This Bastard is Too Competent Chapter 52 - Bringing Something Good

Author: CleiZz Editor: Tetrax


Countess Reese Aria widened her eyes as if it was ridiculous.

It was none other than because of Ian’s request. 


“Don’t talk nonsense! You think I would do such a stupid thing?” 


But Ian smiled nonchalantly. 


“You have a lot of money, so you should lend me some.” 


“Don’t be ridiculous. Our Aria family is a merchant family. I don’t have a single penny to lend you with an uncertain future. Much less…”


It almost sounded like a threat. 



“Really? Then I’m in trouble.” 


Ian propped his chin and stared at Reese.  

Of course, he didn’t look like he was in any trouble. Getting anxious at the sight, Reese narrowed her brow.


“I am in trouble, so give me back my power!” 


It went without saying.

How did he get the power, and how could she lose it in such a place? 


‘That power is necessary for revenge.’ 


She couldn’t even give him a single penny.

That’s right, her family was supporting the Third Prince, but externally, she was supporting the faction that followed the First Princess.

In other words, if she were to lend money to the Seventh Prince…


‘The First Princess’s faction may find out that I am supporting the Third Prince while investigating me. I will be in trouble if I get caught.’ 


She could have been attacked by the faction of the First Princess and Third Prince on both sides.

As Reese moistened her lips in dilemma. 

Ian smiled softly as if there was nothing he could do.


“Alright, then I can’t help it. Let’s just forget about the money. I will give back your power.” 


“Is that true?” 


Reese’s face brightened.  

She truly didn’t expect things to work out this easily. 

However, Ian’s gentle smile soon turned into a meaningful one.


“If you could answer one of my questions, that is.” 




At Ian’s words, Reese chewed her lips. 

As expected, it seemed that she could not just get it. But it was okay. Because it was only one question. 


‘I’m sure you’re looking for information about the other brothers.’ 


She could give him as much as he wanted. 

It was natural.

Even if Reese handed over confidential information, what could Ian do with only two factions and two knights?  

Therefore, Reese replied bluntly. 


“What is it? Do you want me to tell you the weakness of the First Princess?” 


Ian shook his head and asked.


“Not that. Can you tell me what your relationship with Line is?” 


Reese had an absurd look on her face. 


“Line? Who is that?” 


“Oh, you don’t know his name?” 


Ian clicked his tongue. But he asked again, his eyes gleaming. 


“He may have changed his name. Then, let’s change the question.”




“What is your relationship with Adria of Intellect, one of the three great dukes of the past, who has been destroyed for committing a crime?” 




It was then. 

The moment that name fell, bloodlust surged from the frozen Reese’s eyes.

And at the same time.




Hidden somewhere in her, she took out a dagger and rushed straight toward Ian. 






“What the hell are they talking about inside?” 


Meanwhile, Karan, who was shooed out by Ian, was anxious outside the door. 

In fact, it couldn’t be helped. 


‘If it’s Aria, it’s definitely a family that supports the First Princess.’ 


Why was she here? Was she going to help the Seventh Prince?  


Listening close to the door, Karan became nervous. No matter how minuscule his affection for Garcia was, it would be a little awkward if the prince was hostile to the family. 

That was why he tried to spy on the inside by any means.  






In an instant, a force strong enough to see stars exploded before his eyes struck his head.


“As a servant, it is against etiquette to eavesdrop on his master’s conversation.”


“Ah, Sir Galon!” 


Karan grabbed his throbbing head and looked at Galon. 


“I’m a servant. A servant needs to know his master’s business. Aren’t you worried about your master?” 


Galon paused at the remark, and Karan smiled lightly. 


“Right? So, just a little…” 


But just then. 




A broom hit Karan on the head. 



“Stop messing around and sweep the floor, can’t you? Today’s assignment hasn’t been finished yet.”


“Sir Nathan!” 


“And does it make sense to know all the secrets of your master?” 


At those words, Karan gritted his teeth.  


‘This guy keeps getting in the way of everything. I can’t beat this one.’


Even if they were both nobles, Nathan was a knight. 

Karan could use poison if necessary, but he would rather suffer from the knight.

Thus, he racked his brain and tried to persuade Nathan, but a strange thing happened.


All of the servants, including the chamberlain, packed up and left the Crystal Palace in a rush.

Surprised at the sight, Karan approached them. 


“Lord Chamberlain!”


“Did you call, Young Master Karan?” 


Karan was speechless seeing the chamberlain kept his head bowed. 


“What are you doing now? Aren’t we supposed to start preparing for the reception of the envoy starting today?” 




The chamberlain looked at Karan in unease. 


“I heard that all support for the Crystal Palace has been cut off starting today due to His Highness’ test. Salary as well.”




Of course, they were proud to be royal servants, and they were loyal to the royal family. They did not run away without the thought of not being paid for a month.

Ian was very popular among the servants as he treated them kindly. 



“This is an order from the inner court. If we do not get paid, we are ordered to work in another palace for the time being.”




Karan frowned. 


‘Must be the queen.’ 


The inner court was the management agency of the royal family, which was headed by the queen.

Of course, if it was an order from such a place, the royal servants would have no choice but to move.

And originally, it was true that the salaries of the servants were under the supervision of the inner court.


“The servants of the Crystal Palace are the ones who will serve the Seventh Prince in the future. From now on, the Crystal Palace goes under the direct control of the Seventh Prince, not the inner court.”


The direct servants did not take orders from other royals but from the master of the palace.  

It literally meant they were Ian’s people. It was a good thing for Ian. 

But the problem was the payment system. 


‘Direct servants are paid by the master of the palace.’ 


Usually, financial resources were allocated to each palace, but Ian’s test was now in progress. Of course, there was no cost for a year to sustain them.

Hence, Karan was utterly flabbergasted.


‘They know where to use their authority.’


Perhaps they were the brothers who coveted Crystal Palace.


“Then, how much is the total salary you should receive?”


“All servants receive 10 gold. Of course, it is only the wages.”




It was a lot more money than he thought. Of course, that amount of money could be provided by Karan, the third son of Duke Garcia, who was preparing to leave the family.

But Karan scrunched his eyebrows instead of paying for it.  


“Just wait until dinner. I’ll talk to the prince first.” 


The chamberlain bowed his head and retreated.

But Karan’s hunch was clearly saying something. 


‘This may be just the beginning.’ 


And his hunch was very accurate.  

Sure enough. 


“Young Master Karan, I got a call from the kitchen. What are we going to do with the food bills and their salaries?” 


“The people responsible for the garden…” 


“The wizards in charge of the magic tools in the Crystal Palace have contacted us. If we don’t pay the money, they will retrieve the magic tools.”


As many people came to visit, Karan couldn’t help but get mad.  


‘These really are something.’ 


It was because it was beyond the scope of what he could do with his personal finances.

And it did not even include the upcoming reception of the envoy.

Karan had a headache and the urge to run away, but he couldn’t.



“If I’m absent, Young Master Karan will take over. There will be no mercy if you run away.”


“What? Why me?” 


“I heard your father cut off your allowance. So, didn’t you ask the Duke to give you the allowance again? I won’t tell him if you don’t like it.” 


That goddamn prince! 

There was no way Karan could just run away after hearing that. 


‘Darn it. Father doesn’t give me a hand at times like this. He will only help me when I’m having a hard time, huh.’


But there was no law to lie down and surrender as it was.  


“Young Master Karan, someone from the Garcia family comes.” 


Karan curled up his lips at the servant’s words. 

It was because it was obvious who would have come.  

However, an unexpected person greeted Karan who went out to the main gate of the Crystal Palace.


“Bro… Brother?!” 


“Yes. How’s your servant job going?” 




The man waiting for Karan was none other than Garcia’s eldest son Ulrich. He was a man donned in a tidy uniform, befitting his reputation as an elite.

And without a smile, he threw an object out of the blue without a greeting.


“Take it.” 


“F***, what is it again…” 


However, upon recognizing the item, Karan had no choice but to freak out.


“T, this is our family’s exclusive card!”


It was a golden card studded with all kinds of jewels. 

The problem was that it was not an ordinary card.  


‘This is our family’s highest-level card that allows the bearer to draw an unlimited sum of money!’


Only the head of the Garcia family or his proxy was allowed to hold that card. And with this alone, he could have grabbed all the merchants associated with Garcia in various parts of the country.

Karan had never seen his father hand this to anyone before.  


“As expected of Father. Thank you, I will use this well…” 


“I didn’t bring it for you.” 


“Shit, I knew it.”


“It is something only the prince can use. Of course, all you have to do is fully support the prince with it. This is Father’s command so that the prince has no choice but to take Garcia’s hand.”


You can do that, no? 

Noticing the implied meaning in his brother’s eyes, Karan smirked.  


“Ohh, I didn’t know that Father would have an interest in being a sugar daddy.”


“It means to show the prince well the taste of money. Show him all that Garcia can give and how great the power of money is. He can never escape from it.”


It wasn’t a bad deal anyway. 

This would certainly solve all of Ian’s problems. 

And as soon as he used this, Ian would not want to let Garcia go.  



“But, there is one condition to use it. Help the prince only when he is in trouble and desperate for our help. Never give help when he doesn’t need us.” 


Karan nodded. 

Well, the prince would agree to it that much.  


‘This is the situation right now.’ 


Thus, Karan went straight to Ian with the card. It was because he got a message that Ian was looking for him.  



“Your Highness! Good news! The Duke’s card has descended! This is great! It’s a huge decision for him to give this to someone!”


Karan ran and was about to hand Ian Garcia’s card. 

And yet.


“What? I don’t need it. Just throw it in the drawer.” 


“What?! Why? With this, we can settle the money needed right now!” 


He even used himself to help the prince in the process.  

However, Ian smirked as if he were looking at an outdated thing. 


“I met a better sponsor. It is also without any evil intentions.”




Behind Ian was the middle-aged Countess Aria sobbing with slightly swollen eyes.  

At the same time, Ian raised the corners of his mouth. 


“Well, then, prepare everything I say from now on. This coming western empire enjoys dragon hunting, right? I shall treat the envoy to the meat myself.” 






As Karan headed to Ian’s side, Nathan retreated right away. 


‘I have delayed too much time.’


And when he was about to leave Crystal Palace.


“Nathan. Where are you going?” 




Someone stood in Nathan’s way. 

He was none other than Galon. Galon stared at Nathan, looking terribly displeased.


“The escort time isn’t over yet.” 


“Well, I’m just going to get some fresh air. You are here as well. Then, I will be gone for a while.” 


For a moment, Galon was about to stop him, but thinking that Ian might have given Nathan some order, he simply let him go. 

Nathan then stealthily headed somewhere. 

That place was the Lily Palace of the First Princess.

The First Princess and her aides were already waiting for Nathan. 


“So, how is it going with the Seventh Prince?” 


“It’s in a state of confusion. He went to Duke Garcia because he didn’t have the money, but I think he was turned down there.” 


Her close aides greeted Nathan’s words in delight.

Especially Count Bondas, who had angered Duke Garcia. 


“See? What did I say? Duke Garcia can’t think otherwise.” 


“I guess there is no one who can help that serf.”


“At this rate, the Seventh Prince will tire himself out and let go of the Crystal Palace, Your Highness the First Princess.” 


All of her close aides were rejoicing that it went as planned. 

However, the First Princess asked Nathan, who was bowing, with sharp eyes.


“Is that all? Any other moves?” 


“Garcia’s eldest son met the third son, a servant of the Seventh Prince. When I secretly eavesdropped on them, he told him to get ready to withdraw and leave the Seventh Prince at any time.”


“Is that so? Well done, Sir Nathan.” 


Marquis Adelas showed his face behind the First Princess right then. He had an unimpressed look on his face, but his expression showed his satisfaction with Nathan’s good job. 

But that wasn’t the only information Nathan had. 


“You think the prince will go out to the royal road?”


“Yes, I think he will go soon. He asked to get his outdoor clothes ready.” 


“It looks like this could be useful, Marquis.”


The close aides’ eyes glinted.


“He seems to be trying to get the money somehow. Of course, he can’t pass the test with this only.” 


“If all goes well, the First Princess will be entering the Crystal Palace, so it would be a good idea to prepare the envoy reception in advance.”


“Oh! I heard rumors that the western envoy who was coming this time likes dragon meat. Wouldn’t it be better to reserve it?” 


“Say something that makes sense. How hard do you think it is to find dragon meat? Why don’t we serve wyvern meat to the savages of the West for something like that? We would be lucky enough to get it.”


“That sounds good, too. Please proceed. I will leave it to you.” 


“Of course, Your Highness.”


While the aides were busy flattering the First Princess, Marquis Adelas asked Nathan as though he had done well. 


“Well, what else do you need?” 


“I feel like I have to show my ability to be trusted by the Seventh Prince. I need some training supplies.” 


“Tell the servant.”


Nathan smiled. 


“But what I need is a little expensive.” 


“It doesn’t matter. I can do anything if you get the trust of the Seventh Prince for a while.”


Nathan was currently the First Princess’s most secret weapon. Therefore, the marquis was able to provide that level of support.


“Then, can I borrow a treasure from our family?” 




“Don’t we have it? The treasure bestowed by the First King to the families who contributed to the establishment of the country.”


“Hmm… That’s…” 


“I think it should be enough to earn the Seventh Prince’s trust, am I not right? It won’t wear out just because we use it.”


“All right, I will tell you once it is ready.” 


“Thank you, Father.” 


Nathan broke into a grin.


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