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When they heard that I was going out for lunch with Seian, my father responded,


“I think he’s going there…”


He didn’t say anything about the location and the name of the store.


‘But even if I asked where, he didn’t tell me.’


The name of the store wasn’t written in Seian’s letter, so I had no choice but to remain curious about it until today.


“Haha! Aslan still remembered it.”


Seian, who heard my father’s words, laughed as he walked faster.


There was a sense of longing in that low laugh.


Seian, who was silent for a moment as if recalling something, opened his mouth in a soft voice.


“Umm… That’s where my sister introduced me to Aslan.”




“Yes. I’ve actually seen him from afar before, but I don’t have a connection with Aslan.”


He was seven at that time. It was when he was quite young, anyway. My ears pricked up and focused on Seian’s words.


I won’t hear anything like this from my father.


“Ah, we’ve arrived. Shall we go ahead and talk about the rest later?”


Following Seian’s guidance, We arrived at a restaurant, a quiet place where anyone would feel the passage of time.


For a moment, I was disappointed by the story that was cut off, and I nodded quickly at Seian’s words.


“It’s nice.”


We opened the dark brown door and entered the store.


“Welcome! Have you made a reservation?”




Seian nodded at the waiter’s words and held out a small paper card from his arms.


‘Wow. It seems that everything here is operated by a reservation.’


The employee who took the paper Seian had handed out carefully looked at it and then nodded.


“I’ve checked. There are two of you, so please follow me this way.”


Seian and I moved in with the guidance of the employee. We were guided to a sunny window seat.


“Please ring the bell when you’re ready to order!”


The limited-looking employee left the place leaving those words.


While looking at the menu for a while, Seian and I chose two suitable lunch menus and two drinks to accompany it.


“Your order has been confirmed. Then please wait a moment!”


I looked at the employee who filled out the order and left, then turned my gaze back to Seian.


Seian looked around the inside of the store slowly for a moment.


“I don’t think it’s changed much here.”


Then he murmured to himself with a small laugh. Perhaps he was reminded of a time when he had been here before.


Come to think of it, Seian must have a very good memory, too.


‘I see, he still remembers what happened when he was seven years old.’






“You said you first met my father here.”


Seian nodded his head in response to my question.


“Yes, I don’t remember clearly because I was young, but I do remember that Aslan was kind to me.”


I could imagine my father standing in front of a seven-year-old boy. Even now, while my father, he would have had a much younger face than him.


Pfft. For some reason, I can imagine the expression on my father’s face. He must have been at a loss for what to do at first. Of course, his face won’t show it.”


Seian’s eyes widened at my playful words, and then he smiled and nodded his head.


“Yeah. I think so. I remember hearing my sister telling me that Aslan didn’t know how to treat a small child.”


“Ahaha. My father doesn’t even have any brothers.”


As I listened to Seian’s story a little more, the finished dish was quickly placed in front of us.


I ordered the main dish with steak, and Seian ordered the main dish with seafood.


We started eating slowly and left the restaurant after a little more than an hour.


It was because we spent more time talking than eating.


“Thank you for bringing me here today, Marquis.”


“No, I’m more thankful that you came with me.”


With a soft smile, Seian arranged my messy hair.


After leaving the restaurant, we walked along the street for a while.


It must have been a little over ten minutes. We came back to the location where the carriage was left earlier and stopped in front of it.


“Hmm. Should I go home now?”


Seian’s small muttering and expression gives off something of a regret feeling. Sometimes, Seian was visibly cautious around me.


It was like those times he always says he’s thankful for something as trivial as today or looking at me for nothing.


I watched Seian for a while and then put my arm in his arm, who was gently staring at me. If Seian treats me cautiously, I should approach him first.


“Marquis, since we also ate, shall we go eat dessert this time?”


“Oh, huh?”


“Dessert. The marquis bought me lunch, so I’ll treat you to dessert. What do you think?”


“I… I’d like it.”


Seian hesitated for a moment at my question, but then bowed his head and accepted my offer.


I smiled at the sight and slowly moved along with Seian.


“Where are we going?”


“Hmm. This is the place my brother told me last time, there’s a cafe with delicious desserts.”


‘What’s the name of it again? Claire Ciel…’


“I think the name was Claire Ciel.”


“Really? I’ve never heard of that name.”


Seian, who seemed to be thinking about what I said for a while, shook his head, saying, “I really don’t know.”


“Well, you’ve been away from the capital for a long time. I guess that’s what happened after that.”


“That’s possible.”


Seian affirmed my story with a soft voice.


“Actually, I’ve only been there twice.”


“I see.”


“Oh, but it was delicious, so you don’t have to worry!”


“Haha, I wasn’t worried about that. Anywhere you take me is fine.”


When he quickly added, Seiann smiled low and blinked his eyes beautifully. I stared blankly at Seian’s face for a moment.


‘…He resembles Serbia as I’ve seen in a portrait.’


It was because his face, with his eyes curled smiling brightly, resembled Serbia in the portrait that my father had showed me


“I’ve only seen her in a portrait, but I think his eyes look a lot like her.”


Especially the corners of their eyes when they smile.


Seian told me I looked like Serbia, but I don’t think so when I stare at him. Everytime I recall Serbia, which I had imagined as a story I’ve heard from my father quite a long time ago.


Then, picturing my father and Seian standing next to her.


“…I want to see her at least once.”


When I thought of that, a small laugh came out without realizing it.






Seian’s hair was gently swaying in the wind as he answered my call.


“It’s nothing.”


I stared at his rustling hair for a moment, then shook my head.


Seian’s purple eyes looking at me had a sense of wonder, but I looked forward and gently pulled his arm.


It was embarrassing to say that I just wanted to see those sweet purple eyes.


I might be able to say it later, after quite some time has passed.





After eating dessert at the cafe, the sun above my head had gradually receded.


The carriage followed the path to my house.


“I had a great time today.”


Seian, who took me to the front door of the mansion, still looks regretful.


“I had a lot of fun, too.”


I laughed softly at Seian. In my arms, there was a bouquet of flowers that I had received from Seian earlier.


The flowers that were nicely placed in the carriage still boasted a fresh appearance.


“…And thank you so much for this flower. I’ll decorate this in my room beautifully.”


If I ask Mary, she’d give me a pretty vase for such beautiful flowers.


“I can bring you more if you like.”


Then I burst out laughing at Seian’s answer that came out automatically. It seemed to be the characteristics of the three men who wanted to do anything I liked.


Of course, the other two are my father and Aaron.


“Then show me the garden of the Vicente house next time. I think that would be better.”


Seian, who had widened his eyes at my words, nodded his head.


“I’ll keep the garden open at any time.”


“Oh, really? Then I might go there every day.”


“You can come every day.”


Seian replied with a serious expression to my playful remarks.




Then the front door, where I was standing behind, made a heavy noise. I turned around slightly startled, but the large door remained closed without a single gap.


“What is it?”


I turned my head again, wondering if I had heard something wrong, and saw Seian with an awkward smile.


“What’s going on? Suddenly, your expression…?”


When I asked worriedly, Seian glanced behind me for a moment, then shook his head with a smirk as if lost in the wind.




‘It’s nothing he says…’


“More than that, hurry up and go in. I think there’s someone who’s waiting.”


I blinked silently at his vague words. What do you mean, a person who’s waiting all of a sudden?


“Then I’ll go.”


“Oh, yes! Get home safe, Marquis!”


I regained my senses at Seian’s goodbye and waved his hand.


Seian, who kept looking back, got into the carriage, and I turned around after watching him leave.


When I gently buried my face in a bouquet of flowers, the scent of flowers still lingered.


“It smells really good. Should I keep one of them dried?”


Mumbling like that, I opened the front door.




To be more specific, the door opened before I could touch it…




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