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In the end, I couldn’t get the artifact out in front of the Empress.


In order to activate the magic contained in the artifact, mana operation was required.


‘To do that, I have to take it out and focus on it for more than five seconds.’


So, rather than taking the risk on the spot, I chose to pursue the remaining opportunities.


‘If the Empress was related to a black magic, there was nothing that I could do on the spot.’


It’s impossible to bring out the artifact there and ask the Empress if she used black magic.


“If I do that, I’ll be treated like a crazy person.”


It was absolutely impossible to attack the Royal Family without thorough confirmation.


So, even if it’s unfortunate, it was right to step back.


At that moment, I felt a gentle force in my hand.


“What are you thinking about?”




“It’s going to start now, but you need to focus.”


Aaron, who was dancing next to me, asked in a worried voice.


Now we were in the middle of a large banquet hall.


It was then that I was freed from my thoughts alone.


I laughed out loud as if embarrassed.


This sequence, in which all the young noble ladies in white dresses dance with their partners, was one of the main events of the debutante banquet, along with the Empress’ greetings.


As soon as I came to my senses, I heard a signal to start.


“Then, please take care of me brother, for now I’m your Lady.”


We looked at each other and smiled a little.


A magnificent melody rang out, and the hem of the high white dress shook gently in the center of the banquet hall.


Aaron guided me with gentle gestures.


I was used to stepping on the stem to match the musicians’ performances.


Then, the other pair of ruby-like eyes met mine. My eyes curled round at him.


“…You know, brother.”




“Your back must be hot.” I whispered to Aaron in a playful voice.


He blinked a couple of times at my words and let out a low laugh as he understood the meaning.


“I feel like I’ve become a demon king who snatched away the Princess.”


When it was time for Aaron to take a turn, the position was barfin, and he raised the corners of his mouth.


It was obviously a laugh that made my father angry.


‘Anyway, they’re both childish, really.’


I could see the expression of my father, who would have crumpled even if I didn’t look at him.


“Then, are you going to take over everything again like last time?”


As I whispered with a smile and could not help it, Aaron looked as if he had no choice.


“It’s not bad for the price of taking responsibility for my younger sister’s first social debut.”


Then, the words he said quietly ended up raising the corners of my mouth, making me smile.




At the end of his gaze, I could see black hair towering among the nobles.


“My father is also popular.”


As I glanced at my father’s expressionless face and muttered in a laughing tone.


An elderly nobleman apprehended my father as he attempted to flee the center after the first dance.


“Well, he must know a lot of people because he said he lived in the capital until brother was born.”


Seeing that he didn’t look bothered, he seemed to have some acquaintance.


Then, someone approached me and Aaron.


“Master, it’s been a while.”


Seeing Aaron walking up and greeting him welcomingly, it seemed like Aaron knew him.


“Count Nylon.”


“Haha, I met you at the palace last week and I’m glad to see you again.”


The man who appeared to be around thirty had a soft impression.


Seeing that Aaron’s expression was not bad, they seem to be close enough to talk like this.


I happened to meet the gaze of the man while looking at the two people from behind.


Then the man’s eyes blinked for a moment, and then he turned to me and greeted me.


“Nice to meet you. Grand Duchess. My name is Klein Nylon.”


“Nice to meet you too, Count Nylon. I’m Erita Krovachatz.”


I, too, greeted him with a smile but in moderation.


Seeing me like that, he glanced at Aaron and nodded his head alone.


‘…Why are you nodding your head all of a sudden?’


Not knowing why Count Nylon nodded, my eyes turned as if I was looking at a strange person.


“Oh, I’m sorry. I just remembered that the Grand Prince cares about the Grand Duchess.”


The man apologized hastily after seeing me uncomfortable.


“Oh, I see.”


“Count Nylon, aren’t you here to talk about business?”


It was Aaron who saved me, who was speechless because I had nothing to say.


“Ah, yes. That’s right. Everyone has gathered over there, so if you have time, I think it would be good to stop by for a while.”


“I do.”


After talking with the man for a while, Aaron turned to me.


“I think I’ll have to go for a while. Will you be okay staying here alone?”


Unlike a few moments ago, when he spoke to the man expressionless, Aaron’s expression was soft this time.


“Of course, I’m already an adult.”


“I know that, but I can’t stop worrying because you’re still a kid in my eyes.”


I readily replied, but Aaron couldn’t let go of his worries.


Either way, my father and Aaron still think of me as a child.


“Don’t worry, brother. I’m not a kid anymore.”


It was then that Aaron realized that he was too worried, so he smiled a little and nodded his head.


“Haha, then I’ll be right back.”


“Yes. I’ll be fine by myself, so take your time.”


“Yeah. Don’t forget what our father said.”


Aaron, who left those words, walked to another place with Count Nylon.


“But what did my father say again…?”


All I could remember now was the kind comfort my father gave me before entering the banquet hall.


After pondering for a moment, I picked up a cocktail from a tray of a passing servant.


“Thank you.”


“Oh no! Have a good time…!”


When I smiled softly to the young servant who bowed his head, his face turned red in a cute way.


Then, he said goodbye bravely and left.


“Excuse me.”


Someone standing in front of me spoke to me in a trembling voice.


When I turned my head, a man about my age was standing there with a very nervous face.


“Do you mean me?”


“Yes… Yes!”


When asked with a slight tilt of my head, he blushed and nodded.


The innocent reaction gave me a small laugh without realizing it.


“Oh, my name is Benjamin Closer!”


Confucius, who identified himself as the second son of Marquis Closer, subsequently asked me for a dance.


In the original, there was no set number of dances.


It means that we could dance five or ten times if we want.


But I didn’t want to go back to the center again. I didn’t even have the desire to be in the public’s interests.


‘I can still feel the gazes looking at me from all over the place.’


My goal today was to have a safe debutant banquet, and I’ve already completed it.


“I’m sorry, Confucius Closer. It’s difficult for me to dance because I’m waiting for my partner.”


“I see…”


Benjamin Closer’s eyes drooped at my refusal.


The young man with curly brown hair reminded me of Seian.


Should I say they’re from the same dog-family?


“If you don’t mind me asking who the Grand Duchess’ partner is…”


It was when he asked me with his sullen expression that someone called my name.




A large shadow fell behind Benjamin. And a familiar call in a low voice.


“Oh, you’re here?”


“Oh, my…”


Benjamin’s face was tired of looking back at my father’s welcoming voice in vain.


The way his eyes were trembling around made him look pitiful.


“Grand, Grand Duke…!”


“What’s going on?”


“Oh, excuse me first! It was an honor to meet you!”


Eventually, Benjamin bowed his head in a hurry and left.


Seeing his back, my father lightly clicked his tongue.


‘…You were looking at him on purpose.’


As I could read most of my father’s expressions, it was clear that he didn’t smile on purpose.


“But isn’t he cute? He still greeted you until the end.”


In my words, my father’s expression turned colder than the past winter.


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