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At the Second Prince Palace just before the banquet began.


Something flopped to the floor with a gruesome sound.


“You’re really heartless.”


Callian’s expressionlessly muttered low while shaking a rat knife in his hand.


Then blood dripped from the razor’s edge.


Two bodies were placed at Callian’s feet randomly.


They were the maids who had recently assisted in Callian’s grooming.


If Callian had been relaxing, he would have been hurt somewhere by now.


Of course, they wouldn’t die with this much effort, but it must have been difficult to move today, and that must have been the sender’s goal.


“You’re being very aggressive in telling me not to attend.”


Callian laughed in a sultry tone as he looked around at the poison needle in his hand.


“Your Highness, it’s time for you to go.”


Baron’s voice came through the door. Callian checked the time and looked down at his clothes.


There were blood drops from the knife all over the place, but not a single drop of blood was splattered on the black uniform.


“Baron, come in for a second.”


“What? You have to go now.”


“Okay, once you get in, you’ll know.”


In response to Callian’s resolute answer, the door opened with a growling sound.


“Why do you always say that at once?”


After confirming the disaster, Baron, who had entered with much grumbling, jumped out.


Anyone could tell what had happened.


“…Is it the Empress?”


Baron, who was surprised for a moment, quickly grasped the situation, surrounded his magical powers and cut off the sound and asked.


“Maybe. My brother doesn’t have the guts to do things inside the Imperial Palace.”




Baron bit his lips at Callian’s blunt affirmation.


‘How long had it been since my master’s wounds had healed after he had gone out into the city and been hit with a poison?’ Baron thought. 


In his palace, which was supposed to be the safest, he was attacked by his own maids.


Besides, today was the place where Callian returned from the battlefield and appeared for the first time.


“I’ll have to filter out all the people in the palace.” Baron muttered with a hardened face.


If there are any suspicious people, I would send them out without exception.


Even if we had to crush all of the servants, we could not back down this time.


“All right, don’t waste your energy on useless things.”


“No, I’ll have to do it. Last time you ignored my advice and went out and got stabbed. This time, I’ll do whatever I want.”


Callian looked at Baron for a moment, who was even more depressed than he was after being attacked.


Eventually he nodded and said, “Alright.”


Anyway, I didn’t want to crouch any further than was absolutely necessary.


“Oh, Keep this and hand it over to Kayden. If you find anything else, report it immediately.”


Callian, who had placed the sword on the desk, held out a small cloth and wrapped the poison needle.




“Earlier, they were attempting to flushed in my head, but the poison evaporated and flew away.”


There were quite a few types of lethal poison that disappeared within a few minutes when exposed to air.


“That poison was the kind I know, so there’s no need to investigate it. Tell” the wizard or a priest to do it.


“A wizard or a priest?”


After those words, Baron carefully examined the needle.


I was also a middle-class wizard, so I wondered if I could feel anything from it.


But no matter where I looked, I couldn’t feel anything from an ordinary needle.


“It looks like an ordinary needle. I don’t feel anything.”


Callian patted his shoulder at his words.


Even when I looked at it, it was a common needle that you could see everywhere.


“As you said, the needle itself was just an ordinary needle.”


“Then why…?”


When I took the needle from the hand of the assassin, I felt something ominous running through my body.


It was like a headache that was always beating my head.


“It felt bad.”


Callian briefly described that feeling.


If I go into details, Baron would leave everything behind and cling to the investigation.


“I see.”


Fortunately, Baron wrapped the needle well in a cloth without any doubt and wrapped it in his arms.


“Then what about the banquet? Should I ask someone else to bring clothes?”


Perhaps because it was a black uniform, there was no sign of blood or wrinkled marks.


“I’ll go like this. That’s why I always wear black.”


Baron’s face turned pale at the words that Callian said with a smile.


‘So, will blood spill in front of so many nobles?’


That was something I would never have seen in my life.


“No, but… Never mind, Today was your first official position as an adult! They can’t kill you like that!”


Baron’s expression, which spoke out like a rapid-fire gun, was harsh.


“I’m just kidding.”




However, Baron stopped clenching his fist at the words of Callian, who was tirelessly looking at him.


“There’s no blood on it. Wouldn’t it be too embarrassing to have blood on them while dealing with those things in the first place?”


“Anyway, if I’m late, I’ll be in trouble. I’ll have to see the ruined Empress’ expression no matter what.” Callian, who left those words, strode.


Baron, who was excited by that unhesitating appearance, followed Callian hastily.


“Hurry up a little bit more.”


Contrary to how he spoke lightly in front of Baron, Callian’s expression turned cold as he walked away.


Even if he was injured according to the Empress’ wishes, Callian would have attended today’s banquet.


He had a reason, He had to… No matter what happens.





The Empress, who had an obvious frown with slight nervousness, suddenly had a benevolent expression on her face.


“…Prince, you’re a little behind the appointed time.”


However, the soft tone of words was the content of criticising Callian.


At the confrontation between the two, the nobles held their breath and looked at them.


Eight years ago at the Queen’s funeral, she acted so sweet and kind.


‘Now it seems that there was no need for that.’


Unlike then, now, the confrontation between the First Prince and Callian was on the surface.


“Oh, some cute mice came out of my palace.”


Calian, who has not changed a single expression, replied lightly to the appearance of the Empress.


There was some cold energy in that tone.


“If you wish, I can send it to you, Your Majesty the Empress.”


The expression on the Empress’ lips twitched slightly at the words he added with a curled eyebrow.


“…Don’t let the atmosphere cloud on a good day.”


It was the First Prince who took the place of the Empress.


Callian glanced at the First Prince and took a step back with an incomprehensible smile.


“Excuse me for a moment.”


As if she hadn’t had a fight with Callian, the Empress, who returned with an elegant posture, and announced the start of the banquet.


After that, the order of the Debutante Party that I know went on.


The priest of the temple uttered a blessing prayer, and the young noble ladies, who debuted this year, came out one by one and kissed the back of the Empress hand.


Young nobles below the position of Count kissed on the back of the Empress’ hand, while those above the Count were given a handkerchief to cover the spot where the Empress’ kissed.


It was a custom that has been around for a long time.


‘That distance would be perfect…’


My rank was the highest, so my order was the last.


After I received the handkerchief, I had to join hands with the Empress to announce the real start of the Debutante banquet.


It has also been done for a long time by a woman with the highest ranking among those who debuted that year.


The Imperial Palace hosts the Debutante Dance every three to five years, and it usually replaces the late Duchess or Duke.


This time, I took the job because of my participation. I was grateful that they could only see my back.


Contrary to my seemingly casual appearance, I was quite nervous on the inside.


‘Maybe there’s only one chance now.’


As I climbed the high stairs, I remembered the pocket watch in my arms.


The artifact that distinguishes the black wizard to be exact.


But before I could make up my mind, I arrived in front of the Empress.


Blue eyes were staring behind her back, but I didn’t notice him.


‘This is driving me crazy!’


By etiquette, I lifted the hem of my skirt to greet the Empress and received a handkerchief stained with the Empress’ kiss.


And then I made up my mind…


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