This Bastard is Too Competent Chapter 71 - There Is No Need

Author: CleiZz Editor: Tetrax


T/N: The gender of the Second Prince’s knight (ch 26), Chris, has just been revealed to be female, so we change it to “she/her.” Sorry for the inconvenience.


“Come out, Fiosen.” 


The person who said that was Chris. Back when Ian cut off the Second Prince’s arm in the Garcia duchy in the past.

It was the same knight that connected Ian with Duke Lavaltor by his order. 

But Fiosen looked quite flustered. 


“Chris, you—” 


“If you don’t come out quickly, I can take it as you giving up, right?”


“What did you say just now?” 


“Then come out.” 


Chris, the knight of Lavaltor, was Fiosen’s best friend. 

She was the only person whom Fiosen could call a close friend even after he stripped off the halo of the duke’s successor. 

That was why he couldn’t help grinding his teeth in anger. 


‘The mission to escort the Second Prince clearly should have ended.’


Chris was obviously in charge of escorting the Second Prince.

However, they were ordered to return due to the incident not long ago, and Chris was also scheduled to return soon. She also readily accepted the mission to protect Prince Ian.  


‘Clearly, Chris also seemed to favor Ian, didn’t she?’ 


But look at Chris’ face now. 

No matter how he looked at it, he could clearly feel the hostile gaze.

Fiosen couldn’t understand why she came out as the Second Prince’s fighter.

But there was no time to question it. 


“If he doesn’t come out, may I take it as him forfeiting?” 


It was because Chris was asking the referee in a provocative tone. At this rate, Fiosen might be eliminated even before he even raised his sword. 

Fiosen’s eyes glanced up to the arena as if it couldn’t be helped. However, his eyes were colder than ever. 


‘Did she… get brainwashed?’ 


It was most likely the case. 

It must have been to induce Fiosen’s surrender by taking his friend hostage. No, it was probably to make them waver.

Knowing his closeness with Chris, it was typical of the Second Prince to do something like this.

While Fiosen gritted his teeth toward the Second Prince. 

Ian also noticed that. 

He walked up to Fiosen and said this.  


“Sir Fiosen, I’ll change your turn if you want.” 


“Your Highness?” 


“No matter how wonderful your friendship is, it will not be easy to fight against your close friend.” 


Fiosen looked at Ian with a rare surprise, but he soon shook his head. 

Ian might mean that he would change the order even if he went too far, but if he did that, he would only fall into the opponent’s scheme. 

Fiosen pulled out his shield with a stiff face. 


“I’ll make her come to her senses by beating her up. I must give you victory.” 


“Are you sure you’re okay?” 


“Please have faith in me.” 


Ian narrowed his brows as he looked at Fiosen. 


‘I’m going to break Dame Chris’ brainwashing somehow.’ 


But it wasn’t going to be easy. It wasn’t like there was a pool or well nearby. 

So Ian called Fiosen. 


“Sir Fiosen, then one thing…” 


As Fiosen bent down to match his height, Ian soon whispered something to Fiosen. 

Simultaneously as he heard it, Fiosen’s eyes gradually glimmered with hope. 


“Thank you. I’ll be back.” 


Fiosen walked up to the arena with firm determination.  

The Second Prince snickered at his appearance. 


‘I didn’t know he would come out as is.’


He thought that the upright Fiosen would not be able to attack his friend.  

They were Lavaltor, after all. Because their families were more precious than the princes’ succession war.  

So he thought they’d change the order, but he didn’t expect him to still come out. 

After Fiosen joined Ian’s camp, he kept showing him a side he had never shown before. 


‘Well, if the youngest interfered and tried to change the order, I could have found an excuse.’ 


It was a pity, but that wasn’t a bad thing.

No, in a sense, it was fortunate that Fiosen came out.  

So the Second Prince raised his voice. 


“Dame Chris! Win at the risk of your life. You have to!” 


“Your wish is my order!” 


His voice began to give rise to bloodthirst in Chris’ eyes. 

However, the Second Prince’s order was not as simple. 




He covered it with his hand, but blood began to pool in the Second Prince’s mouth.

It was the price for using the Sword of Domination.


‘Tch. As expected of the magic sword series.’


A type of magic sword that was not easy to handle. To the point where one never wanted to use it.

It was a little overwhelming, but it didn’t matter. 

The three claims that the Second Prince wanted from Ian during the Battle of Ranking were Ian’s arm, one eye, and also the withdrawal of Duke Lavaltor’s relationship with Ian. 

If he could get them all, everything would be resolved. 


‘I am the one who will win anyway.’ 


Right at that moment. 

The person who was appointed as the referee shouted at Duke Lavaltor’s signal. 


“Begin the match!” 


Fiosen and Chris drew their swords and began to rush to each other. 






Fiosen, atop the arena, raised his voice to Chris. 


“Hey, Chris! Do you recognize me?” 




But Chris did not answer. 

No, instead of answering, she drew out her sword and charged at Fiosen. 

Fiosen barely blocked the sudden attack. 






But Chris still kept her mouth shut. Instead of words, she only exuded intense killing intent as if she were looking at her archnemesis. It was such a thick bloodlust that seemed only to subside when she died.

But Fiosen couldn’t even knock her down at once.






Chris’ attacks were quick and sharp. Those were movements that seemed to know exactly Fiosen’s weakness. 

That was to be expected. 


‘I guess her sword skills and memories don’t go away even though she is brainwashed.’


The two had been friends since childhood.  

Of course, Fiosen also knew Chris’ weaknesses. Yet, he couldn’t attack hastily.  


“Chris! Have you forgotten your order?” 


“Die! You traitor!” 


“You punk…!” 


Although Chris was a woman, she was a senior knight of Lavaltor.

She was so talented that it was a shame that she had a commoner background, but Chris’ condition was worrisome now. 

Due to her relentless attacks as if disregarding her life, he could not dare reach out his sword rashly.


‘Her weakness is counter. But if I make a counterattack in this situation, she might really die.’ 


But it wasn’t like there was no way out.  

Fiosen’s eyes flashed. 




Chris slammed her sword hard from above, but Fiosen parried it perfectly. 


‘It’s definitely different than usual. It’s not her style to ram into her opponent.’ 


Simultaneously, Fiosen invoked his Oath as he spread his shield. 


[Nobody can get through unless I fall down first.] 


In his previous life, he was called <Iron Wall>, and the barrier that even blocked a dragon rose in a flash.

Then things began to change rapidly. 


Bang! Bang!


Enveloped with the Oath of Defense, Fiosen began to advance.  

At the same time, Chris was gradually pushed out of the arena. 

Fiosen smirked at the sight. 


‘Exactly as the prince said.’


In fact, Chris’s Oath might very well be Fiosen’s natural enemy. He was worried about it, but this was what Ian said.


“Probably your opponent will not be able to use the Oath.”


“Huh? How—”


“I heard an Oath is the soul of a knight. There’s no way she’d be able to use something like that while being brainwashed.”




If such a thing were possible, he would have stolen the Sword of Domination earlier.

Brainwash just a few people of Duke Lavaltor’s caliber, and they could rule the continent.


‘The prince said that it is a power with unexpectedly many weaknesses.’


So all he had to do was defeat Chris by any means. 

Then brainwashing or whatever it was would take care of itself. He recalled Ian’s words not to worry.

Fiosen clenched his teeth and pushed Chris at once. 


“Sorry, Chris. There’s nothing I can do about it for the prince’s victory.” 


Fiosen pushed Chris to the edge of the arena. 

Now, one last blow. 

As soon as he pushed the shield, Fiosen’s victory was decided. 

Just then. 


“Dame Chris!” 


Fiosen frowned at the Second Prince’s sudden shout. 


‘You’re here.’ 


Ian had said one more thing. 

If the Second Prince was about to do something suspicious in the middle of the match, cover his ears and run to Chris. 

Fiosen covered his ears just as Ian told him to. 

But right then. 


Fiosen stopped in his tracks. Ian, who noticed something amiss at once, shouted urgently. 


“Sir Fiosen! Wake up!” 


This time, even Duke Lavaltor, Nathan, and Galon were stunned. 

The shield obscured their view, but they could see Fiosen bringing his sword to his neck.


“Sir Fiosen!” 


It was as if he was trying to slit his own throat. 

It was the moment when the surprised Ian and Galon were about to jump onto the arena. 




Before anyone knew it, Chris got behind him and kicked Fiosen out of the arena. It’s like she tried to save Fiosen from committing suicide.

Fiosen fell out of the arena as he was. The sword that was about to slit his throat also fell to the floor with a clank.

The Second Prince clicked his tongue at the sight. 


‘Was the brainwashing not working enough? If they had stayed still, I would have had a good chance to devour Lavaltor.’ 


At that moment, the referee, after confirming that Fiosen had fallen, shouted. 


“Fiosen Lavaltor’s defeat! It is the victory of the Second Prince!”


Those who supported the Second Prince cheered, while those who did not booed loudly.

Nathan exclaimed at the same time.


“Prince, this is invalid! I don’t know if you saw it just now, but Fiosen—!” 


But right at that moment. Ian was staring at the fallen Fiosen with calm eyes.

He knew right away what had happened. 

That’s why he raised the corners of his mouth. 


‘When I checked yesterday, he definitely didn’t get brainwashed.’ 


Just in case, he even checked right before the match.  

That meant. 


‘As expected, there were more unknown secrets about the brainwashing, huh?’


As evidence, there were bloodstains around the Second Prince’s lips and neck.  

Traces of slight unwiped stains that had yet to be cleaned. 

Ian could guess it in his heart.


‘There is a higher level of brainwashing.’ 


And it was probably a brainwashing triggered by some stimulus. 

So it was interesting.  

By the looks of things, the Second Prince seemed to have handled it wrong, but knowing its conditions would bring a considerable advantage.

Even if it was just for a few seconds, it was powerful enough to order a senior knight to self-harm.


‘Maybe it’s a secret that even the king doesn’t know.’ 


Meanwhile, Duke Lavaltor was staring at the Second Prince with a terrifying glare.  




He didn’t say anything and just stared at him. Those who knew him felt tremendous pressure.

However, the Second Prince knitted his brows as if it was a pity. 


“I am not sure what happened, but that’s too bad. We could have seen blood.” 


Duke Lavaltor furiously raised the corners of his mouth. 


“Do you think you’ll be off the hook after doing this in front of me?”


“This is the Battle of Ranking. I think the problem lies in your son coming to such a place.” 


Right when Duke Lavaltor was about to say something. 

Ian stepped in. 


“It’s all right. Continue the match.” 


“But Your Highness…” 


The duke gave a look that the Second Prince would continue using cowardly moves.

Yet Ian curled up his lips. 




Duke Lavaltor went silent after seeing Ian’s eyes. Then he looked at the referee as if he had no other choice. 


“The winner has been decided. Let’s move on to the next match.” 


“Pardon? Will it be okay?” 


“The Battle of Ranking is sacred. We can’t get involved if both parties have agreed. If you understand, continue the match.” 


When Duke Lavaltor glared at the Second Prince, the supporters of the Second Prince swallowed hard.

It was obvious how they would end up after the Battle of Ranking.  

But the Second Prince didn’t give a damn. 

In any case, he won this Battle of Ranking match.  

Lavaltor would no longer be able to support Ian, and he would pay a handsome price for betraying him. 

And with that gaze, Duke Lavaltor turned to look at Ian. 

It was a look of concern. 


‘If you lose next time, it’s over.’ 


In a situation where he could roughly predict what the Second Prince would ask for, he couldn’t help worrying.  

And Galon stepped up, perhaps having the same thought. 


“Your Highness, I’ll go next.” 


The only thing caught in his eyes was the Second Prince standing on the other side. 

If so, it was only right for Ian to go. But Galon insisted on going just to be safe. 

However, Ian shook his head. 


“No, there is no need.” 


“Pardon? However…!” 


He was about to dissuade Ian that he would also fall under the Sword of Domination. 

However, Ian smiled and went up to the arena first.  


‘I know how that sword was broken in my previous life.’


What happened to Fiosen was unfortunate, but thanks to that, he had figured out how to deal with the Sword of Domination. 

That was why he deliberately went in this order.  

And he flicked his finger toward the Second Prince under the arena.


“Seems like it’s my turn. You don’t hesitate to come up, do you?”




“Use whatever sword you have. I’ll crush it myself.” 


It was a perfect provocation.


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