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Before you read, (M)=Man, and (L)=Louismond


Chapter 11


Louismond was by traffickers before Count Graham can even chase after him, while he was running away and selling Countess Illencia’s headdress. The traffickers thought that he was a woman and were very surprised that the beauty they had kidnapped was actually a man.


(M1) “What are you, a pervert?”


(M2) “You’re so handsome and yet, you’re a pervert.”


(M3) “That’s right, born as a man only to do perverted things.”


(L) “I am not a pervert! My situation is – ”


Louismond struggled to defend himself, but the traffickers didn’t listen to him.


“Ah, people with that kind of taste always say that.”


“You’re right – they are insisting.”


“Well, if that’s the way you like it, I will sell you so you can live like that for the rest of your life.”


The traffickers showed wide tolerance and favor, and sold Louismond to a nobleman in a far, distant western kingdom.

Louismond crossed the border while trapped inside a wagon. His seventh life was the first time after his six regressions that he was able to cross the border before the rebellion. But he wasn’t thrilled because he was sold as a slave while being treated like a perverted man dressed as a woman.


‘Is it necessary to survive this far?’


He didn’t attempt to commit suicide even though he felt a deep sense of emptiness for a moment. He didn’t have a knife to stab himself nor a have enough courage to commit suicide.


‘I still have to live. I want to live.’


I wanted to live. I didn’t want to die by being beheaded – even after dying six times.


A middle-aged nobleman was the one who bought Louismond, and he liked a man dressed as a woman. Fortunately, he was sexually unable so he was a person who was satisfied just by looking at them. There were already dozens of slaves in his mansion, and they were all men dressed as women.


There were people who looked good with it, and there was also a hideous man dressed as a woman who screamed ‘My eyes! Ugh, my eyes!’ as soon as he saw him. His type was men who wouldn’t look good when they are dressed as women.


Then why did you buy me, Louismond wanted to ask that perverted nobleman while holding him on his collar, but he held himself back. Because he was afraid that it may look like he was fighting for the perverted nobleman’s favor.


As he was the most beautiful, Louismond was treated the most harshly. All the dirty work of sweeping and wiping the mansion were all his responsibility.


His hands that had never lifted anything heavier than a gold fountain pen, quickly became rough. It was a little difficult for his body, but his mind was at ease. His dress was also a little cumbersome, but it was somewhat comforting as it was a rough maid’s outfit that didn’t have any laces or frills at all, unlike those favored by the kinky nobles. His character of a high-ranking noble had long since faded.


‘I will live like this and die as a bent grandpa, or I can be sold to other nobles before that. Can I not wear a dress when I was sold to another mansion?’


(T/N: A bent grandpa, literally means ‘a gay grandpa, crossdressing grandpa’.)


A revolt broke out in the kingdom he had fled from while he was fetching water, chopping firewood, and washing clothes with such carefree thoughts. It was once again, Callena’s rebellion, the Count of Luxen of the East. Having fled from the kingdom early – or rather, Louismond who had been sold, heard about the rumor from across the river like a fire.


Battle at Dawn, Conquest Wars, Empire establishment, Dragon hunt.


What had already happened for six times happened all over again. There were things he hadn’t experienced yet in his first six lives because of his early death that happened now. The Empire faced the border towards the kingdom which Louismond was sold to in a short period of time. There were five kingdoms in between, and it became the Empire’s territory within a half year.


It was Rubiana, the first Count Luxen that became the Duke Ashillean, who commanded the Conquest War of the West. Soon, her red hair became an ominous color calling for blood. The enemies who barely survived the encounter with the forces led by Rubiana called her ‘Bloodiana’.


Rubiana used to push hard in the beginning to finish the conquest efficiently and in a short time. Because of this, the battle was quite intense in the beginning, but they continued to win without having bloody battles as time went by. That was because the small kingdoms were frightened when Rubiana arrived nearby with her troops, so they opened their gates and surrendered.


The kingdom to which Louismond was sold to fortunately quickly preserve their kingdom by sending the King’s eldest son as an envoy to surrender. And so, the Conquest of Bloodiana and the proclamation of the kingdom were all ‘other things’.


Louismond had no doubts that he would die of old age, living as a servant in this kingdom while disguised as a woman. The newly established empire rapidly stabilized. Legend has it that the Emperor covered the throne with dragon skins. There was also news that Rubiana became the Duke of North, and imprisoned the beasts in the mountains, slaughtering beasts every winter. And one day, there was a rumor that Rubiana was looking for a husband.




Louismond made a strange expression unconsciously. The other servants who had heard the rumors about ‘Bloodiana’ didn’t find his expression strange.


“She must have been looking for a husband in the Imperial Capital. But who would want to marry that Bloodiana? Of course she wouldn’t find one, so she must have been looking in the west, south, and eastern parts of the Empire. She still couldn’t find one, so I heard that she went to meet unmarried men of the neighboring kingdoms.”


“Huh? That’s different from what I heard. They say that she must have two or more children, and she is targeting men with guaranteed fertility.”


“Have a child? That Bloodiana?”


“That’s what I’m talking about. What, she must have swore to God, and that was why the rebellion was successful and the country grew like that. So, she must have been looking for a husband like that because she must keep her oath she made to God.”


“The nobles who wanted to look good to Bloodiana offered her men, but none of them got out of her bedroom alive.”


“That’s crazy. She cut a man’s head in bead and drink his blood!”


The servants were very engrossed in their conversation and babbled freely. Rubiana’s oath was very widely known that even the servants of this place was talking about it. That must mean that Rubiana was working hard to find a husband, and she was near to failing.


Louismond looked back on his last six lives. So far, Rubiana never killed him.


‘Is it because the first letter of our names are the same?’


(T/N: Rubiana in hangul is 비아나, while Louismond is 이먼드. The first syllable/letter of their names were the same.)


It was so strange that it made him think such a foolish thing.


While Cadric, Duke Feltharg, and Rudante, Duke Dominent, took turns on killing him, only her never touched him. All his lives, Rubiana just looked at Rubiana – indifferent eyes with no emotions. He kept thinking of those eyes as his lives went on.


‘I think I’m going crazy. How can I care so much about her just because she didn’t kill me?’


Louismond shook his head, dispelling his thoughts about Rubiana.


‘Isn’t it alright for me to go crazy at this point?’


Six regressions, seven lives – it was something he couldn’t stand alone.


‘But I did well. This time, I ended up surviving.’


Who would think of him as Count Graham’s grandson and the tyrant’s illegitimate son, as he sat doing the laundry in a dress, with his legs spread wide? It was terrible, but it was enough if he can survive without being beheaded in this way.


‘This time, I can really, comfortably grow old and die. Then there will be no eighth life.’


He doesn’t have any idea why he kept on coming back, or why his life repeats itself. He was only thinking that this regression wouldn’t end if he wouldn’t die of old age and lived a long life without having his head cut off.


Louismond was content with his seventh life as he smashed the laundry. The words that Rubiana is coming to this kingdom to find a husband was whispering to his ears. Just like that, Louismond lived as a servant dressed as woman and died of old age.


… How nice it would have been if it could end like that.


His seventh life sadly didn’t last much longer from the day he was doing laundry after hearing Rubiana’s rumors. It was because the perverted nobleman whom Louismond was serving proposed to Rubiana.


A proposal – a marriage proposal – not a joke, but a real marriage proposal.


“You are my ideal type that I’ve been dreaming of for the rest of my life!”


The perverted nobleman was sincere. He had fallen in love with her from afar when she was performing the triumph ceremony with her red hair fluttering. He was quick to act on perverted subjects. He proposed to Rubiana as soon as he fell in love with her. And he was also immediately rejected.


The servant standing next to him told him, “She said she didn’t like him because he was ugly.”


And that was the reason for her rejection.


That night.


The mansion of the kinky nobleman was attacked. The raiders moved in unison and set the mansion on fire. A huge fire engulfed the mansion at once. The perverted nobleman, who was sleeping on the bed with his favorite man dressed as a man, was dragged out in his underwear and fell to the floor.


His tongue was cut off; his limbs were also cut off. Heh struggled painfully while he was still alive, and he was beheaded before he can take his last breath. The servants of the mansion dressed as women were tied with ropes one after another, and watched the death of the perverted nobleman. Among them was Louismond.


‘Will I die? Am I going to die like this? Like this? Am I going to die again!’


Louismond was in a state of confusion, devastation, and despair, even when he was told that Rubiana rejected the perverted nobleman’s proposal.


‘What went wrong?’ he thought casually.


It was because he had a baseless belief that Rubiana wouldn’t harm the perverted nobleman. After all, she was the only Imperial Duke who never killed him.


‘That’s right, let’s just go to sleep. Tomorrow, I will have to cut firewood all day again.’


May tomorrow continue like today. He slept with a simple mind, but this was the situation when he opened his eyes. Louismond looked up at the beheaded kinky nobleman.


“How dare you covet my Ruby.”


The aggressor smiled coldly and shook off his bloody sword.


Slash –


The blood splattered onto Louismond’s face.


Duke Feltharg, Cadric – the man who had already killed Louismond three times.

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