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I looked up at my father standing in front.


‘You finished it really quickly.’


It feels like less than five minutes have passed.


“Didn’t I say it would be over soon?”


“I think you had a lot of work left.”


As I got up holding his large hand reaching out to me, my father put a jacket around my shoulder.


“Thank you, Father.”


“It’s cold, so I keep walking for a while.”


I’m used to putting my arm in my father’s arms. We used to hold hands when I was younger, but now I’m all grown up.


“…You really did everything.”


“You should’ve done it earlier.” Fern’s muffled voice came from behind.


“Do you have any complaints?”


“No way. I was just amazed by the perfect work done.” Fern, who shook his head, teased with a very, very cheeky look.


Haha‘, Fern seems to have multiple lives.


I quickly grabbed my father’s arm and waved my other hand.


“See you later, Fern!”


After greeting as brightly as possible, I closed the office door, leaving behind the embarrassed Fern’s face.


Phew‘, you kept the mansion safe again today. I’m proud of you.


“Father, let’s go quickly. I saw earlier that it was snowing outside.”


I chatted nonstop all the way down to the garden.


My father, who doesn’t like being noisy or distracted, unexpectedly liked when I talked about various things.


“Wow! It snows quite a bit in the capital too? It’s pretty.”


As I left the door of the mansion, I saw snow piled up enough to cover the ground slightly.


The white, falling snow was a magnificent view in itself.


Even though it was snowing, it wasn’t too cloudy.


“Didn’t you hate snow in the north?”


At my father’s words, I shook my head.


The north and here are different places.


“Hey, that’s different. The snow in the north feels like pretty trash.”


“…Pretty trash?”


My father’s steps stopped slightly at my words.


“Yes. It rained too much. It looks pretty from the inside, but it’s cold and uncomfortable when you go outside.”


So I couldn’t go down to the village well in winter. I inflated my cheeks unevenly.


Before winter, I sometimes went to the village with my father, but in winter, I rarely went out.


Besides, a lot of monsters came down in winter, so my father was busy.


But I didn’t necessarily hate it.


“But sometimes it was good. Last winter, my father built a snowman for me.


It’s also bigger than me.


Last winter, while thinking about what to do with the snow that had piled up to my waist, I thought of a snowman.


After playing with Mary, Marilyn, and some knights, my father came.


Then he quickly made two large snowballs, about half my height. When he piled up the two, they were taller than me.


“It was really fun back then. It melted after about two months.”


“Yeah. You were in the garden all winter.”


“My father made it for me, so I put a little effort into it. I put protective magic on it so it wouldn’t break.”


My father also had a faint smile on his face as I spoke, smiling.


“Come to think of it, wasn’t my father cold? You also gave me your jacket.”


My father was now wearing only a shirt and a vest. I know you don’t get cold very much, but it’s snowing.


“The ‘Sword Master‘ won’t be greatly affected by the weather. If it’s really cold, don’t worry, I could just wear an aura.”


‘That’s a relief.’


But that doesn’t mean all my worries disappear, so I eventually cast a spell inside.


“Ta-da! It’s warm now, right?”


My magic power surrounded my father. It was a simple magic to warm his body.


“Yeah. You make me feel warm.”


My father replied with a smiling sigh as if he couldn’t stop me from laughing.


‘Whoo… This is why magic is good.’


“Come to think of it, Fern said you were making something. I heard that you go to the lab often these days.”


I nodded at my father’s words. I couldn’t tell him what I’m making, but my father knows that I could create artifacts.


“I’m making new artifacts these days. But it wasn’t as easy as I thought…”


I managed to engrave two more spells, but I wonder if I could complete it in my debutante, which has just over three weeks left..


It would be more difficult to engrave directly on a diamond.


I tried not to think in a hurry, but I couldn’t help getting nervous as the days passed by.


“Take a break and do it. If you’re impatient, you won’t finish anything.”


I don’t know if my expression got dark without realizing it, but my father spoke in a sweet, caring tone.


That’s right. There was a saying that the more urgent you are, the more you should take your time…


“Don’t worry too much on your own. You could ask for help when you’re having a hard time. Okay?”




“Yes, my daughter.”


“…Thank you. You’re really the best!”


I grabbed my father’s arm and nodded.


“If Aaron hears it, he’ll be jealous.”


I burst into laughter at my father’s words, with a faint smile on his lips as if he was in a good mood.


“Ah, how broad-minded my brother was. He wouldn’t be jealous of that much.”


Well, it used to be a little like that in the past.


“…It seems that he’s still trembling.”




“It’s nothing. Rather than that, I think we should go in now.”


After asking for a moment, I nodded at my father’s words.


“I know. He’ll come out to find us in a little bit.”


We walked slowly towards the mansion. But it’s a bit disappointing.


“Father, do you really have only one guest?”


“Yes, it’s one person.”


I couldn’t hide my dissatisfaction with those words.


He celebrated my birthday so splendidly, but on his birthday my father always ended it with a simple dinner.


“On my birthday, you always had a party in the mansion. I didn’t invite anyone.”


“…Did you want to invite someone too? I’m sorry. If I only knew, I would have let you invite someone too.”


My father seemed to have interpreted my words strangely.





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