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Seeing my father standing next to the large carriage, I hurriedly walked a little further.


My shoes, which were slightly higher than usual, were annoying, but Aaron, who was firmly supporting my side, made me feel reassured.




My father turned his head to my call.




And I felt the superiority of my father’s genes again.


‘…Will it be like this when he gets older?’


His cool and beautiful face resembled Aaron, but my father had a more mature and seductive atmosphere.


Objectively, if my brother was a handsome man with a cold impression, father was a handsome man with a drowsy feeling.


“No one is as handsome as my family’s good-looking guys.”


I filled the overflowing sense of pride and smiled brightly as I approached the side of the carriage.


“You’re here, Miss, Young Master.”


Terban, who was standing next to our father, greeted us.


“Good evening, Terban!”


“Whoa, when did the lady who made the entire mansion into a sea of ​​water grow so big.”


“You said you’d forget about it now.”


At Terban’s words with a benevolent smile, I glanced at my father and Aaron for nothing, and blushed.


I need to properly destroy the masonry I’ve prepared as a doorway, so I’ll have to work hard on Terban, but…


It’s a long time ago, but when I muttered in a disconsolate voice, my father laughed low at my appearance.


After talking a little more with Terban, we got into the carriage.


The carriage, which was proportional to its splendor and size, was spacious even though I, my father, and Aaron were all riding it.


“Let’s go.”


The slow sound of the horseshoes grew faster and faster.


By that time the mansion became invisible.


“Hmm, will it take about 15 minutes to get to the Imperial Palace?”


I turned my head while watching the outside passing by through the window and blinked at the gaze that was facing me.


My father was staring at me. The expression that seemed preoccupied seemed to remind me of something.


I glanced at my face reflected in the window.


“…Is it too much?”


I’m sure it was a lot more colorful than usual.


This was also more for the maids! It was the result of refraining from shouting.


“Or is it because it’s a dress that shows off my shoulders?”


My father doesn’t really care much about my outfit, but when I wear an off-shoulder dress, he would put on my jacket in silence.


Even in midsummer, he deliberately used magic and said it was cool enough that he even gave away his outerwear.


My father opened his mouth when I was wondering ‘why’ alone.


“You’ve certainly grown a lot, as Terban said…”


The words that came out were not what I expected.


“For a moment, I remember when you were young…”


As if recalling, my father raised the corners of his lips as if he never had frowned on his eyebrows when he smiled.


“It reminded me of my childhood for a moment… I was small at first.”


It was then that I realized why my father was looking at me so terribly, and a smile leaked out of my teeth.


“What’s with the frown on your forehead, you thought I looked weird because they put too much? Isn’t that right brother?”


“Yeah. Father’s expression was strange.”


I grinned and mocked my father in a playful tone.


When I asked Aaron, who was sitting next to me, as if asking for consent, he smiled slowly and agreed with me.


At times like this, I really liked Aaron who fits well with my jokes.


“No way.”


At such a joint effort, my father immediately showed his expression and denied it.


It was such a quick reply that anyone would think that he had said something bad.


“Haha! I’m kidding.”


At that resolute denial, I smiled brightly and closed my eyes.


The eyes of my father looking at me were kind and full of affection.


“You are the sweetest of all.”


“…My father is the coolest in the world!”


My father’s warm words warmed my heart.







The carriage, which had been slowing down since entering the Imperial Palace, soon stopped completely.


“We’re here!”


We arrived at the imperial palace, which I didn’t want so much, but surprisingly, I didn’t think much of it now.


My calm demeanor when it comes to situations like this was really good. Because I could look at the situation more calmly.


Besides, I had two strong men by my side.


Two people in my family who would always be by my side.


Before the carriage door opened, my father asked in a low voice.


“Erita, if there’s anyone who annoys you even though you don’t like it, slap him in the face right away. Okay?”


My father’s expression was serious when he said that.


“Oh, my! Is there anyone like that?”


“There is.”




Father and Aaron answered at the same time. The short, bold answer was very decisive.


Both of them had the same expression on their faces.


Even if I said no, it didn’t appear that I intended to listen to the cut.


With that ugly face, I swallowed the words of excessive worry that filled my throat, smiled awkwardly and nodded.


“Okay, that’s fine.”


At the same time, the carriage door opened.


Father got off first, followed by Aaron.


Then, a sound of someone swallowing their breath in surprise came to the carriage.


“Be careful.”


With one hand, I grabbed the hem of my skirt, and with the other I grabbed Aaron’s hand that reached out to me.


Taking an open breath, I slowly stretched out my legs.


As soon as my feet touched the ground, the carriage door clattered shut.


“Thank you, brother.”


“Don’t mention it.”


As I greeted him a little, Aaron smiled tenderly, curling the corners of his eyes.


The still cool air and some eyes glanced past me for a brief moment.


Most of the owners of those gazes were employees working in the castle.


‘Most of the nobles must have already arrived.’


The fact that some don’t have to show their face to the party early if they have high status was really nice.


Otherwise, I would have received a lot of curious gazes even before I entered the banquet hall.


I also knew that my presence would be of interest to them.


But knowing that didn’t mean I was very happy to be a spectacle.


“Come on, let’s go now.”


At that moment, Aaron, who was still beside me, extended his arm.


It was not an escort when getting off the carriage, but an escort to enter the banquet hall.


“Will you give me the honor of escorting you, Lady?”


“I look forward to your kind cooperation. Sir Aaron.”


I laughed at the sight and put my arm around his.




My father, who came to our side, called. Then, a soft voice enveloped mine.


“Don’t forget. Your brother and I are always by your side.”


It was only my father’s consolation for what I had looked around for a while ago.


Those kind words and Aaron’s strong support were my greatest strength right now.


“Let’s go now.”


My father, who looked at me warmly for a moment, took the first step. The walk was slow as if it were in my stride.


“Thank you, father, and brother.”


I, who was escorted by Aaron and stood shoulder to shoulder with my father, whispered in a small voice that only the two of them could hear.


“…I’m really happy to have you two.”


It was my sincere gratitude for loving them as much as the two people who loved me.


“So I’ll protect you no matter what.”


I will never let it end as tragic as in the original.


As I regained my composure and climbed the white stairs to the ballroom.


We soon arrived in front of the large door of the banquet hall.




The eyes of the servant who found us were wide open.


Fortunately, the servant immediately understood before the time passed that could be considered rude.


As a servant who announces the position of the nobility, it’s natural to recognize who we are at a glance.


‘Well, even if it’s not, our family is the only one with black hair among the nobles who came here.’


Even if my hair wasn’t black, they would have recognized it at a glance because of the appearance of the two men standing next to me.


‘Is it too much?’


I thought of it to myself and smiled inwardly.


At the same time, a loud noise broke out from the side.


“The Grand Duke Aslan Krovachatz, Grand Prince Aaron Krovachatz, and Grand Duchess Erita Krovachatz, let’s give them a big round of applause!”


The servant shouted our names one after another in a loud voice.


When the banquet was over, I thought that he might lose his voice.




As soon as the words were finished, the heavy door of the ballroom began to slowly open.


Whew,’ I breathed out loud.


From the moment I entered beyond this door, it was like stepping on the prologue of the original work.


Even if I don’t pretend to know Callian, it’s impossible to get out of the flow of the original story at all now that I’m here.


The huge door opened its mouth slowly. And after a few more moments.


“…Let’s go”


I stepped into the fully open door.




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