This Bastard is Too Competent Chapter 65 - It’s Tiring To Be A Popular Person

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“Then we can get down to business from now on.” 


All eyes were on Ian’s words. They must have been taken aback by the word ‘business.’  

Nevertheless, Ian continued with a smile. 


“I heard that the reason the envoy came here was to celebrate my legitimation ceremony.”


Of course, Ian didn’t say this to ask for a congratulatory gift. 


“The purpose of your visit is not limited to that, is it?” 


“Of course, Your Highness.” 


At Ian and the envoy’s exchange, the eyes of the successors to the throne changed in an instant. 

This stinky boy dared to beat them to the punch!


‘The reason the envoy of the Cantum Empire came is because of the Northern Expedition.’ 


Knowing the situation in the neighboring countries, they already knew the purpose of the envoy without him saying anything.  


‘They are trying to attack the northern kingdom, Bahara.’


Bahara was a kingdom that was also bordered by Kaistein. Although it was a kingdom, it was actually invaders that were no different from barbarians. As such, the neighboring countries were suffering, and recently, Bahara had taken excessive action against such countries. 

Thus, it was clear that the envoy would have come to ask Kaistein to work in the Northern Expedition this time as well. 

But this fact had not yet been made public.  


‘Did the dukes tell the youngest?’ 


The successors couldn’t stop themselves from glaring at Lavaltor and Garcia. 

And there was one reason why they reacted so sensitively. 


‘This Northern Expedition is very likely to be the competition mission.’ 


The king had not yet brought up the competition in detail, but according to words going around, there would be several themes for the competition.  

One of them was <Land>. 

The land, which was the basis for bestowing a title, was the power of the royal authority and the power of the nobility.  

However, the land was limited. Currently, there was not much land owned by the royal family in Kaistein.

But what if the land owned by the royal family increased?


‘Obtaining the land of Bahara strengthens the royal power to that extent.’


As the number of titles or lands that could be granted increased, it could dominate the nobles.

That didn’t imply that the royal authority was weak now, but it certainly deserved to come out as the competition mission to select a king. 

In fact, King Eloin considered this quite important.  

And why would Ian even serve dragon meat to the envoy in such a situation and gamble on his luck here?  


‘He is clearly aiming for the position of commander of the Northern Expedition.’ 


‘He must have pleased the envoy. No doubt the envoy will take him.’


And so, the successors sent cold gazes to the dukes, silently asking if the two had tipped Ian off. 




The two dukes made clueless eyes as if they had never done it.

Seeing this, the prince and the princess were confused.  


‘It’s not the two dukes? Then who is it?’ 


They were able to know this info in advance because the head of their faction informed them, but the purpose of the envoy was unknown to anyone other than the king and his entourage.


‘As expected, the youngest is dangerous.’ 


‘I have no choice but to do something.’ 


As the successors were about to use their hands with murderous intent.

The king suddenly spoke up. 


“This is not an appropriate place to talk. It will also inconvenience the envoy, so I’ll arrange a separate meeting later.” 


“No, Your Majesty. It’s rather interesting to hear what he is saying. If you don’t mind, I’d love to hear it.” 


Hearing those words, the brothers’ faces stiffened as if they were doomed, and Ian smiled. 


“Didn’t you come here about the matter with Labadom Village?” 


“Oh? Did you already know that story?” 


Everyone’s expression turned strange at Ian’s words.

Labadom Village? Not Bahara? 


‘It’s close to Bahara, but that land has nothing to do with Bahara.’


Yet the envoy answered naturally, fiddling with his mustache. 


“That’s right. I’m sure some of you already know, but one of the reasons I’m here today is because of the incident in Labadom Village.”


Labadom was a remote slash-and-burn village on the border of Cantum and Kaistein.

A strange murder case had taken place there.


“As you know, we’ve received reports that all the villagers there have disappeared. Due to the location, we’d like to set up a joint investigation team to look into it.”


All residents of the village had disappeared. 

This was not something to be dismissed as a mere murder case. That was why the emperor specifically sought the cooperation of Kaistein. 

However, the envoy smiled craftily. 


“I certainly wanted to ask the princess who owns the area for that part. Why do you suddenly ask that, Your Highness?” 


Ian smiled as if he had been waiting for the envoy’s words. 

In fact, this was what Ian wanted. 


“If you were satisfied with my reception, I’d like to take up the job.” 




The royal family as well as the nobles opened their eyes wide at Ian’s words. 

The Northern Expedition was undoubtedly the core issue they had to cover among the envoy’s objectives.

But what did he mean by investigating a slash-and-burn village?


‘Does he not know about the competition mission?’ 


Unless that place had a national treasure, how could a successor give up the Northern Expedition and choose it? 

However, it was Ian, who had made strange moves so far.  


“Your Highness, are there any secrets we are unaware of?”


“For what reason…” 


The nobles and ministers couldn’t help but ask so. 

Regardless, Ian replied, pretending to be innocent. 


“I knew the reason for the envoy’s visit at first glance. But as a member of the Kaistein royal family, it hurts my heart to simply ignore the story of the farmers.”




“And the Northern Expedition is not something someone like me should step up to. Isn’t it something that the royal forces will be mobilized to?” 


Ian’s words made some nobles burst into laughter. 

He was a child who was still oblivious to the ways of the world. 


‘His Majesty is actually intending to send his successors as commanders instead of the royal forces during this Northern Expedition.’ 


‘He doesn’t think he’ll be able to compete because his force is too small, so he chooses the one that will bring more points?’


If that’s not the case either. 


‘Did it remind him of his serfdom days?’ 


‘These things happen. Peasants living on the border are mostly not protected by the kingdom.’


They had no reason to object to it anyway. 

Now was a crucial situation where they couldn’t spare any thought on things other than the Northern Expedition on Bahara.  

They had a headache thinking the king would have to send the nobles on the border for that.  

The nobles from other factions snickered. 


‘Stupid Seventh Prince. In the end, you fell for your own tricks.’


‘If you are dispatched as the village investigator, you cannot become the leader of the Northern Expedition. That was a wrong choice, Seventh Prince.’


Only when he became the commander of the Northern Expedition did he have a greater chance to occupy the land.  

In other words, in this competition where they had to occupy a lot of land, he had already lost. 

And knowing it better than anyone else, King Eloin asked. 


“Will you really not regret it?” 


In fact, as this incident was intended to be used in the competition, the king had to be in a neutral position. 

Still, he gave Ian another chance to make a choice.


“Of course. I am satisfied with the position of investigator. The big things should be handled by my older brothers and sisters.” 


Ian spoke as if he really didn’t care. 

He had a reason for it. 


‘Because the work of this slash-and-burn village investigation team is more important than the Northern Expedition.’


To be precise, the events taking place in the investigation unit and the people to meet there were important.

It wasn’t just that.

The work of the investigation team did not end with a simple investigation. 

The thing that would happen in that place and the people there would take on the most pivotal key mission in the Northern Expedition.  

No, due to the investigation team’s role, the Northern Expedition, which his brothers coveted, would take a complete change.

Because what was going on there was a big controversy on the continent.


‘Rather, taking the job of the investigation team is the key to the Northern Expedition.’ 


And even after taking the throne, the land was important.  

But the nobles laughed and said.


“I’m so moved by your deep heart, Your Highness.” 


“We concur, Your Majesty. The Seventh Prince who served dragon cuisine to the envoy of the Cantum Empire has proven to be excellent.”


“We strongly recommend the appointment of His Highness the Seventh Prince as the head of the joint investigation team.”


They vehemently supported Ian.  

It wasn’t just them.  


“I’m in favor, of course. Isn’t he the youngest who caught the dragon? He’s a reliable kid.” 


“The same goes for us.” 


Even all the successors to the throne unanimously agreed. 

Of course, some had a sour look on their faces, but they didn’t object.  

Ian did not show his feelings at the scene and only bowed his head.  


“Of course, Your Majesty’s will is the most important thing in this case.”  


In Ian’s eyes, the king turned to the envoy.


“Are you okay with the Seventh Prince?”


Then the envoy smiled subtly as if he knew the mission of the investigation team held much more importance. It was still under discussion, but he knew who would be assigned to it.



“Yes, of course. I was treated to a dragon dish, too.” 


The envoy nodded. 

And that wrapped things up. 

King Eloin declared proudly. 


“Very well. Then I’ll appoint the Seventh Prince Ian as the head of this joint investigation team.” 


Ian smiled.  

However, the prince and the princess looked at the envoy nervously.  

They wanted to hear about the Northern Expedition. 


And at that moment. 


“Speaking of the Northern Expedition.” 


The long-awaited words drew everyone’s attention to the envoy. 

But, paying them no heed, the envoy opened his mouth. 


“The flower of our empire is looking for a fiancé. I think it is better to entrust the Northern Expedition to another person.”




Everyone seemed perplexed by his unexpected words.

The envoy even cast a gentle gaze toward Ian. 


It wasn’t just his gaze. 


“How about the Seventh Prince? I heard he is not engaged yet.”


The other successors flinched at the envoy’s words. 

They truly believed Ian was out of the Northern Expedition by sending him to become an investigator. Instead, now it felt like he would monopolize everything. 

And King Eloin, who couldn’t have not known Cantum’s intentions, skillfully dodged. 


“The engagement with the empire will be a big event in his life. Let’s talk about it later.” 


He looked as if he would never hand over his youngest son so easily. 

However, the envoy did not give up as if he had taken a liking to Ian. 


“If so, when would be a good time to discuss it? She is a very gorgeous young lady.” 


He seemed adamant to get a definite answer right here. 

As the atmosphere somehow flowed to the talk about his engagement, Ian had no choice but to step in himself. 


“Right. We still have a lot of food left. Does anyone want more?” 


All the nobles eagerly raised their hands at Ian’s words.  

And it was the envoy who raised his hand at the frontmost. 






For some reason, the First Princess was restless. 


‘The youngest. Don’t tell me he knows something I don’t know.’ 


She was suspicious of Ian for some reason. 

Ian was said to be excluded due to the investigation team’s work, but she felt like he would interfere with the Northern Expedition. 

Of course, the nobles in her faction did a thorough investigation and assured her that everything would be fine. 


‘Thinking back on what he has shown so far, I should never let my guard down.’ 


The Northern Expedition was really important for her to succeed to the throne. 

Furthermore, if the opponent was the youngest who had shown extraordinary performance so far, she should not let her guard down. 

Then Orlando, the eldest son of Marquis Adelas, approached. 


“I’ve checked it several times, so please don’t worry too much, Your Highness.” 


However, the First Princess’s worry didn’t seem to cease. 

What’s more, the Seventh Prince seemed to be growing rapidly enough to threaten her.


“We can win now, but it may be difficult if we give him more time.”


But she couldn’t use poison or send an assassin. 

He was getting so much attention right now. Even the king showed interest in him. 

Then Orlando’s eyes gleamed coldly. 


“Then why don’t you advance the Battle of Ranking ahead of schedule?”


“The Battle of Ranking?” 


“If you press in the Battle of Ranking, you will be able to weaken the Seventh Prince and take away everything he has.” 


He had a point. 

The Battle of Ranking was a real sword match to gain an advantage in the competition. 

At the same time, it was a hidden turnaround card. This was because the last place could rise to the first place and the first place could sink to the last place in a single moment.  

Of course, as it was a turnaround card, she was thinking of using it when Ian had more. 


Even so, they must stay vigilant. 


“You heard the envoy earlier, right? Without a doubt, it is difficult to make the youngest get engaged with the princess of the Cantum Empire.” 


“So let’s aim for the Battle of Ranking.” 


“He is a kid who caught a dragon, too. It’s not going to be easy.” 


Orlando’s lips curled up.  


“Do you know by any chance that he cannot shirk from the Battle of Ranking as a man?”




“Moreover, Nathan is by the Seventh Prince’s side. In case of an emergency, he will move on his own.” 


“Well, he was there.” 


The First Princess’s expression softened slightly at the mention of Nathan’s name.

It was natural.

Orlando knew that too, so his face beamed proudly. 


“He is like a breeze, but I don’t think that stupid guy will have any other thoughts about the First Princess who will become his fiancée.”


In truth, Nathan was to be the fiancé of the First Princess. 

That was also the reason Marquis Adelas and the First Princess joined hands in the first place.

Although it was a secret that had yet to be disclosed to anyone, only the related parties, Marquis Adelas, and Orlando were in the know. Nathan could never betray her anyway. 

Of course, Orlando was dissatisfied with this.


‘Why did you leave me and fall for such a screwed-up guy…’


He knew the princess had always had Nathan in mind since she was young.  

Nathan had quite an amiable personality and a way with words, so it was understandable, but he couldn’t help feeling a bit resentful at the fact that she looked at Nathan over him, the eldest son.


Whatever it was, it was all good.  


‘At best, he got the First Princess’s hand in marriage and even the title of Marquis Adelas. Would he refuse that?’


Unless he was a fool, it would never happen.  

Well, he cared about the princess, but he was a crazy bastard who suddenly ran to Duke Garcia after hearing that there was a wonderful person in Garcia.

He didn’t know at all what the heck was going on in his mind, but he knew the seriousness of the matter.


And the First Princess, interested in this idea, ordered. 


“Tell Sir Nathan to bring his weakness and bide the right time. If the situation calls for it… he can pull out his sword.” 


The two of them smiled wickedly.


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