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When I came out to the garden with Aaron, I couldn’t hide my excitement at the scenery I saw for the first time.


The shape of the tall light green wooden wall surrounding the garden looked like a maze.


“It’s more like a work of art than a garden.”


The wooden wall didn’t look very high when viewed from above, but when you were in front of it, it was higher than an adult.


As we approached the large arched entrance in the middle, the interior of the garden began to look more and more visible.


As if he could feel my body twitch, Aaron laughed at me.


“Do you like it?” ᴬᵃʳᵒⁿ


Already distracted by the scenery of the garden view at the round entrance, I nodded strongly at the words.


Because of that, my hair got a little messy, and Aaron, who paused for a moment, tidied up my flowing hair and said,


“Father would like it when he sees it.” ᴬᵃʳᵒⁿ


Those words reminded me of our father, who was still working hard, and I felt a little sad.


‘”It would have been nice if father came with us.”


But as soon as I passed the round entrance where vine flowers were blooming, I had no choice but to stop thinking and be fascinated.




It was as if I had entered a fairy tale.


When I thought about who this place was made for, I could feel my father’s feelings for Serbia.




After that, I walked around the garden with brave steps.


Talking with Aaron, who was walking next to me in the middle, my legs felt a little numb.


It’s all a lie to say that young children are tireless energizers.


Of course it was a lie.


“Erita…” ᴬᵃʳᵒⁿ


Even if I didn’t, I tried not to make it obvious because Aaron thought of me as some kind of cotton candy.


‘When my legs hurt, Aaron noticed much faster than I thought.’


Muttering to myself softly, looking at Aaron’s words that stopped me for a moment.


“It doesn’t hurt much…” ᴱʳᶦᵗᵃ


As expected, when Aaron, who knew that, called my name, my conscience was poked for no reason, and I eventually bowed my head and wiggled with my fingers.


“I’m sorry. Brother keeps thinking that I’m so weak…” ᴬᵃʳᵒⁿ


Just the thought of saying that my legs hurt this time, made me stiff.


Erita tried to avoid the shame of looking like soft cotton candy, but all she heard was Aaron’s laughter.


“Was it because you don’t like me to think of you like cotton candy?” ᴬᵃʳᵒⁿ


“Weak…” ᴱʳᶦᵗᵃ


“Yeah. Like a weak cotton candy.” ᴬᵃʳᵒⁿ


Even after I corrected him, Aaron’s smile remained on his face as he talked about cotton candy.


It’s embarrassing that I couldn’t even respond when he brought it up, so I just bit my lips for no reason.


‘Ah, my life.’


This is all because of my weak body.


“Sorry. It’s so cute when you say cotton candy.” ᴬᵃʳᵒⁿ




“I was wrong. So don’t be mad, Erita. Huh?” ᴬᵃʳᵒⁿ


“…I’m not mad.” ᴱʳᶦᵗᵃ


She tried to refute but it was true that it wasn’t pleasant, but she couldn’t help but melt away in a single shot of Aaron’s smile.


It’s awkward because it’s the first time we’ve met. Who would like it if you were picky from the first day?


I justified the sensation of melting away like cotton candy.


“But I don’t like it when Erita’s having a hard time, so let me know if you’re having a hard time in the future. Got it?” ᴬᵃʳᵒⁿ




There were some embarrassing situations for a while, but the end was heartwarming.


After that, thinking about going back into the mansion, we decided to rest in the garden.


“Shall we rest under that tree?” ᴬᵃʳᵒⁿ


“Yes..I like it.”


It was Aaron’s suggestion, knowing that I didn’t want to leave yet.


There were conditions attached to Aaron up to that point.


Contrary to my concern that it would be heavy, he lifted me easily.


“Erita, you should eat a lot for dinner later.” ᴬᵃʳᵒⁿ




As I was holding onto him in a more stable manner than I expected, I laughed at those words.


“…We walked a lot today.” ᴬᵃʳᵒⁿ


Aaron, who paused for a while, smiled lightly and spoke again.


“Here we are.” ᴬᵃʳᵒⁿ


Arriving just in time, I couldn’t think of Aaron’s slightly strange attitude.


As I strode across the grass that spreads out around the trees, the sound of rattles echoed softly.


“Wait a minute.”


Aaron gently looked down at me in the shade under the tree, took off his jacket that he was wearing, and laid it on the ground.


I felt weird for no reason.




I was hesitating for a while, and it seemed too much, but even if I stopped him, I would have been dragged in and sat there.


“Sit here.” ᴬᵃʳᵒⁿ


A jacket was laid on the seat where I was sitting, and I just patted Aaron, who was sitting on the grass, to the side.


How long would it take to get used to this kind of treatment?


Now, Aaron calls my name and I still feel strange everytime.


“…Thank you.”


Erita took a heavy step, expressing her awkward gratitude.


The feeling of stepping on the grass was clear.


Sitting carefully on the jacket laid by Aaron, I followed him and leaned against a thick wooden pillar.


“Look up for a moment.”


Looking at the shady grass with my hands for a moment, I looked up at Aaron’s words.




The sunlight gradually shone like stars in the night sky through the white leaves.


When I saw it, I felt a little weird.


A magnificent mansion and a beautiful garden that I only read in a novel.


…Aslan and Aaron, who thought of me as a family.


I raised my little hand, and stretched it out toward the sunlight.


“…Excuse me.”


After a moment of silence, I lowered my hand and called Aaron in a slightly trembling voice.


“Yes, Erita.”


I didn’t have the courage to continue talking even after looking into his eyes. My fingertips felt cold as I thought about the story I was about to tell.


Maybe I shouldn’t have done it. Should I say it’s nothing even now?


…But I knew that as time went by, the size of the anxiety that was firmly entrenched in the corner of my heart would grow bigger and bigger.


Unlike before, when I knew I was an orphan without a family, now I really had a family.


I know that there is a family who misses and loves Erita a lot.


Strange emotions soared with an affectionate voice.


Even if you know who I am, would you still be able to call me with such a gentle voice?


‘…No way.’


After rolling my fist tightly, I slowly opened my lips.


“…Are you sure I’m your sister?” ᴱʳᶦᵗᵃ


“Of course. Who else would be my sister if it wasn’t you?” ᴬᵃʳᵒⁿ


Aaron’s words were wrong.


I know he couldn’t understand the meaning of what I said.


Nevertheless, I wasn’t confident in living like nothing happened.


“Why? Because I have black hair and purple eyes?”


The fact that I’m not the real Erita Krovachatz was a fact that couldn’t be forgotten.


I spoke while turning away from Aaron’s gaze that I could feel next to me for a quick glance.


I didn’t have the courage to continue talking even after looking into his eyes.


“What if my father and brother are mistaken? There’s a real Erita, but just…What if you just misunderstood?” ᴱʳᶦᵗᵃ


Unlike the first time I started calmly, the more I continued to talk, the more intense my emotions became.




Aaron’s voice trembled. It would be embarrassing for him.


But since the first time I became happy, a corner of my heart has been anxious.


I knew the reason for this anxiety.


Aslan and Aaron’s cold gaze when they learned the truth.


“…I’ve been fine so far. It was also nice to stay in an orphanage.”


I know it’s not something I have to say to Aaron, but my mouth moved on it’s own.


Stop, stop! What am I going to do if I get really hated for doing this?


Contrary to my heart, my trembling voice did not intend to stop.


“Being scolded by the director? I’m used to that. It’s okay to clean everyday, and it’s okay for the kids to behave badly. It’s okay if I live without my parents.” ᴱʳᶦᵗᵃ




“It really…!”


I felt choke. I was afraid of being alone. I didn’t want to be abandoned again.


Because it was much more painful to hold someone’s hand and then lose it than it was from the start.


I’m afraid I’ll ever feel being trampled on by hope again.


“…I don’t think I’ll be okay right now.” ᴱʳᶦᵗᵃ


In the end, the truth came out.


“When being alone again…”




At that moment, Aaron quickly stopped talking in a low voice and grabbed my hand.


My body trembled at the warm and gentle touch.


The warmth of his hand, and the sound of his pounding heart.


As I blinked at Aaron’s hand wrapped around my hand, tears that had been rolling on my eyes fell down.




It was then that I realized that I was crying. I gently bit my lips at the sight of me looking ugly.


Maybe he couldn’t help but feel sorry for me.






“I’m sorry. I really… Really didn’t know you were thinking like that.”


It was natural not to know. If I were a real nine-year-old child, I wouldn’t have thought of this.


If I wasn’t this twisted, would I have been able to just be happy to become their family?


“…I’m sorry.”


All I could say was an apology.


“Don’t apologize. Erita.”


Just as she was thinking about it and apologized, Aaron spoke in a very firm voice.


In that cold tone, which was distinctly different from the sweet voice so far, I bowed my head deeply.


Doesn’t it even deserve an apology?


Well… Even if it’s me, I’d be angry if the kid I brought in as my lost sister behaves like this.


A smirk seemed to come out of his lips at any moment.


“…It’s not your fault, so don’t apologize.”


Until I heard that.


Unknowingly, I raised my head at a completely different meaning from what I expected.


The eyes met like the first time, they were filled with love.


Aaron, who licked his lips for a moment, gently embraced me.


“Erita… No matter what you think, you are my sister and my family. That fact would never change.”


The words that fell in my ears were sweeter than anything else.


Even if it’s not true, it makes me want to believe it.


“We won’t be separated again. So don’t worry. Huh?” ᴬᵃʳᵒⁿ


“…Yes.” ᴱʳᶦᵗᵃ


The only answer I could give him was a brief affirmation.


Unless I told him the truth, the direction that I and Aaron thought could never be the same.


Even while we were together, Aaron and I spent a lot of time thinking about each other.




Perhaps I had been in Aaron’s arms for quite a long time, and when I woke up, it was night.


I remembered my father’s words that we should have dinner together, and as I hurried back to the mansion, I ran into my father who was just going down the stairs.


“Father.” ᴱʳᶦᵗᵃ


“Yes. Have you been well?”


Since I cried earlier, I was a little reluctant to see my father’s face.


In fact, it was even more due to the fact that had been buried so far.


That I’m not their real family.


But if I suddenly keep a distance, they’d think it’s weird.


Selfishly, I wasn’t good enough to give up on a family I barely had because of anxiety and guilt.


As I approached quickly with a smile like a child, my father, who patted on Aaron’s shoulder first, looked and asked me affectionately.


He lightly nodded his head to confirm that, and deliberately spoke more softly.


I asked Aaron to keep what happened earlier a secret.


…I’d appreciate it more if you could just pretend it didn’t happen, but it wasn’t possible.


“I went to the library with my brother and went to see the garden, and they were both amazing and pretty…!” ᴱʳᶦᵗᵃ




My father, who patted my head, hugged me lightly.


“Shall we eat first?”


Just in time, my stomach made a small growling sound.


‘…I couldn’t believe it, I’m hungry even in this situation.’


It’s my body, but I thought it was very honest.


Maybe my father and my brother also heard the sound, and their mouths were drawing an arc.


“Hmm… You’re running out of time. Let’s go.”


“…Yes, Father.”


Even with my complicated heart, I could clearly feel my face reddened with embarrassment.


I thought over and over that there was nothing I could do about it because it was a child’s body, but I was still embarrassed.


Only then, my father, who laughed, coughed in vain and began to walk, saying,


“Let’s go quickly.”




Sitting on the chair, I looked around, swinging my feet under the table.


“Was it just the three of us eating here?”


At the table that looked like it could seat more than ten people, it was only my father, my brother, and me.


There were already a lot of dishes on the table, but in the kitchen, it was set up.


The food kept coming out. Until when would it come out?


I was curious and glanced toward the kitchen, and I finally saw the end of the tray that was coming out endlessly.


“Sorry for the delay in preparation.”


I lifted my head at the voice I heard.




Somehow he looked like a butler, but his hair was a little whiter with a colder impression.


But the moment our eyes met.


“Finally, it’s time to meet you! It’s an honor to meet you, lady. I must have been a butler since the last time I saw you in the mansion.”


The chatter that started with that cold impression crumbled was enough to blow away my thoughts crawling on the floor.


This grandfather was completely different from how he looks, wasn’t it?




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