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Eight years later…


The maids walking around the wide castle were busy.


“Have you seen the library?”


“It’s the first time she left. It’s cold, but where was she?”


The reason why they were scattered was to find someone.


It would have been annoying if the person’s whereabouts were unknown, but the maid’s expression seems far from negative.


One of them looked out of the snowy castle.


“I hope she didn’t go outside.”


“It’s cold outside. Did she know she might catch a cold?”


“Hey, She hasn’t been able to go out since the last time she got sick and had a cold.”


“At that time, the knight overturned the mountain to find ingredients for the medicine for the lady.”


On the contrary, some have good intentions from their tone.


“Then she must be studying somewhere quiet or reading a book.”


“Hurry! Let’s find her.”




After chatting for a while, they met each other’s eyes and shook their heads.




“Miss Erita!”


The voices of the maids who began to walk again rang out.


Not knowing that the maid was eagerly looking for me, I was stuck in an underground laboratory.


My eyes were wide open as I was going through the old book as if being sucked in.


The letters were written looking like an earthworm, but it was certain.


“Destiny Black Magic”


Words written in scribbled letters. I finally found the part I was looking for in an ancient book.


“…I found it!”


I tried hard to press down my desire to scream and cheer.


I’ll have to read more to know, but I’m glad it’s a trace of the black magic I haven’t found in a long time.


Phew… It’s worth a month of hard work.”


Last month, even though I was busy preparing for my debut, it was worthwhile to dig through books.


With joy, a smile came out of my lips unknowingly.


“Now, let’s read it somewhere…”






Just as I was about to read the old book, Marilyn appeared through the open door, breathing heavily.


It looked like she had run to the point of sweating in winter. For some reason, an ominous feeling came over.


“You were here?”


“Yes… Are you looking for me?”


I tried to fix the habit of not hearing anything when I was focused, but failed every time.


In the first place, I couldn’t fix it.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.”


“…Really. It’s okay because you’re still young.”


If it was someone else, it wouldn’t be a problem to apologise with a slightly shy smile.


“Anyway, let’s hurry up. You have to get ready.”






What am I getting ready for? Do I have a schedule today..?


“What time was it now?!”


As I was checking today’s schedule for a while, I suddenly shouted at the thought that came to mind.


“It was a little past five when I saw you earlier.”


“What? The party’s at 6 o’clock!”


“So, we should go and prepare right now.”


I stood up in a hurry. Marilyn, who sighed while watching, answered cynically and straightened the messy hem of my dress.


I put the old books I had read earlier and a few more scattered books into the corner and then moved quickly.


Was it this long way to get to my room?


“As expected, you read a book without knowing that time went by.”




With those words, I couldn’t answer anything and only smiled awkwardly.


It’s true that I forgot about it because I was so immersed in searching through old books.


Although it was an occasional dinner, today was a day where all the housekeepers were together.


And today was the day before I leave the capital for the first time in 8 years




The maids were busier than ever, so they were able to finish the preparations on time.


It was uncomfortable to dress up so formally, but it was my last day staying here.


All of the maids who decorated me were dressed in their own gowns.


“Thank you for today. I don’t know if it’s still me.” Erita said as she looked through her reflection.


“Hey, what are you talking about?”


“That’s right! You’re the prettiest girl in the Empire!”


I don’t think so, but I refuted it vaguely, but my opinion was devastated and ignored by the maids.


Feeling unbearable embarrassment, I quickly got up to leave the room as soon as possible.




When I opened the door, I saw my father standing in front.


My father, who wore a formal uniform, was dazzled by a little exaggeration.


‘…After all, God was not fair.’


Some say that there were demons at the ancestors of our family, but when looking at it like this, it seems to be true.


It’s not enough to be overly handsome, and the beauty that hasn’t faded even after eight years.


‘Originally, the devil is pretty and handsome, right?’


As I approached with an unpleasant thought, my father reached out his hand familiarly.


When I put my hand on his natural escort with a smile, it felt a little cool.


“Did father wear a uniform too?”


“…Didn’t you tell me a week ago?”


My father answered back, but the indifferent tone also made me laugh.


“I really didn’t know you’d listen to it… You didn’t like wearing it because it’s uncomfortable.”


Of course, I asked him once the day we decided to have a small farewell party a week ago.


And I also want to see my father in a uniform.


I don’t know if we’ll go to a banquet or something, but I haven’t seen my father dress up so far because we don’t have a chance to attend one.


‘Actually, it’s because of what I heard from the Commander of the Knights.’


My father doesn’t like uncomfortable clothes.


He won’t even touch it …


“How did the author think of using this visual as an extra?”


‘If I saw this in the novel, I’ll rip off all the original pieces right away.’


Whatever I imagined, I saw more than that. It was just all about my father.


Anyway, there are no ordinary people in this house. My father and Aaron were like national treasure-level beauties.


“Anyway, I really like it, you look good. What would the Knight Commander feel when he sees you wearing these clothes?”


“Are you going to tell him?”


“Yes. Sir Gahill told me.”


He said you were so popular whenever you went to banquets…


When I added words in a playful voice, my father sighed.


“…Gahill said something useless again.”


His expression as he mumbled was bloody, but the Knight Commander only laughed and said, wasn’t that true?’ In that case, he knew that he wouldn’t win.


In 8 years it was like that.


You’ll get to know even the small habits of your family.


As we got closer to the banquet hall that was set for the party, a commotion could be heard in the distance.


When the sound comes a little louder. My father stopped walking for a while.


“…You don’t have to go to the capital if you don’t want to.”




When I glanced at him wondering, my father, who hesitated for a while, soon spoke in a low voice.


“I’ve been told that you can’t sleep these days, and you often fall asleep only after the sun rises.”




That’s because I search through old books every night. I swallowed down my words.


I thought I was careful, but everyone knew.


If I had known that my father would have such troubles because of that, I wouldn’t have bothered sleeping late.


But it’s too late to regret.


As I slightly raised my gaze, I happened to encounter my father’s eyes looking at me.


“I’m fine… I slept late because of some other reasons. Don’t worry too much!”


I answered with a wide smile at his gaze full of concern.


Of course, I didn’t think I could hide everything…Because we’re family.


My father may not know everything. But my commitment nine years ago was still firm.


Though I could never tell my family what information I had to find that I stayed up all night, even to keep that promise.


“…Yes, but please tell me whenever you have a hard time. Okay?”


That would not happen, but my father’s words, which sounded close to a request, seemed like a plea to know something.


“Well, it’s probably my misunderstanding.”


As long as my father wouldn’t read my mind, how else would he know?


“I will…People will be waiting for us. Let’s go!”


Saying yes to the promise I couldn’t keep, and hastily walked out.


Because of that, I couldn’t see the expression on my father’s face, half a step behind.


At this time, I should not have taken my father’s words lightly.




The party, which started with Aslan and Erita’s last stance, wasn’t as spectacular as the social banquet, but laughter continued.


The chefs showed their skills to their heart’s content, and those who knew how to play musical instruments played the melody.


For today, everyone in the castle took out their best clothes and enjoyed themselves.


Not classy or elegant, but it’s a fun party.


At the centre of it was Erita in a sky blue dress.


“Lady, you’re so pretty!”


“Really? Ellie is really cute too! Yellow suits her so well.”


“Will Garon fall in love at first sight?”


A maid called Ellie smiled shyly and blushed at the whisper.


A scene she would not have imagined if it had been like before.


Two years ago, the Castle was not like this at all.


Rather, it was a place where cold air flowed to suit the frozen northern land.


It was Erita that came with Aslan that made this place lively.


“Evan! How about meat today?”


“Just say it. I’ll make you feel so proud!”


Hmm, then I’d like a spicy chicken dish, please!”


The kitchen, where they were only doing their jobs, was lively…


“Ellie, Betty! Would you like to go to the backyard together?”




“Yeah. Trying to find flowers that can be dried and used.”


It made the servants who were always stiff to live with a smile.


In the meantime, Aslan slowly picked up wine, looking at Erita smiling brightly.


It would be nice to always smile like that…


He still worries a lot about me being alone. The after taste of the wine was bitter.


“Lord, why are you here? You should enjoy the party.”


Just at that moment, Fern approached with a smiling face.


“Seeing you smile like that, it seems like you’re ready for tomorrow.”


“You always set candles like this…”


Although he spoke those words with a smile, Aslan seemed frowning.




Aslan called Fern with his eyes still fixed on his daughter. Fern felt that his expression was somewhat complicated.


“Yes, my lord.”


“What is it that makes that child unable to rest?”




“I don’t know what’s going on in that little head of hers.”


What’s the reason she wanted to learn about black magic? Why are you hanging on so desperately?


Fern’s body flinched at the words that were spoken out without hesitation.




A cold sweat dripped down at the call.


“Help her not to get in danger.”


“What are you talking about?”


“Stop pretending not to know anything, That kid’s magic, what she’s looking for, and everything she’s looking for.”


As expected, such lies won’t work.


“…Haha! Of course. I will.”


Fern smiled awkwardly on the outside, and was sweating inside.


‘…Lady, I told you that the Lord would know everything..!!’


Sorry, I won’t be able to live even with such a lie.


Initially, Fern thought it was a mistake to tell Erita about black magic eight years ago.


He thought it would be a simple curiosity, but he didn’t know it would continue until now.


But he also didn’t know why she knew about black magic.


‘The expression she makes when I ask about it…’


Fern couldn’t ask more even after seeing the expression like the world was collapsing.


At the end of the complicated gazes of the two men, there was Erita, who seemed as bright as ever.




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