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Chapter 2 part 2


Rubiana looked at the sword. The faces of the two women crossed over on the sword – Callena stood on the podium while Rubiana was on her knees. 


They had a two-year gap and they got along so well, to the extent that she willingly yielded her title and family. Fearing treason, she didn’t poison her older sister. 


Now that relationship will be redefined as another – with one kiss. 


Suddenly, memories of the past flashed through her mind.


Every moment when she fought fiercely with her younger sister. The moment she gave up trying to beat her smart younger sister. The moment when she covered her younger sister’s eyes and welcomed the bodies of their parents. Until the moment when she left everything to her younger sister and left the count.


The next four years were blank. Today’s meeting tore that void.


The younger sister she saw after 4 years was more beautiful. She must have been smarter – as much as she decided to fight with a sword rather than hold her breath and survive.


So, the less smart and lazy older sister had to be a little different. Shouldn’t it be enough to be a strong shield for her younger sister who risked her life to go on the path of rebellion?


“I am willing to follow.”


Rubiana kissed the tip of the sword that Callena held out.


‘God,’ Rubiana called out to God in her heart. It was the first time since she entered the monastery that she called upon God. ‘I am not a very religious person. To be honest, I don’t even believe in your existence.’


If God exists, why did he bring such a tyrant into the world? Let her parents die like that? So God must not exist in this world. A world where God didn’t give punishment even if such a king is a king; in a world where her parents had no choice but to die. 


If there really is a god in this world, ‘You probably don’t love us.’


If God does not exist, there is no reason to believe. Even if there is a God, there is no reason to believe if he does not love people on earth. So she didn’t believe in God.


The reason she entrusted herself to the monastery was simply to pass on the title to her younger sister.


Even though she stayed in the monastery, her faith did not grow.


However, if, what if – if a God exists and he had even the smallest amount of affection for the humans of this land; if, as the Bible says, that people on Earth were the God’s beloved children, 


‘Please open the path my younger sister is trying to accomplish. Please protect her.’


Then, it seemed like she would be able to believe that God exists and that He watches over humans. 


Rubiana grabbed the sword that Callena had extended with her left hand. The sword pierced the palm of her hand. Flesh cracked and blood dripped down.


A burning pain came over her, but she did not let go of her sword. She even grabbed it tighter. 




Callena tried to draw her sword, but she stopped when she realized that it would only cut more of Rubiana’s hand.


Blood dripped and wet the stone floor. A small pool of blood quickly pooled.


Rubiana swore by the blood.


“I swear. God, my king whom you have made. If what you are trying to achieve succeeds, I will dedicate my first child to God. I will serve God with all my heart and soul for twenty years. From then on, this oath will continue from generation to generation as long as the blood of Ashilleans, the castle my king has given me, continues.”


It was an oath by the blood. 


Callena asked if it was necessary to do this. She couldn’t break the oath she had already made, but her displeasure was evident.


Seeing her clumsy and childish reaction once again, Rubiana just smiled.


‘Whether God exists or does not exist, it is very cheap if you can easily accomplish what you are trying to do by just paying this much.’


She (Callena) didn’t have to say that. She feared that she would feel sorry if her older sister knew what price she was going to pay to achieve what she wanted. 



Before the pool of blood on the stone floor dried up, Rubiana followed Callena and left the monastery.


A bandage was wrapped around her left hand, and the new sword that Callena gave her was wrapped around her waist.


The group following Callena had already formed a fairly large size. The nobles and people of the South, who had been persecuted by the tyrant, became her army.


In addition, the monks of the Rutel Monastery who followed Rubiana were added.


Callena led her army slowly north. Instead of going straight to the center, they went east.


Yuji of the East, Count Dominent hung a white flag on the castle and opened the gates.


Count Dominent offered his only son, Rudante, who is famous as the best swordsman in the kingdom, as proof of surrendering.


Rubiana appointed Rudante as her knight and gave up the right seat.


When rumors spread that Count Dominent had surrendered, the nobles of the East rushed to bow their heads to Callena, which made Callena obtain it without shedding blood. 


Rubiana followed Callena’s orders and went to the western part of the kingdom. A small battle took place there.


When the battle began, Rubiana hid in a tall tower, an old tree.


After waiting for several days, holding her breath, when the highest-ranking person from the other side appeared, she shot an arrow and pierced his neck.


After killing the high ones, the remnant surrendered obediently.


The only person Rubiana could not kill was Yuji of the West, Marques Feltharg. He was the only survivor when both his parents and younger brothers died at the hands of the tyrant. 


He lost one eye to an arrow fired by Rubiana, but he did not die. He found Rubiana and struck her shoulder with his sword. 


The two of them sat down at the negotiating table with their eyes and shoulders closed. There was a fierce tug of war between surrendering and being a noble, but there was no easy conclusion. 


After hearing the news that Rubiana was injured, Callena came alone to the West on horseback, and surrender could be concluded.


When the young Marquess Feltharg saw Callena running alone, he surrendered immediately.


Rubiana thought he was in love with Callena.


‘It’s a pity.’


Although he acts like a child, she thought for a moment that he was good-looking and had a good body, so she would like to have him as her husband. She’d have to get married to keep her oath by the blood to God, but wouldn’t it be better if she did it with a handsome guy. 


(T/N: I agree xD)


Marge Feltharg was the most handsome man Rubiana had ever seen.


The eldest son of the Count Dominent was similarly handsome, but he was young and naïve, so he wasn’t Rubiana’s taste.


Marquess Feltharg would be a perfect candidate, but he happened to be in love with my younger sister. 


Tch, Rubiana gave up immediately after she bit her tongue.

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