This Bastard is Too Competent Chapter 68 - You Thought It Through, Right?

Author: CleiZz Editor: Tetrax


Sell? What? 

At the king’s gaze, Ian slowly put his hand into his pocket.

Then he took out something.




A small necklace.  

It was none other than Ian’s mother’s relic.  

That’s what proved Ian to be of royal blood in the Garcia dukedom.

At the same time, King Eloin’s eyes shook for a moment when he saw it. 

It was inevitable. 

It wasn’t just any royal token or national treasure. 

That was given by the king himself to Selena, Ian’s mother. 

But the king soon glared at Ian with sharp eyes. 


“Certainly, it is the only treasure left in the kingdom. If you want to sell it, you can turn it into an astronomical value.”


The king’s voice was menacing. 

If it’s something worth selling to him, it must only be worth that much. 


“Is that what you were selling?”


“No, it is not.” 


Ian smiled as if asking why he would sell this.

Even just having Kaistein’s insignia was a big help.

In other words, what he was selling was not the necklace.




It was something in the necklace. 

To be precise, the item after opening the Kaistein symbol engraved on the necklace. Inside was a piece of paper.

Along with a wonderful picture of a lion, a phrase that seemed to have been left by King Eloin was inscribed on it. 


“My mother has missed you all her life.”


Ian bit his lip with a rather complicated look. 

Originally, it was an item he was going to keep for the rest of his life, let alone sell it. 



‘I’m sure Mother will want this.’


In fact, a word from King Eloin shook him.

It was because he said that Ian could call him ‘Father.’ Of course, the decision was not made simply out of an impulse of emotion.


‘Now is the only time I can see His Majesty alone.’


King Eloin did not appear in public for a while after the competition for <Land> began.

Of course, he had a hunch that the king’s disappearance in the past might have something to do with the Kingdom of Magicians because of the wizards’ actions this time.

And Ian didn’t intend to let them go this time. 


‘To beat the First Princess, I had to meet him now.’


Ian’s purpose was one. 

The small subspace ring. 

It was to ask for an extension of its rental period.  

He decided to borrow it until the first Battle of Ranking match, but it seemed that the due time was nearing.

Ian really wished to have it for himself, but it would be impossible, so he wanted to ask for it to be extended until the competition was over.


‘Then I can use it for at least a year.’ 


“This is my mother’s only keepsake that I have left. So I’ll have to get a high price.” 


In fact, Ian couldn’t remember his mother well anymore.  

It had been too long since he lost his mother, including his previous life.  

As such, this was one of the few things that could help him remember his mother.

But King Eloin’s expression was too hard to read. There was no change in his expression even after seeing the object Ian presented.  

He was not called the king feared by even the emperor for nothing.


‘Does this mean it’s not worth it?’


When Ian was about to narrow his brows for a moment due to the prolonged silence.  


“I can’t afford to buy it cheap.”




Ian flinched at the king’s words.  

King Eloin continued.  


“However, I have already declared the treasury to be open, and I cannot give you any troops from the territories or the royal family.” 


The king had promised political neutrality to the ministers after the incident of the First Prince. 

Of course, although not particularly terrifying, the king’s covenant was heavy.  

So he looked at Ian, prompting him to state what he wanted. 

Ian, understanding his gaze right away, said proudly. 


“I’d like you to extend the rental period of the subspace ring.” 




“Until the competition is over.” 


The king was silent for a moment. 

Of course, he would be. Small subspace ring was one of the ten rings he had, one among the numerous things he had collected throughout his life.

Ian looked at the king with nervous eyes. 


‘He probably won’t allow it so easily. He may attach separate conditions.’


And yet King Eloin’s answer was unexpected. 


“That won’t pay.” 




“I’ve already given it to you.” 




“You can use it until you become an adult.” 




It was a shocking rental period.

That was not the end. 




The king had ten rings on his hands. 

No, now he didn’t have the small subspace ring, so he took one of the remaining nine rings off his finger.

King Eloin sent it to Ian through his attendant. 


“What about this?” 


Ian’s eyes widened as he accepted the ring. 

He had no choice but to do so. 

A gold ring embossed with a golden dragon.


‘The Seal of the Guardian Dragon?’


It was the very ring that the king mentioned as a reward for the Crystal Palace.

And the ring contained a contract with the guardian dragon that he had signed a pledge with the First King in the past.

Of course, it was the very same guardian dragon that did not appear for some reason even when the empire fell…


‘The guardian dragon exists.’


Furthermore, he even saved the life of the ring owner. He had saved the First Princess several times in Ian’s previous life.

However, it was too expensive to trade for his mother’s keepsake. 

Because of this, Ian looked at the king in bewilderment. 


“Your Majesty—” 


But the king’s words were not over yet. 


“That may not be enough. I’ll pay for the insufficiency soon.”




“It’s worth it, and I haven’t been a proper father so far. Think of it as something to make up for things I haven’t been able to do.” 


Ian clenched his lips at the unexpected words. 


‘Maybe I had been thinking wrong in my previous life.’


It was natural.

The king had never shown unfairness in his previous life. Much less love for Ian’s mother. 

Even when he saw Ian, he didn’t care too much.

But what if he was thinking of his mother more than he thought of himself?

And if he wasn’t just a thorn in his eyes.


“Your Majesty, do you…” 


However, King Eloin looked at Ian with his chin clenched.


“Go back. I have work to do now.”


The king’s gaze was locked on the paper he received from Ian. He looked as if he were immersed in some reminiscence. 

Ian had no choice but to bow his head and go back after seeing such a sight. 

He could save the question about his mother for next time. 






The king’s treasury was more than Ian thought. 




Although he had seen many treasures during the trial, this treasury also had the power to surprise people.

It was only natural.


“These are the treasures His Majesty has collected since childhood, and some of them are from conquering other kingdoms.”


Not only that, it also contained the tributes to the king that his subjects freshly dedicated every year.


Although he was now a gentle king, Eloin was a man who had made a name for himself by scaring the neighboring countries when he was young. 

The treasury couldn’t have been ordinary.  


“It’s an ax from the border in Bahara. There are a few spells imbued in it.


“Ah! This scroll is an object enchanted with impact enchantment. The one next to it has a mental magic dispeller.


“Oh! It’s the sword of one of the famous knights, Christian…” 


He went on and on for so long. 

Then the chamberlain smiled, his face as if asking what he would choose now once the introduction was over.  


“As you say, I will take it straight to Crystal Palace. Which of these would you choose?” 


Ian smiled after hearing the chamberlain’s words. 


“I’m going to take everything. Put them in together.” 


The chamberlain’s face stiffened. 


“I… beg your pardon?”


“Did you not hear me? Pack everything up.” 


The chamberlain looked at Ian in shock. 


“I’m sorry? I’m sure His Majesty will be angry if you take all of this!”


“He told me to take as much as I want, so there’s no number limit.” 




Of course, King Eloin said to bring enough, but never mind it.

It was not a big issue for Ian, who had the small subspace ring.  

But what Ian was really looking for wasn’t those things. 


‘It must be here…’ 


Looking around, Ian beamed into a bright smile.  


“I knew it would be here.” 


What Ian found was an iron doll with a helmet that looked like a scarecrow.

These were objects from the time of the Kaistein Empire. 

Of course, it was said that no one could use it because the usage method was long forgotten now, but this training tool boasted a great increase in training efficiency.  


‘If this is the case, there’s no problem with the Battle of Ranking either.’ 


As Ian was about to instruct him to take out the training tool.




Ian’s eyes turned to a place. 

It was an empty decorative stand.  

There was only the pedestal left on the stand. However, Ian knit his eyebrows as he stared at that spot.  

And when he put his hand on the pedestal to check. 




<Faith> hummed so wildly.

At that reaction, Ian clicked his tongue as if he had expected it.


‘I felt something familiar.’ 


He had gotten used to <Faith>. 

He felt the power similar to that of the Seven Virtues. 

And it was clear.  


‘There was the power of the Seven Virtues here.’ 


It felt exactly the same as when Ian first entered the basement where <Faith> was located. 

Ian immediately asked the chamberlain in a hurry. 


“What was the object here?” 


“Ah…! If it’s there, it’s definitely a jar. It’s something His Majesty picked from the enemy’s neck from the border area of Bahara.” 


The chamberlain smiled delightedly, but Ian’s eyes chilled. 

It was inevitable.  


‘Someone has found the power of the Seven Virtues here.’


Just as he had obtained the sealed <Faith>, someone had obtained the sealed power of the Seven Virtues.


‘Damn it. I was looking for other powers.’ 


Who the hell was it? 

Ian checked right away.  


“Who took the jar?” 


“It was His Highness the Third Prince. On the day he was qualified as a knight, he came in and took it.”




Ian had no choice but to be surprised. 

The strange feeling he felt every time he met the Third Prince. Now he knew what it was. 


‘The Third Prince must have one of the Seven Virtues.’


If only there was a difference from Countess Aria. 


‘Countess Aria was at the mercy of it without knowing what kind of power she had. She must have suffered for having her power sealed.’


However, the Third Prince was completely different. 

Not only did he use his power skillfully, but he also hid his power in front of Ian’s <Faith>. 

It reminded him of the Seven Virtues who were next to the First King. 


‘I thought he was an older brother full of mysteries from the first time we met, but…’


But Ian never thought the Third Prince would have the Seven Virtues hidden in him.


‘Then maybe he pretended to be close to me because he recognized <Faith>?’


Who knows. 

Like him, the Third Prince might have been collecting the Seven Virtues. Therefore, he might have roamed around Ian as if to monitor him. 

And it was a little dangerous if the Third Prince had the power of the Seven Virtues and was looking for it.


‘He could become the most dangerous enemy.’ 


Wasn’t Louis Kaistein, the Third Prince, called the greatest genius among the Kaistein successors?  

In fact, it was hard to deal with the Third Prince in the past.  


‘At that time, I was lucky enough to defeat the Third Prince.’


Duke Garcia handled it, so he didn’t know how it ended. 



‘In any case, I have to take them up first before my brother gathers the power of the other Seven Virtues.’


Thinking so, Ian called the chamberlain. 


“I’d like to hear more information about what my brother took. And when he took it.” 


“I’ll look into it right away.” 


As Ian was giving instructions.  




Ian was unaware that the pedestal of the jar taken by the Third Prince was changing its shape. And, as if reacting to him, a liquid-like thing seeped into his shadow in delight.





As soon as Ian came out of the treasury, Nathan approached in panic. 


“Prince, we’ve got a serious problem. If you don’t come out now, what will we do…!”


Ian frowned in impatience.


“Why? Did something happen?” 


“What do you mean by why? The Fourth Prince has been waiting for hours!” 


Ian blinked in realization. 


“Oh. Come to think of it, we were supposed to meet today. I forgot.” 


It seemed that time had passed too much as he investigated the Seven Virtues. 

And as he could guess from Nathan’s expression, the Fourth Prince was waiting at the Crystal Palace with a sulky expression. 


“Youngest, are you playing around with me now?” 


It was only natural for the Fourth Prince to get angry. 

Because it was Ian who asked to meet first. 

Ian opened his mouth awkwardly. 


“I’m so sorry. I have something to investigate urgently.” 




Ian put a book down in front of the Fourth Prince without delay. 

That’s a copy of the entry and exit record of the treasury.


“As expected, our sister’s name was written on it. She seems to have come recently, too.” 


“Let’s see. Casillas fruit?” 


The Fourth Prince’s eyes glinted.


“Did you make me wait just for this?” 


When the Fourth Prince was about to return in anger, Ian held him back. 


“The Casillas fruit is not just any fruit. Depending on how you use it, it can be poisonous.”


“I know that. But they said the poison is paralysis. Obviously things for those brutes of Bahara…”


“That’s different when a specific process goes in.” 




Ian’s words were not false. 


“Depending on the process, it becomes a fatal poison to humans. It leaves no trace, and it’s especially bad for men.” 


“What you mean by bad is…”


“What you think is right. You will become impotent.” 


The Fourth Prince looked disgusted.  


“Considering that she took it recently, it’s obvious that she will try it on someone.” 


That would most likely be Ian. 

But surprisingly, the Fourth Prince shook his head. 


“No. It won’t be you.” 


“Who is it?” 


“It must be the Second Prince.” 




Ian was taken by surprise. 

But the Fourth Prince’s eyes were dead serious. 


“She seems to be aiming for the Sword of Domination that he has. I recently found out that our sister had bribed the servants of the annex where he was detained.”




“I’m sure she’ll take the Sword of Domination first and deal with you afterward.” 


The reason was simple. 


“Do you think your knights are just a little bit unordinary? If only she could control them with the Sword of Domination, she will use your knights to complete the Northern Expedition easily.” 




It was certainly dangerous if it was the Sword of Domination.

Although the conditions to use it were tricky, he should admit the effect was quite remarkable.


‘It will be of great help during the mission of the investigation team and when dealing with the First Princess.’ 


But there was something Ian didn’t understand.


“But there’s no way the Second Prince could accept the Battle of Ranking, no?”


The Fourth Prince also nodded. 

It meant that he thought the same way. 


“That’s right. If it was him, he would definitely reject all Battle of Ranking matches and look for opportunities in the Northern Expedition. Using the Sword of Domination, he would be able to make a huge achievement.”


As a person who was already in an advantageous position, there was no way he would take a gamble that could cost him everything.


‘Well, it would be nice if I could have it too, but there’s no way for that person to fight in the Battle of Ranking.’


But it was then. 


“Urgent news, Your Highness!” 


Karan rushed to him with a look of urgency. 

His face clearly showed they were facing a big problem. 

And at that very moment. 


“It’s the Battle of Ranking! The Battle of Ranking has been announced!” 


Ian’s eyes immediately flashed. 


“Is it the First Princess?”


“Pardon? No, that’s…” 


Karan handed the letter with a flustered look.

The content was shocking. 


[The Second Prince Robert Kaistein will challenge the Seventh Prince Ian Kaistein.] 


Ian broke into a grin.


E/N: If anyone remembers, the Second Prince’s name in chapter 19 was Alberto, but it is changed to Robert in this chapter. Blame the author for the inconsistency.


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