This Bastard is Too Competent Chapter 69 - So This Is How You’re Gonna Play It, Huh?

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Ian broke into a grin as he saw the letter from the Second Prince. 

But Servin, the Fourth Prince, found this unbelievable.  

That was only natural.


“Huh. He is using that precious opportunity now?” 


The Battle of Ranking was revived by the First Princess.

It was the place to plunder and take away the opponent’s position and cards for the succession ranking.

In the past, the royal family fought the Battle of Ranking to maintain their cards with a great deal of work.

And that’s possible because of the rules within. 


[The winner can take three things away from the loser.] 


From guardians, treasures, castles, knights, status, and lives.  

Because they could bet various cards, they could literally lose everything. 

Of course, if one wanted to ask for their opponent’s status and life, the bettor had to bet with something equivalent, so they didn’t exactly make riskier bets. 

In any case, each person was only given two chances to challenge.


‘That’s why we usually have a war of nerves.’


They betted when the opponent had the most or when they felt that the other person needed something.  

Anyway, they couldn’t just do the Battle of Ranking as they wished, and they had to have a cause.  

So Ian asked, the corners of his mouth raised. 


“So, what’s the cause?” 


“He wants to be the co-investigator in the Labadom village, which Your Highness received this time.”




Ian laughed as if it was foolish.  

As soon as the Second Prince took on the position of investigator, he couldn’t not know that the Northern Expedition would be going down the path of no return.

That didn’t mean he knew the future like Ian. 


‘Is it a trick to disturb me?’ 


It wasn’t that Ian didn’t understand. Frustrated by the envoy reception and the Crystal Palace incident, they began to make different choices from the past.

But it didn’t matter.  


‘I expected a Battle of Ranking match exactly at this time.’


Because there’s a huge thing ahead of the competition. Rather, it was the opportune time for both him and his enemies. 


Besides, everything they did was a war to elect a successor in the first place. 

The ranking was helpful not only for the Northern Expedition but also for the foundation after being crowned a king. 

It was rather good to be able to reduce the number of competitors before the competition.  

In fact, Servin and Karan spoke with interest. 


“There’s definitely a lot to gain from the Second Prince.” 


Ian was currently at the bottom of the ranking.

However, if he defeated the Second Prince, who was at the top of the ranking, the ranking would change along with the Second Prince’s fall at once. As a result, the support base would also increase.  

It was not the only thing.  


“There are a lot of things the Second Prince has received from His Majesty so far. Even the empire is said to have their eye on some of them.”


From nobles of his faction, territory, to precious horses sponsored by Lavaltor.  

There was a lot to rip off from the Second Prince. 

But Ian had something else he wanted. 


‘One item and one person.’ 


With those two, he would be able to deal with the First Princess and the Third Prince.

That’s why Ian kept his silence when the First Princess revived the Battle of Ranking. 

He didn’t have a chance to take away his brothers’ cards except for the Battle of Ranking. 


‘Well, in my case, I was going to bet a little further later.’ 


The Second Prince already lost one arm. 

Nathan curled up his lips as if he could see victory already. 


“What are you going to do with the competition?”




When Servin was about to answer.  

Servin, noticing Ian’s gesture, suddenly hid himself.  

And after Ian beckoned, the door opened and an attendant appeared.

Ian’s golden eyes gleamed. 


“Are you the one who brought this proclamation?” 


“That’s right. His Highness the Second Prince has declared a one-on-one proxy match.” 




The proxy match was to send a substitute, such as a knight, to compete in one’s stead. 


“His Highness said it would be possible because you also have knights, so I was ordered to wait and hear whether you would refuse or not.”


Ian tore the proclamation lightly. 


“I refuse.” 




Everyone was taken by surprise.  

The attendant bowed his head, seemingly having anticipated it.  


“Are you using the veto right?”


The veto right was given only once in the Battle of Ranking. 

But they could never avoid the matches after they used it. It was the last card that should be avoided as much as possible.  

Therefore, everyone stared at Ian in disbelief. 


“How arrogant. The method of fighting in the Battle of Ranking is solely the right of the challenged one. In other words, this is not a matter for my brother to decide at will.” 




There was no need to use the veto right. Ian’s fierce smile made the attendant flinch.  

That was what Servin wanted to say because he didn’t want to be caught actually being together. 


‘It’s not official, but the unspoken rule is that the date and method of the Battle of Ranking can be determined by the person challenged to.’ 


One thing he knew for sure was that it hadn’t changed that much from the past. 


“Go back if you understand. I’ll choose the method and the date of the match and send it to my brother.” 


“Ho… However, His Highness the Second Prince is not in a perfect condition…” 


“What are you talking about? He should have considered that, right?” 


The attendant closed his eyes tightly and lowered his head. 

He deliberately tried to provoke Ian because of the Second Prince’s orders, but he was afraid to make eye contact with him any longer.


“I will tell him so.” 


He was different from before. After becoming the owner of the Crystal Palace, Ian’s eyes showed the power of a ruler. As if he had no intention of hiding it anymore.  

Soon after the attendant disappeared, the Fourth Prince sneakily appeared.


“Huh. What the hell do you believe in him? Even so, to think it’s a one-on-one knight proxy match.”


Servin didn’t seem convinced.  

It was understandable. 

The three knights Ian had were famous through and through. 

It went without saying for Fiosen, Lavaltor’s eldest son, and Nathan was as well known. 

And the most famous among them. 


“I don’t think he has any knights who can beat Sir Galon.” 


Galon was called the Three Great Knights. 

Of course, it was obvious that Galon would be sent out if it was a one-on-one knight proxy match. 

However, Ian scoffed in disgust. 


‘Is it because of the Sword of Domination?’


He might have used the sword said to be capable of ruling over others on Ian’s knights.

Of course, using it wouldn’t be easy. 

Because the restrictions on the Sword of Domination were harsh. 


‘One has to be alone, and one has to make direct contact.’ 


It was essential that the other party should be unguarded, and if there was even the slightest hostility, it would not affect the target in the first place. That’s why it’s enough to warn the knights going to the showdown in advance…

But the problem lay elsewhere. 

First of all, the person targeted by the sword didn’t even realize he was being manipulated. 


‘There may be people who have been affected. So I’d better avoid taking the risk.’ 


There were usually two categories of the Battle of Ranking: individual and proxy.  

The best way was to go out on one’s own.

Servin asked, as if he had read the look in Ian’s eyes.  


“Are you sure you can win? Even without one arm, he was still a successor.” 


“Do you think I’ll lose?” 


“After the death of the First Prince, the Second Prince received a thorough education as the heir. The same goes for the special swordsmanship only passed down to the successors…”


Servin narrowed his brows. 


“You have quite an age gap with him. I don’t know how you might have won because he let down his guard back then, but this time it might be hard. And…”


“And? What else?” 


“There’s been a strange rumor these days. Strange screams were heard from the annex where he is locked up.”


Of course, Ian was not worried either. 

At that time, he provoked him and the Second Prince lost his reason, but he didn’t know what would happen if he came out really determined. 

So, the one-on-one individual match was very risky. 

However, it was a waste to lose the precious veto right against the Second Prince.


“Well, I have something in mind, so stop worrying about my match. Brother, please keep an eye on the First Princess.” 




At those words, Servin grinned shamelessly.  


“Ah. Do I have anyone like that? All of them are nothing but old-fashioned scholars…”


In other words, it was impossible for the most competent person to grasp the First Princess’s every move. 

However, Ian’s eyes flashed as if he didn’t buy it. 


“How strange, it can’t be.” 


Ian knew. 

There were special subordinates under the Fourth Prince, who had a great interest in academics and art.  

They were the Gentlemen of the Night. 


‘So you’re drawing a bunch of thieves.’ 


Later, the Fourth Prince’s territory and safe were stolen and opened to the public. 

A person who pretended to be serious trained thieves to steal art and wealth. But for the current Ian, it’s a useful hand.


“If this is how you’d do it, forget our alliance…” 


“Jeez. This doesn’t work. I get it. Let me take over that.”


“Then I’ll trust you and leave it to you, Brother.” 


Ian stood up.


‘Usually, the date of the Battle of Ranking cannot exceed a month at the longest.’ 


But he couldn’t spend the whole month. 


‘The investigator mission is scheduled for next week from now.’


It was because the Second Prince cleverly took the role of an investigator as a pretext.

In other words, Ian could not go off doing the investigator mission without becoming the winner of the Battle of Ranking. 

Furthermore, the later it was, the more his image would be tarnished. 

The credit for the events that would take place there would also be snatched away.

Therefore, Ian called Karan. 


“Go and tell the Second Prince. The method of the match is…”


Ian’s eyes gleamed. 






“What? A three-on-three match?” 

“Yes. The Seventh Prince’s subordinate came and told me so. He said that one-on-one or proxy matches are nonsense…”


The Second Prince’s attendant looked embarrassed. 

It was inevitable. 

It was because the trick he had been plotting went awry. 


“And the prince must also come to the showdown.”


At the attendant’s words, the Second Prince almost popped his blood vessels. 

Aside from the unprecedented method, the youngest set the date and the method of the fight.  

However, the Second Prince quickly regained his composure. 


Huff huff.


No, instead, he focused on the outstretched sword.

Currently, he was training with one arm with his shirt off, showing his bare upper body. The negligence of the past was nowhere to be seen.

His veins were literally bulging all over his body.

The Second Prince said with cold eyes.


“Then it’s fine. It’s enough if he doesn’t avoid a fight with me anyway.” 


“However, Your Highness, rather than with the Seventh Prince… wouldn’t it be better to duel with the First Princess or the Third Prince?”


The attendant had a point. 

The Third Prince, who collected knights intensively, had the strongest knights to help the Northern Expedition. 

Furthermore, a letter came from the First Princess, a sibling born from the same womb.


[I’ll lose to you in this Battle of Ranking. Restore your honor, and bring with you knights who will help the Northern Expedition.]


Those were the words of the First Princess, who was currently the first in the newly-changed succession order. 


‘The Second Prince has been pushed out of rank as a punishment for the last incident.’


Nevertheless, there were many people targeting the top ranker, but if it was not first place, it would be quite a regret.  

However, the Second Prince rejected the First Princess’s offer. 

No, even before sending the refusal reply, he had a match against Ian. As a result, the other successors could not apply for the Battle of Ranking match until his match with Ian was over.

But the Second Prince was aiming for it instead. 


“How many years do you think I’ve been with her? I can tell just by looking at her eyes.” 




It was definitely a look of doubt and rejection. 

Although she pretended to be gentle when picking up the spy, he didn’t miss the look of distrust in her eyes.


‘If I give you one thing you want, will you lose in the Battle of Ranking? Don’t make me laugh!’


“When the Battle of Ranking starts, she’ll slash me down without hesitation.”


“What about the Third Prince?” 




The Second Prince bit his lip.

He was really upset, but he still wasn’t confident he could beat him.


‘I had nurtured assassins to catch up with him.’


Still, he couldn’t just give up.

The veto right was only a one-off.



“This is my last chance. The youngest is the only one.” 


Everything, including Lavaltor as well as the dignity for losing the Northern Expedition and the throne. 

He would strip him of the most precious things.  

In the meantime, if he regained his power, he could take on the other successors. 

Of course, he didn’t let down his guard thinking it was easy. 


“The guardian has arrived.” 


The Second Prince raised the corners of his mouth.  

He was one of the Three Great Knights like Galon. The secret weapon of the royal family, said to have taught the king and the successors of Lavaltor in the past.

It didn’t matter who the opponent was as long as he sent him to the Battle of Ranking. 

And as the last resort. 


‘He’ll bring me information from the youngest’s side.’ 


He had a spy planted in advance. 

He was a guy who was struck by the power of the Sword of Domination, so he probably wouldn’t even be aware that he had been hit. 

There was only one problem. 

The seats for six people were almost full.  


“I will win no matter what. I have to…” 


And he would cut off the youngest’s arm and neck.




“Do you think he’ll be okay?” 


Fiosen asked Galon with a worried look. 

His concern was understandable. 

It was because tomorrow was the Battle of Ranking. 


“Doesn’t he need to prepare more? He only had a week to prepare.” 


Watching Ian in training, Fiosen couldn’t help being worried.  


“It’s fortunate that he chose three-on-three because he trusted us, but isn’t it a little dangerous for the prince to come forward himself?” 


The best way was to put off Ian’s turn to the last, and the knights would win two games on their own. 


‘The order of the match is to be decided by the other side…’


“The Second Prince and the knights on his side. Unless anyone lets down their guard, they will not be easy opponents.”


But Galon shook his head. 


“His Highness will win.” 




Fiosen was dumbfounded. 

It was because of Galon’s unfathomable faith in Ian. No matter how great Ian was, he was older. 


‘Regardless of how much Sir Galon believes in Ian, this is a bit…’


But Galon replied with a smile on his face. 


“From the moment we first met, he has never missed training. He always did his best.”


It was true. 

Although Nathan was in charge of sword training, Ian learned swordsmanship terribly every time. He even got secret training from Galon every night.

Galon looked satisfied as he recalled Ian’s skills. 

But it was then. 

Nathan, who finally let Ian rest, exclaimed.  


“Then who are the participants? One of the three is the prince, and of course, one is Galon… Who is the other one? He can’t be someone more inflexible than Galon, can he?”


But Ian only smirked. 


“It’s top secret information until D-day. You’ll find out tomorrow.” 


“Don’t do that and just tell me. It’s me, right? No, just say it’s me!” 


Ian looked at Fiosen, ignoring Nathan.  

It was because Fiosen brought a piece of paper.  


“We’ve been informed that we could use the place you mentioned. But the location of this is…” 


Fiosen’s face hardened.  

It was because it was an unimaginable place for him. 


“…Are you really going to do it here?” 


Nathan, who looked over out of curiosity, also stiffened when he saw the place written on it. No, even Galon looked like he swallowed shit. 


Ian rose from his seat. 


“If you’re ready, let’s check it out first.” 


“Check it out?” 


“Yes. Let’s check who is being manipulated by the Sword of Domination.”


Ian’s sharp eyes turned toward the knights, smiling.


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