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“Lady, did anything bad happen to you?”


Mary, who was tapping my shoulder as she brushes my hair, asked cautiously.


“…Is it that obvious?”


“Um… If the Duke or the young master sees it, I think they’ll recognize it right away.”


“First of all, your cheeks are swollen.”


Marilyn, who was stroking my hair from behind, helped Mary.


I sighed deeply at their answer.


I’m sure yesterday I went to bed feeling refreshed after taking a bath.


I hesitated for a moment, contemplating alone, and then carefully opened my mouth.


“You know, this is about someone I know…”




“This is a secret from the rest of us. People I know are a bit shy. Okay?”


“Okay. I’ll never tell anyone.”


“I’ll keep it a secret.”


Having accepted Mary and Marilyn’s secret promise, I began to talk with a casual expression as if I was talking to someone else.


“For the time being, I’ll call him someone I know, Berry, who met someone twice, and only knows his name, and has played together.”




“Um, but one day, Berry went out to the square and saw him. Berry thought they had definitely met, so she was going to say hello, but he was gone after a blink of an eye.”




“What do you think?”


After hearing my words, Mary and Marilyn remained silent for a moment, as if contemplating for a moment.


I told them it was someone else’s story, but of course it was my story.


Thane came and I forgot about it yesterday, but even thinking about it again, the one I saw in the square yesterday was Lian.


‘To be a person who looks like him, their faces are too similar.’


It wasn’t seen from far away, it was only a few steps away, so I’m sure.


“By the way, lady.”




“Is the person Berry said she met a guy?”




“…All she knew was his name? She doesn’t know his age or where he lives?”


“Hmm… She doesn’t know his age, only that he lives in the capital…?”


Mary’s hand, who was still moving busily, stopped when she replied slightly to Marilyn, who looked fierce.


Marilyn, who asked the question, also sighed, not saying a word.


For some reason, there was an uncomfortable silence for a while.






Marilyn called me with a serious look for some reason.


And the words that followed were a very sharp and direct insult for Lian


I was just expressing my complicated mind, but Lian quickly turned into a bastard, and I had to work up a sweat to stop Marilyn.





“Erita, it’s a letter for you.”


With those words, my father pushed the pale purple envelope towards me.


“What? A letter for me?”


As I was sipping tea, I set the teacup down on the pedestal at the words of my father.


Why did the letter addressed to me end up with my father?


‘Originally, the letters that come to me are brought to my room by the maids.’


In fact, because I had not yet made my social debut, I did not receive many letters because I don’t have any close acquaintances.


The senders were at most the maids of the north or Lily.


“Um, that’s odd, did it go up to the office by mistake?”


“It’s not a mistake, this is a letter I received.”


Those words made me even more confused.


“I met Seian earlier this morning. At that time, he asked me to give it to you.”


“The Marquis?”


When I picked up the letter my father had pushed me, my name and Seian’s name were written in neat handwriting.


The letter was sealed with a smooth seal. He sent a response late last night


When I saw that he had asked my father, whom he met this morning, to deliver it, he appeared to be in a hurry.


“I’ll have to go up to my room and write a response later.”


I smiled a little and took care of the letter. My father’s eyes were warm to see me like that.


From the beginning, my father wanted me to get along well with Seian.


“More than that, Seian boasted that he received a gift from you.”


“A gift?”


“Yeah, how much he loved that you got him embroidered handkerchiefs and artifacts.”


“Ah, that’s what he’s talking about.”


Since our first meeting, we’ve met twice more so far.


Once Seian came to my house, and just last time I went to Seian’s house.


‘The place where Seian lives now is a mansion where he lived with Serbia when he was young.’ 


Because of that, Seian’s face, who had been invited to our house after hesitating for a while, was still clear.


The handkerchief and artifact that my father said were gifts from me when I visited the Vicente mansion.


I was going to prepare jewelry or clothes too, but for some reason, I thought he’d prefer something I made myself, so it was a great choice.


“I gave it as a thanks for the gift he gave me when I first met the Marquis.”




“Fortunately, he liked it.”


“Of course he would have liked it. It was a gift from someone important.”


“Well, it’s nothing compared to the gift the Marquis gave me.”


I still remember the feeling of embarrassment at that time. When I said that with a light smile, my father sighed and muttered.


“Even though he’s aged so much, he’s still like a child. His personality of giving things to the people he likes doesn’t change at all.”


The words flowing out were close to lamentation or complaints if you look at the contents alone.


However, from the faintly curved eyes, I could see that the words contained affection for Seian.


“Even though you say that, you care about the Marquis. The Marquis also likes father very much.”


“Well… I can’t help it, because the face that sometimes cries is still like a child in my eyes.”


At the playful remarks, my father smiled and affirmed.


It’s understandable because Seian was not even ten years old when my father married Serbia.


According to Seian, my father came from a very good family.


Because of his blunt personality, he taught young Seian how to use swordsmanship and even gave him a horse ride.


It’s only natural that Seian, who experienced my father’s kindness, likes him.


I recalled crying Seian, telling me that I grew up so beautifully like my father and his sister.


“The Marquis seems to cry a lot even now.”


“Did he cry again in front of you?”


Seian, who burst into tears from the first meeting, could not hide his tears even in the previous meeting.


“Well, actually, when I gave him a present. He cried, saying that I grew up like my father and my mother.”


For some reason, when I affirmed in an awkward voice, my father laughed as if he was dumbfounded and covered his face with one hand.


“He said he wouldn’t cry anymore, but it didn’t last a week.”


After that, after talking to my father for a while, I came up to my room.


Sitting at my desk humming softly, I took out the letter I had brought.


When I took out a small knife and took off the seal so that it wouldn’t rip, a faint smell of flowers spread out.


“He must have sprayed perfume.”


Smiling at the subtle scent of flowers from the paper I took out, I slowly read the contents.


I sent a reply yesterday evening, but this morning I received two letters from Seian.


Seian liked to talk more than expected, despite his soft and quiet appearance.


“Did you have a separate schedule after two days?”


The content of the two-page letter was that he wanted to have lunch at a restaurant in the square together in two days.


Last time I met him, he listened carefully to my story of going to the plaza with Aaron.


“Miss, this is Mary.”


Just in time, Mary knocked on the door.


“Yes, come on in!”


Mary’s arms, which opened the door, were carrying a yellow box.


“I think that’s one of the accessories that was ordered for the debutante first. I thought you should check it out, so I brought them all.”


“I see. That came very quickly. Since we ordered it from the same place, don’t we usually get it around the same time?”


I walked over to the sofa and muttered in doubt.


Well, other nobles often buy dresses, shoes, and accessories separately, but I bought them all in one place.


“Oh, you know what? This isn’t from Madame Derrin’s salon.”


“Huh? Other than that, I don’t think I’ve ordered anything else.”


I looked at this mysterious box with narrow eyes.


“Isn’t it from my father or brother?”


“Yes. According to the kid who gave it to me, he was sent from another area.”


Mary’s words somehow reminded me of my other family.


“Mary, I think I know who sent it.”


“What? Who?”


At my words, Mary asked, widening her round eyes.


I remembered a kid who had round eyes like Mary but had a very timid character.


“The naughty girl who liked yellow.”


“Oh, you mean Miss Lily?”


At Mary’s question, I nodded my head.


Lily was the Countess’ girl I met when I was in the North.


I’d be lying if I didn’t remember that grumpy Lily at Lysen orphanage when I first saw her.


‘Well, her appearance and her personality were completely different.’


It was only for a moment that I felt bad when I heard the name Lily.


Lily Lemian, who was the sole daughter of Count Lemian, the family’s vassal, followed me around, calling me my older sister. I also adored Lily.


“In other areas, Lily is the only one who will send these yellow boxes.”


With a smile, I pulled on the white ribbon wrapped around the yellow box.


The soft ribbon was loosened without much resistance.


“Hey, you were really sorry that you couldn’t attend Miss Lily’s farewell party.”


“I can’t help it because Countess Lemian is suddenly sick. Oh, my!”


Nodding nicely at Mary’s words, I couldn’t hide my surprise at the object that was revealed in the box.


“What’s wrong? No matter what the problem is…. Woah!”


Mary, who glanced at the box, had a surprised expression as I did.


“It’s the same color as your eyes! It’s really pretty.”


What was sitting quietly in the box was a pair of colorful earrings with purple jewelry like the color of my eyes and a bracelet that looked like a set.


And on the side of the box a small envelope was gently fitted.


‘I have two letters to reply to.’


I quickly pulled out the letter and read it, I couldn’t hide my laughter.




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