This Bastard is Too Competent Chapter 50 - This Uncle?

Author: CleiZz Editor: Tetrax


Two men were sent by King Eloin and Marquis Adelas.

T/N : Starting now, Marquis Adeles will be changed into Adelas. A little correction. 

And it was an unexpected man who came to Ian now. 


“Ugh. He is the grand scholar.” 


Karan grimaced at the face of the old man who had entered. 


The grand scholar.

The man referred to as the wisest sage in Gratunias, or perhaps in Kaistein, visited Ian at the king’s command. In fact, he was a hard-to-see figure even to the high-ranking nobles.


That was why everyone was surprised to see him, but Ian only smiled.  


‘Whether or not I will be supported by this person is also very important.’


However, the grand scholar did not seem pleased seeing Ian.



“Welcome, grand scholar.” 


Ian greeted him and gestured to have a seat, but the old man ignored him and even looked very discontented.  


“Hmm… Didn’t Your Highness kick out all the sons of other noble families?” 


“Rather than kicking them out, I told them they had nothing to teach me.”


At those words, the grand scholar’s expression turned grave even more.


“What a strange thing. One of them must have been a child who passed the Academy in second place and decided to enter Gratunias.” 


The grand scholar squinted his eyes distastefully.

If it weren’t for the royal family, Ian wouldn’t have been able to take such a class, but from the look on his face, he was wondering why he kicked them out.

Yet, Ian just smiled and beckoned to Karan. 


“Young Master Karan, the grand scholar has come, why don’t you bring out the tea?”




“Bring the tea I mentioned last time.”


“What? That?” 


Karan had a hopeless look on his face. 

Why did he want him to bring it?  

However, seeing Ian’s threatening eyes, Karan eventually turned around. 

The grand scholar eyed Karan as if looking at a troublemaker. 


“I can’t believe Garcia’s third son was working as a servant all the time.” 


Karan, who brought out the tea set, flinched, but that wasn’t important. 


‘That old man has an extremely exquisite tongue.’ 


Although Karan had just seen him a few times during his academy days, the grand scholar was infamous for his picky tongue. In fact, Karan was scolded a lot when he was under the grand scholar’s tutelage.


‘Well, the prince told me it was something from his hometown, so I bought it.’


The tea that Ian asked to buy was of poor quality and had a strange scent. Unsurprisingly, the grand scholar narrowed his brow, probably because of the aroma wafting from it.

Karan sighed at the sight. It was as he expected.  

But it was then. 


“This tea, it can’t be…” 


“Yes. It is the tea of ​​Mount Elrond. I came across it by accident while researching the culture of the neighboring country, and it tastes really delicious when mixed with milk.”


Ian offered milk, and the grand scholar sat down with joy. 


“I didn’t expect you to know this.” 




Karan looked at Ian and the grand scholar alternately in bewilderment.

But Ian paid Karan no heed and grinned.  


“I am glad the grand scholar is pleased. Does it suit your taste?” 


“Yes. It is my favorite tea. I’m more than happy to see it since Kaistein doesn’t enjoy this tea due to its strong aroma. It is a hometown difference that is hard to find in the capital city.”


People of Kaistein mostly enjoyed mild herbal tea.

However, the grand scholar still looked unpleased.


“The tea was well served, but it’s one thing and the test is another.” 




The grand scholar must have been very discontented that his disciples were kicked out.


“You must have learned something bad because Third Young Master Karan, who had excellent grades but was not well-behaved, is next to you, Prince.”




“His Majesty, who sent me, seems to have high expectations of you, but I will not be of any help. Today, I am only here to see your face per His Majesty’s request, and your education will be in charge of my disciples.”


Karan was sweating profusely.

In fact, the grand scholar hated Garcia himself.

Therefore, Ian chuckled. 


“Then, before entrusting it to your disciples, would you mind checking the textbooks?”


“Did Garcia choose the textbooks?” 


“I chose them all.” 


“That’s fine. I can take a look at that.”


The grand scholar scrutinized the books piled up on the table with an expression of disapproval. 

Just by looking at it, Ian’s level could be grasped at a glance.

And yet.


“Huh? Did you read this book?” 


It was [Scholar Aldran’s Theory of Pedagogy].


“This is not an easy book for you.” 


Ian replied with a smile. 


“It is a great book, especially the theory that sharing, not a monopoly of knowledge, enhances the knowledge level in the country as well as the study of its citizens.”




The grand scholar’s interest was piqued. 

It was surprising that he understood this book so much.  

It was no wonder. 


‘Because that’s what you wrote, Sir.’ 


Ian chuckled inwardly. 

Scholar Aldran was another name for the grand scholar.

Of course, it was an unfortunate book that got out of print quickly owing to its unpopularity as it was too boring.


‘That fact will be revealed after the grand scholar’s passing. Because the unfinished manuscripts in his library are open to the public.’


Ian expected the grand scholar might come, so he asked Karan to get it in advance.  

Well, he could not get it since it was out of print, but it was not a problem. 

It was thanks to Nathan. 


“Ah, my brother probably has that. Should I steal it?”


“What? What do you ask, the prince needs me, so I have to get it right away. I will check it and bring it myself.”


“Eh? If it is not the prince but Third Young Master Karan who is going to take it, I will sell it for a high price. You will pay for it, won’t you?”


“Prince! That guy…” 


“Buy it.”




Anyway, Karan, who received the book from Nathan, carefully checked it and handed it over to Ian. 

No matter how great the grand scholar was, he seemed to give in in front of his out-of-print book and his favorite tea.

And now Ian was thrilled to see the grand scholar directly review what he had studied.


‘I didn’t dare look at him in the past.’


He had no choice but to do so. 

Gratunias was a national institution, so the grand scholar without a doubt had every justification for refusing even a prince’s summon. 


‘He didn’t even accept the invitation of Duke Garcia because of that.’


Even now, if it weren’t for the king, Ian probably would never have had a chance to meet him, but either way, he hadn’t had the chance in the past either.

The grand scholar was busy with the presentations, he said. Ian did not have enough academic background to dare to talk to him, he said. 

But Ian knew the real reason. 


‘He simply didn’t like me. I was a dirty little boy under Garcia’s protection.’ 


The book was prepared for the grand scholar, but it was true Ian had read it all.  


‘In my previous life, though.’


Of course, it was a secret that he read it as a substitute for sleeping pills when he couldn’t sleep during the war. It was good anyway.


“Oh my goodness. These things are not even basic.”




After examining Ian’s studies, the grand scholar was angry. 


“I have never considered the prince’s level and I even casually thought of sending my children for my connections. The teachers must have been rather rude to you, Your Highness.”


The grand scholar’s eyes on Ian were completely different from the beginning. 

He now seemed eager to teach Ian himself.  

So, Ian’s eyes secretly gleamed as he caught an opportunity. 


“As far as I know, the people of Gratunias are very picky about their origins.”


“Kekeke. I think that rumor has spread because there are many such nobles among the scholars who were active outside.” 




“Most people who are not noble are too busy surviving rather than studying. Of course, they don’t do many outside activities.” 


It was then. 

Ian’s eyes suddenly changed as he sipped the tea. 


‘Yes, it’s finally out.’ 


One of the real reasons he had wanted to meet the grand scholar from a long time ago.

Hiding his pounding heart, Ian slowly spoke to the grand scholar. 


“If you don’t mind, could you introduce me to them?” 


“What? Those troublemakers… No, those youngsters?” 


The Oddballs of Gratunias.

They were talented scholars who were not treated properly due to their low status like Ian.


‘At that time, my brother the Fourth Prince took them in. He thought about building a country where people are not judged by their origins.’


But they turned out to be quite an unexpected dark horse.  

If the Second Prince had a huge halo, the First Princess was supported by the nobles, and the Third Prince was backed with national-level force, the Fourth Prince was a genius of resourcefulness. 

Moreover, the power of the Fourth Prince who took in the scholars grew immensely in an instant.

Various philosophies, arts, and war weapons assisted him. 

Had they been given a little more time, they would have become dangerous. However, they collapsed too easily.

The reason was simple.


‘All things yield to money.’


The Oddballs of Gratunias were eccentric, but they also gobbled up more than a thousand gold coins a month like pigs. 


‘So, actually, if Garcia were with the Fourth Prince, it would have been really dangerous.’


But this time, Ian was going to cut in line.  


‘As long as I have money, I can keep that land.’


They were essential to developing his own territory. 

It might be difficult, but Ian had come up with a way to rope them in. 

The troubled grand scholar nodded. 


“If you so wish, I will do it for you. I don’t think they will be of much help to you, but…”


However, Ian, having achieved his goal, shook his head and smiled. 


“Speaking of which, did you come here alone?” 


“Oh, the other one is…” 


And right at that moment.  


“It is me, Your Highness.” 




Nathan immediately hid the stolen book at the appearance of the man who showed up with the notice of his visit. 




How could he not? 

The man in front of Ian now was none other than Orlando Adelas, the eldest son of Marquis Adelas and Nathan’s older brother.


“Nice to meet you, Your Highness the Seventh Prince.” 


“Yes, what brings you here, Young Master Orlando?”


“I came to inform you something about the test.” 




Orlando was the inspector of Ian’s test. In other words, there was no reason for him other than the teachers to come to find him.



“As you may know, the owner of the Crystal Palace is also responsible for welcoming the envoys as the representative of His Majesty.”




“Therefore, I am here to let you know that this has also been added to the test. The test will be held at Opal Palace in a month, and an envoy will come then. You will greet the envoy.” 


Everyone was surprised at the words.  

It was too early for Ian. But Ian wasn’t too worried. 


‘Don’t look down on a second chance.’


After his coming-of-age ceremony, how many envoys did he think he had encountered?

As Ian was about to say he understood. 

Orlando continued quietly.


“For your information, the royal family and the Ministry of Finance will not provide any support to the prince. Please prepare everything necessary for the banquet by yourself from start to finish.”


“Eh? What?” 


It was Karan who jumped out of his seat.

He shouted, seemingly forgotten that he had to stay still like a servant from behind.

It was only natural.


“Are you aware of how much money you need to hold a banquet? Besides, if you won’t give him a single servant, what would he do without a servant at the royal banquet—” 


“That’s what the prince has to manage in the test.” 


Ian scoffed. He finally understood what they had in mind. He sent Orlando back once he understood.


‘Is that really what you think?’


Although they said they would see his qualifications as the owner of Crystal Palace, it was a test with the apparent thought of demeaning him.

But they thought wrong.  

Ian stood up from his seat. 

Karan, who was next to him, asked in surprise. 


“Prince! Where are you going?” 


“Where? I am going to greet the father of the great Third Young Master Karan after a long time.” 


“Huh? Why my father?!”


“Hmm. To borrow some money first?” 


“What? Don’t you know what this test is about? That’s precisely what they want—!” 


“Don’t worry, I won’t do what they want me to do.” 


Ian headed for the door, ignoring the panicking Karan. 

If they thought he couldn’t reach the handle because it was still a little too high for him, it would be their mistake.  





Ian found Duke Garcia right away.  

Thanks to the king’s gift, he could go out as much as he wanted during the test period. 

And Duke Garcia, who was staying in the capital, welcomed Ian quite warmly. 


“Welcome, Your Highness.” 


But the talk didn’t go smoothly. 

At Ian’s request to lend money for the banquet. 


“I am sorry, but I can’t help you.” 




As Ian frowned, Duke Garcia matched his height with Ian. 


“If you promise me that you will not take Lavaltor’s hand, then this Garcia will help you with all his heart.”


Duke Garcia smiled brightly.  

At that smile, the corners of Ian’s lips rose.


This uncle?


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