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It was unintentional, a mistake to meet someone’s gaze, they say when someone looks at you, a person involuntarily turns to look at the same person staring at them.


Maybe because I tried to look at him from afar for a while, but I know I shouldn’t stare for too long.


Perhaps because of his familiar figure.


…I don’t really know.




A name that leaked out of Erita’s lips as she saw him.


He couldn’t hide his presence properly at Erita’s appearance, which he never expected to meet.


Normally, I would have smiled brightly and said, “It’s a coincidence.”


‘…It’s a shame.’


But now it wasn’t possible.


After a few seconds of hiding his regret, Callion looked around for a moment as if he were looking for someone.


However, he couldn’t find it, and Erita soon stopped as if she had given up.


“Did I see it wrong?”


He was puzzled and wanted to be in front of her right away, but his throbbing side dissuaded him.


If I show up bleeding, she’d be worried, that’s just how she was.


Even though she didn’t know me well, I could already picture her worrying about me.


Maybe she’d try to stop the bleeding with a handkerchief while looking anxiously at me, like she did before.


However, I didn’t know when the disguise magic would end if I went out in a bad state.


It wasn’t exactly the situation I wanted.


“…Callian, pull yourself together.” Callian convinced himself.


Callian struggled to contain his rushing impulses. His throbbing headache got a little worse.


A burning sensation rose from the side stabbed by the dagger.


‘…That stupid bastard. You poisoned me.’


He didn’t bleed much, but given that he was dizzy, the sword that pierced his side must have been poisoned.


I wondered why they sent people who were less violent than usual.


My brother usually shows off a friendly facade in the eyes of others, but he does such mean things behind, it was funny knowing his true nature.


I guess this pathetic thing was hereditary. I saw his resemblance to the Empress.


Callian’s blurring vision was driven away by pressing a little harder on his side, which he had been pressing to stop the bleeding.


Feeling the pain of his ripped flesh had long been accustomed to, so the pain didn’t give him any hesitation.


He frowned to see the face he saw through his blurry vision.


He was more mature than the first time I saw him, but he was still talkative and friendly.


Callian looked at the face he wanted to see and exhaled slowly.


“It certainly looked like Sir Lian,”


She looked around the alley where there was no sign of anything, and finally, with a whisper to herself, she clenched her finger as usual.


Her body was surrounded by white light and disappeared in no time.


Callian was the only one left in a deserted alley.


When the figure who was looking for him disappeared, only silence remained.


More regrettable than the painful side, Callian clenched his fist a little harder.


After taking a breath for a while, he took a closer look at where Erita was standing and left silently.


All that was left where he stood was only two drops of blood.





Baron, who remained in the office where the owner had left, looked out the window frowning.


“Why the hell are you leaving without saying a word?”


He looked around, complaining to his master, who had left the seat with only a few words and handed over the documents.


“You look after it yourself?”


People would think I’m not an aide, but a prick. Wait, was that the same thing?


Despite his constant murmuring, he faithfully did what his master had entrusted to him.


And he was now dealing with the rest.


Even if he complained so much, he couldn’t help but be honest unlike his mouth.


And it was then…


It was a feeling that I couldn’t normally feel. I was used to the wave felt from someone’s magic.




At the same time, a man came in through the window.


Baron jumped up from his seat at the appearance of the person who he had been swearing to a while ago.


“Your highness?”


Baron, who had been puzzled by Callian’s seemingly clumsy appearance than usual, quickly found the reason for it.


Baron’s expression turned red with astonishment when he discovered that Callian’s hand, which was holding his side, was stained red.


As he approached quickly and scolded Callian, he was greeted with a rush of heat.


“How could you come here in that state?! Doctor, the doctor…!”


“Never mind the doctor, I’d like some disinfectant and bandages, please…”




“It’s not a deep stab, so I just need to take a simple treatment.”


Baron, who bit his lips at Callian’s firm words, quickly took out the medicine and tools he needed.


It was a familiar scene on the battlefield, but he was a little reassured that he had come to the capital, and it felt pathetic.


“…First, let’s disinfect and then use healing magic.”


He didn’t say anything, but at the face that clearly showed what he was thinking inside, Callian responded with a smirk.


“Isn’t healing magic for wizards? If you’re going to dig up my wounds, you’d better stop.”


That low-pitched smile, which seemed more poisonous than usual, irritated Baron.


“Are you laughing now? I’m serious. Why on earth would you go out alone without an escort? You insisted that you didn’t need it so much, but now you’re hurt!”


Baron moved quickly, trying to appease his impatience.


With his busy hands he lifted Callian’s robe, revealing his side, with blood dripping from the wounded part.


However, for an ordinary wound, the skin near the area where he was stabbed was not bright red, but purple.


A shadow fell on Baron’s face when he saw it


“…It’s poisoned.”


Callian, who was leaning on the sofa, smiled coldly with a pale face.


“Yeah. It seems like they’ve made up their mind this time around, so the poison is pretty strong.”


If I hadn’t been resistant to poison, I would have been in a lot of trouble.


The tone of Callian, looking down at his side blankly, was expressionless.


“I’m a substitute!”


Baron raised his voice, disregarding what he had been silenced until now. It was a word that came out of frustration.


“Stop. If you don’t want to tell everyone around noisily just because something happened, keep your voice down.”


Baron bit his mouth at Callian’s low voice.


However, in his trembling fist, it was seen that he still could not control his anger.


He knew better than anyone that the first prince and his master were in a confrontational relationship.


Among the history of the Empire that has lasted for hundreds of years, there were not many times when the succession to the throne was more peaceful than expected.


For the Emperor, who ruled the mighty empire, was quite a coveted gladiator, and the imperial family did not let go of its prey easily.


But thinking that the era of the person I serve would also be recorded like that, I had no choice but to become a savage.


After some basic treatment had been completed, the wounds that had even been bandaged were still oozing with blood.


“First of all, I did a simple treatment, but you still need to get proper treatment.”


“That’s how much trouble I’ve had. I’ll just have to take a good rest and I’ll get better.”


Callian responded slowly, taking off all his blood-soaked shirts and picking up a new shirt that was set aside.


Every time he moved his arm, he would be in pain, but just looking at his face, it was calm.


‘It’s not that it’s not painful at all, but that’s how much I’ve gotten used to the pain.’ Callian thought.


Baron, who was looking at the white bandage that was already starting to turn red, could not hide his frustration and opened his mouth.


“…Why don’t you do the same every time, Your Majesty?”


Callian paused for a moment at those words.


The question was why they did not send an assassin and just tried to poison him.


Unlike them, who risked their lives in various ways, Callian did not directly aim for their lives.


When I was young, my master didn’t know when an assassin would come, so he only had a light sleep on the battlefield.


They threatened Callian’s life even on the battlefield that crossed the line of fire day by day.


Perhaps they had driven him to the battlefield and he was not satisfied, but Callian was greeted by an assassin once a week.


When thrown into battle, Callian was only fifteen.


Since then, it has already been four years since he couldn’t let go of his worries even among his allies, aside from the enemy.


When I thought of that time, a cold sensation still dominated my body.


“If it were now, wouldn’t your Highness do it?”


The current Callian was not a young prince who had to be pushed by his limbs with no power.


The forces that Callian had built were ready to firmly support him, and there were even more reliable allies than anyone else.


It has already been four years since I couldn’t rest even in the field.


Nevertheless, he held his breath and concealed his power.


Baron also knew better than anyone else that holding his breath now was for their plan.


The fact that it was my master’s choice, and that Callian does not regret that choice.


“Well, I can send an assassin right now.”




“It would take about a month to kill mice and birds without their knowledge.”


Callian, who barely wore his shirt, responded with a nonchalant look.


If Callian really wants to kill them, he would be able to finish them all in a month, as he says.


It’s easier than you think to just kill without worrying about the consequences.


“But such a peaceful ending is not what I want. You know that best, Baron.”




Baron looked at Callian with a cold face, and lowered his gaze.


It was a cold anger that filled the spot after the expression of indifference disappeared a while ago.


At that moment, Baron blamed himself for being impatient.


It was Callian who hated the Empress and the Emperor more than anyone else.


“I’m sorry, I made a mistake.”


At Baron’s apology, Callian nodded without much reply.


But Baron knew that it was a sign of trust.


There was one more thing that greedy people cherish as much as their lives.


‘Money and fame.’


For the sake of power that encompasses it, they took even the lives of people with ease.


He even reached out for dirty tricks to maintain his power.


“Death is too light for them. And I have no intention of being merciful.”


Callian’s blue eyes, blinking slowly, gleamed as he smirked.


There was not even a hint of warmth in those eyes.




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