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It was just before three o’clock that Aaron came down, and greeted Emma.


“I greet the Prince.”


Fortunately, Emma greeted him gracefully.


‘After all, Emma is good at managing her facial expressions. Or is she okay now?’


My gaze, which had reached Emma for a while, turned again.




When I saw Aaron walking towards my place, a smile instantly appeared on my face.


Aaron, who strode with his long legs, stood in front of me.


He was wearing a comfortable shirt until I visited earlier, but now he’s wearing a neat uniform.


Although he didn’t look as determined and decorated as when he went to a banquet, it looked neat.


“Brother, did you come dressed like this on purpose?”


“It’s my first dance with my sister who has grown up.”


To my question, Aaron answered with his beautiful curved eyes to a crescent shape.


“I guess it’s because I told you I’m all grown up.”


When I thought about it, he’s my kind brother. Whatever his original personality was, he’s a sweet brother to me.


“It’s also the knight’s duty to make a Lady shine.”


Aaron whispered in a gentle voice and softly arranged my hair.


‘Oh right! Brother was also appointed as a knight.’


He really couldn’t have been a kind and wonderful knight.


“After all, my older brother is the best!”


Aaron smiled as if satisfied with my words. Then, Emma cleared her throat a little and spoke,


Hmm… Can you two go to the center over there first?”


“Ah, right.”


I laughed awkwardly realizing that I forgot our purpose for a while because I was distracted by Aaron’s appearance.


“Shall we go, Lady?”




I gently placed my hand over Aaron’s hand in accordance with the etiquette.


With Aaron’s escort, he took a gentle step.


‘I didn’t know I would be able to dance like this. In my past life, I was close to being physically challenged.’


I was quite talented in dancing, overshadowing what I was worried about if the problem from my previous life still remained before I learned it.


‘To be exact, it’s not me, but this body is talented in dancing.’


In any case, it was a relief, but for now.


To live as a noble, I had to know how to dance.


Standing in the center, we bowed our heads to greet each other.


“Please take care of me, brother.”







After our class with Emma, Aaron and I came out to the garden for a walk.


The wind in March, after two months, was not cold and warm.


While enjoying the cool breeze, Aaron spoke suddenly,


“My sister’s dancing skills have improved a lot.”


Hmm. If I resemble my father and brother, shouldn’t I be doing this much?”


I responded in a coy tone, my pride hidden behind the words. It seems to be self-congratulatory, but I think I’m pretty good at dancing.


“This must be the power of genes, right?”


Both my father and Aaron are flexible. As expected, superior genes really existed!


‘When we first danced, I stepped on his foot several times.’


Then a soft cloth touched my shoulder. It was Aaron’s uniform jacket.


“It’s not that cold…”


“But it’s still windy, so I’m just putting this over.”


Aaron said that and raised his hand and opened the jacket that was a little crooked because I was moving.


For some reason, every time I received this kind of consideration, something felt itchy.


Sometimes, when I realized that someone was thinking about me, it felt really strange.


When I first met my father and Aaron, I was embarrassed because I couldn’t take this kind of consideration, so I purposely refused.


Of course, I’m used to it now.


“Thank you, brother.”


I thanked him softly and grabbed the hem of the jacket that was still warm.


After that, Aaron and I slowly walked through the garden.


We used to take a walk often until we separated two years ago.


I remembered the time I was in the Grand Palace for a moment and walked for a while until I reached the place where the bench was.


As I sat down on the bench to rest, I tapped the ground with the front of my shoes.


“Are the artifacts you’re making going well?”


“Oh? Did you know that?”


My eyes widened at Aaron’s words.


“I’ve never told my brother about it.”


At my question, Aaron smiled and opened his mouth.


“There’s a lot of rumors around the mansion. My sister doesn’t even sleep because she’s been making artifacts.”


And at the words that followed, I smiled awkwardly and avoided his gaze.


‘What kind of rumor is it…?’


The most likely culprit was the cheap wizard Kevin. Because I often encounter wizards on my way to my lab.


“It’s not that I don’t sleep…”


I smiled on the outside as I faced my brother and grinded my teeth towards Kevin inwardly.


Aaron was still smiling, but that made it even scarier.


There was a time when I stumbled in front of Aaron while staying up all night after practicing magic.


Since then, Aaron has shown a sign of dissatisfaction with me staying up all night.


“I heard that there are many times that you don’t sleep even for four hours a day.”


Just like now. Aaron stared at me slowly.


“It wasn’t cold until just now, but it suddenly feels like winter has come again.”


Eventually, I voluntarily promised Aaron that I would never stay up all night in the future.


“I’m afraid you’ll faint like last time while staying up all night again.”


“…I’ll really sleep well from now on.”


After hearing my promise, Aaron smiled contentedly.


There was a restriction that I couldn’t stay up all night, but I didn’t want to cause Aaron to worry, so I calmly agreed.


‘Because if Aaron knows, it means that my father also knows about it.’





“Lady, it’s time for dinner!”


I could hear Mary’s voice outside the door, calling me for our family dinner.


“I’ll be right out!”


Shouting loudly, I stood up after putting the letter I was reading into the subspace.


“Mary, what’s on the menu today?”


Hmm, I couldn’t ask Evan today…”


“Then we can go and see, right?”


As Mary blurs her words in embarrassment, Marilyn, who’s beside her, sneaks in.


“Oh, spicy chicken is the main menu for dinner.”


“Really? Evan said he didn’t like spicy food, so he doesn’t make it often!”


“What? Do you like spicy food that much?”


When I smiled at Marilyn’s words, Mary laughed as if she couldn’t stop.


“Of course. I like spicy food the best.”


“Lady Erita likes sweets, too.”


“Sweet desserts… Let’s just say it’s different from this.”


Spicy and sweet are a fantastic combination.


Feeling better hearing my favorite menu, I hummed while walking down the stairs.


When I entered the restaurant, I saw my father and Aaron who were sitting.


“Good evening, dad!”


“Yeah. Come and sit down.”


“Hello, Erita.”


As I approached with a light step, I sat in my seat facing Aaron.


After a brief conversation with my father, Evan quickly pulled out the tray.




When I called him with a broad smile on my face, Evan smiled playfully and placed a plate covered with a silver lid in front of me.


I hadn’t even opened the lid yet, but I had the illusion that it was already smelling spicy.


‘Isn’t that an illusion?’


When I saw the frown on my father’s forehead, I realized it actually smells spicy.


“Unexpectedly, Father and Aaron can’t eat spicy food well.”


I slowly glanced into father’s eyes. At that time, Evan opened the lid that was covering the plate.


“Today, I prepared something you like.”


Along with Evan’s words, the spicy smell spread out in an instant.


In addition, the frown on father’s forehead deepens even more.




Father glanced at Evan with a cold gaze without saying a word.


Because I like spicy food, he was only reprimanding Evan through his gaze quietly.


Evan grinned at my father’s gaze and put another plate in front of him.


“Don’t worry, we’ve prepared separate meals for the master and young master.




Only then did the frown on father’s forehead loosened.


‘Everytime I see father, he has a lot of unexpected sides too.’


Not being able to eat spicy food, and being kind to small animals while he disliked to be bothered.


“Thank you for the food.”


“Thank you, Evan.”


“No problem. This old man will go, so enjoy your meal.”


Evan, who winked an eye at my words, left with a smile.


Fortunately, the meal ended successfully.


“As expected, Evan is the best.”


It must have been very deliberate and spicy today, and my lips were still burning.


I sipped the cold tea with a satisfied expression.


“…Baby, do you like spicy food that much?”


Seeing me like that, my father asked with a crumpled expression.


I glanced at him hearing his question and nodded my head a couple of times.


“Oh, my… You like it so much even though your lips are swollen because it’s spicy.”


Father muttered to himself as he couldn’t stop me from eating spicy.


In the meantime, he placed a dessert plate in front of me, contrary to his words earlier.


“Aaron, do you like spicy food?”


“…I don’t enjoy it that much either.”


I laughed quietly inside as I heard the conversation between the two, who talked about spicy food bluntly.




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