone who lost his important hand because he didn’t have enough arms.”




Ian replied with a smile. 


“It’s not a rejection, but I don’t plan on getting engaged in this way. It’s the worst marriage partner ever.”


King Eloin narrowed his brows. 

Frankly, having Lavaltor as a father-in-law brought tremendous benefits. But the king couldn’t believe Ian would give up on that so easily. 


Worst marriage partner ever? 


It was natural for Duke Lavaltor’s face to harden.


“Your Highness, are you implying that my daughter is lacking?”


As if insulted, the duke couldn’t contain his wrath. Fiosen also hardened. Ian could even feel the eyes of Lavaltor’s kindhearted firstborn chilled.

Yet, Ian smiled. 


“Don’t get me wrong, Your Grace. That’s not what I meant.” 


“Then explain what exactly you mean.” 


Instead of answering, Ian glanced at Duke Garcia. 

Then Duke Garcia smiled in confidence as if it was all according to his expectation. It also meant that Ian couldn’t leave them.



“I’m very sorry to the duke, but I haven’t had the coming-of-age ceremony yet. Of course, I can’t get married yet.” 


Garcia stared at Ian, and Lavaltor looked unconvinced.  


“If you’re concerned about the coming-of-age ceremony, only the engagement is decided in advance, and the marriage contract will come after the coming-of-age ceremony…” 


“I can’t do that.” 




Ian smiled. 


“The battle for the throne is not over yet. What if she marries me and I die? Don’t tell me you will find another marriage partner then, do you?” 




“I think a person that might die at any time is the worst partner ever.” 


The ferocious Duke Lavaltor seemed to be at a loss of words for a moment.


Was he referring to himself and not his daughter?


Lavaltor looked like he didn’t expect Ian to think that way. 

But Ian’s logic wasn’t wrong either. 


‘The Battle of Ranking is yet to begin.’ 


The Battle of Ranking was a kind of a turf war to turn the competition in one’s favor. 

In addition, it had the characteristic of a one-shot game where they could bet and take away the opponent’s properties, troops, goods, rank, and shares.

In other words, unlike the main competition, all kinds of cruel tricks could take place here. 


‘You never know when you’re going to die.’


Ian raised the corners of his mouth as if he had read the duke’s expression. 


“Of course, Duke Lavaltor would certainly be able to protect me. However, I am a Kaistein! I have no intention of avoiding a challenge.”


In his previous life, as suggested by the Second Princess, they had a swordsmanship competition instead of the Battle of Ranking.

Of course, Ian did not participate in the competition and just hid in the duchy. Duke Garcia even thought of abandoning Ian due to that.


Anyway, it’s different now. Ian didn’t say it on purpose, but if he were to have a fiancée in the current situation, she would possibly become nothing short of his weakness. 


“Therefore, I have a request, Your Majesty.” 


“What is it?”


“I understand that this is an imprudent request, but I ask that my fiancée’s choice be deferred until after the Battle of Ranking. If I survive, I will accept Lavaltor’s daughter. At that time, I would like to choose her as a marriage partner.” 




In an instant, the nobles in the audience room began to stir.

Some nobles nodded and whispered inaudibly.


“I was worried about his poor background, but he’s pretty broad-minded.” 


“Certainly, he could die in the Battle of Ranking before the competition.” 


“Considering the young lady’s honor, maybe that’s the right choice. It’s not like they’ve broken their engagement many times.” 


Duke Lavaltor kept his mouth shut. In fact, he had no loss whatsoever.  

Nevertheless, there was no change in the idea of making him a son-in-law.  

But even though Ian rejected Lavaltor, Garcia’s eyes were still hostile. 


‘That sly rascal.’


It was inevitable. 

Now, he was well aware of what Ian had done. 


‘That means he will get both of our support until he wins the Battle of Ranking.’


Judging from Ian’s reaction, he was not interested in the engagement in the first place.


‘In other words, he can refuse to marry Lavaltor’s daughter at that time.’


And some nobles who didn’t understand the situation whispered with interest.  


“Who is going to provide more support? It must be Garcia, right?”


“Are you ignoring Lavaltor now? Maybe even the Seventh Prince will change the duke’s mind.”


At those words, Duke Garcia’s eyes gleamed as if it was foolish.  

It was then. 


“Very well. Let’s do that. And confiscate the Second Prince’s palace. In addition, the Second Prince will not be able to act as the first-in-line to the throne as he had been doing thus far.”


The Second Prince was horrified. 


“Your Majesty! How can you only believe what they say…!”


“I think you are misunderstanding something.” 




“Isn’t it all for your own self-interest? You should have kept it well if you didn’t want it taken away. However, I will not take away the last right you have. That will be the last chance I give you.”


In other words, the king meant that he should take responsibility for himself, but if he wanted to get it back, he should take revenge and get everything back through the Battle of Ranking.

The Second Prince, who could not understand the meaning of his words, clenched his teeth and glared at Ian. 


‘This brat keeps driving me to the end.’


But the case had already been closed. 

It was because the king had made a declaration in front of the nobles. 


“I will annul the marriage between the Second Prince and the daughter of Duke Lavaltor. At the same time, the person who will become the young lady’s fiancé will be announced after the Battle of Ranking is over. Take the Second Prince right away for investigation.”


“Glory to the Sun of Kaistein!”


Ian smiled brightly at the conclusion and bowed. 

And at that moment. 


‘It won’t go your way. Who found him in the first place?’


‘In the end, the Seventh Prince will have no choice but to take my hand.’ 


Duke Garcia and Duke Lavaltor were staring daggers at each other.






Ian walked out of the palace with a refreshed smile. 

Karan approached him. 


“Your Highness, what happened inside?” 


“Nothing much.” 


Ian ignored Karan and headed forward. 

Karan followed him with a bewildered look.


“What do you mean by nothing much? Duke Lavaltor…” 


Ian stopped in his tracks. 


“Are you worried that you will be isolated by Duke Garcia?”


“Isn’t it obvious? I have always been the third son of Duke Garcia…”


“That’s strange. I thought you didn’t have much affection for your family.” 




Ian knew. 

Karan, who acquired <Faith> in the past, left Duke Garcia and traveled around the continent. 

And according to someone close to him, he was clearly not interested in the dukedom from the beginning. 


‘I don’t know what it’s about. That’s why I want to make him my own.’ 


In Ian’s previous life, he was called the Adventurer King Karan, but now he was praised as a genius in administration. It would definitely be of help to him in the Battle of Ranking as well as in the future.


“Anyway, you can think about it then. I haven’t won yet.” 


But Karan’s face was seriously stiff. 


‘Well, I can guess what you’re thinking.’ 


His father would probably not cut off support for the prince either.  

No, it might be amplified further as the opponent was Lavaltor. But given that he brought up the marriage agreement, Lavaltor didn’t seem likely to give up Ian either… 


There could be an unprecedented war, just not bloodshed. 


Feeling chills creeping down his spine, Karan was about to say something to Ian.


“You damn bastard!”


The Second Prince, who was dragged by the soldiers, approached Ian.  

The soldiers did not treat him badly since he was a royal, but the Second Prince glared at Ian with bloodshot eyes as if to kill him. It’s the vindictiveness for having Lavaltor snatched away from him.  


“Enjoy your fleeting moment of victory. Soon I will—”


“That’s only when you win the Battle of Ranking with others. No, are you going to cowardly send an assassin from behind again?”




The Second Prince’s face was distorted. 

The assassin he sent to Garcia the other day. He recalled the voice of the person who talked through the crystal ball the moment it was cut off. 

Thus, the Second Prince laughed viciously. 


“That was you, huh?”


“I don’t know what you mean. But I feel sorry for you, so let me tell you one thing.” 


“This bastard…” 


“You wonder how I knew your secret?” 




The Second Prince’s eyes widened as if he had been caught off guard for a moment. He hadn’t even thought about it until now, but he actually found it strange.

Looking at Lavaltor’s move, it was clearly Ian’s plan, but Ian couldn’t have known that because he came here not long ago. 

Ian whispered with an evil smile. 


“The First Princess told me. That there’s your secret there.” 


The Second Prince scoffed as if it was absurd.


“How dare you lie to me!”


“Thanks to my sister, I was able to make Duke Lavaltor on my side, so I’m just thankful for my ugly brother.” 




The Second Prince was about to ask something in an imposing manner, but Ian immediately said. 


“What are you doing not taking my brother away?” 


The Second Prince was dragged away by the soldiers and Fiosen. They could no longer delay the king’s order. 

Ian smiled at the sight. 


‘Enjoy your leisure time. That breath will last only for a while longer.’


But he wouldn’t be dawdling either.

Now, the two irreplaceable partners, the First Princess and the Second Prince, were out to kill each other. No, they would not trust each other and would thrust knives at each other’s backs.


‘It was like that before. In the end, they betrayed each other out of their shallow alliance. I just shortened the time.’


Ian turned around with a smile.  




Ian broke into a smile at an unexpected face when he arrived at Crystal Palace.  


“You must have been very busy all this time, don’t you, Nathan?”


“Hahaha. It just happened. Why are there so many people looking for me?” 


It was Nathan, who was outside Crystal Palace.  

But Ian soon smirked when he saw him. It was because of something he had heard from Galon. 


“I think he chose you.” 


It was an unbecoming expression coming from Galon.  

However, Ian didn’t show it on his face. 


“But I heard it on the way. The factions that supported the Second Prince already want to find you, Prince.”


“Really? Then we will get busy. As my swordsmanship teacher, you expected it, right?”


“Of course. I also got something for you, Prince.”


“That’s enough.” 


It was when Karan was glaring suspiciously at Nathan. 


Knock knock. 


“Here they come.” 




New people had shown up in Crystal Palace. 


“You have a lot to learn, Prince, so you won’t have much time. We will start right away.”


“Don’t worry. We will be sure to teach you well.” 


They were all teachers sent by the nobles to tutor Ian. 

These so-called teachers were going to teach Ian, bearing arrogant looks on their faces.


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