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Chapter 24


Rubiana stiffened as she looked at the handsome man in front of her without blinking her eyes. 


‘Do? What?’


She was wondering what Louismond meant by that, but she soon realized what it was. 


‘Ah, that?’


She couldn’t believe it and laughed. Haha, to the point that she was laughing out loud. 


‘Does he have the guts, or does he not have any?’ 


The tyrant’s illegitimate son. From the House of the Scholars. A beautiful man who was forcing her to spend a night with him. 


She thought he was just a guy with big guts as he dared to propose an out-of-date contractual and loveless marriage. He was even quite daring. The problem is that Rubiana doesn’t want to have more work now. 


“Oh, you can forget about it.” Rubiana politely refused. 


She slowly turned her head because she thought she would get greedy if she kept on looking at him. If he asks her why she said ‘my husband’ in front of other people and saved him, she had no choice but to say that she was now giving him a chance to run away. 


“The weather is cold.”


Rubiana pointed to the robe that fell on the floor. 


‘He must have been embarrassed. And if I refuse him like this, he will retreat on his own.’ 


But no matter how long she waited, Louismond didn’t move an inch. He was flushed with embarrassment of being rejected when she looked at him. And yet, he won’t back down. 


‘What a trouble.’ 


She felt tired after drinking alcohol. It was going to be bothersome, so she was sending him a signal. Rubiana hates being bothered, but nevertheless, she was the one who told Louismond to come to check his reproductivity ability first, and softly refused any doctor. 


“Take a rest today, and we’ll look at the situation later….” 


“No,” Louismond bit his lip and interrupted Rubiana’s words. “I can do it. I want to do it.”


“Sir Louismond.”


“Louis. Please call me Louis. I want to be called that after tonight.”


Louismond slightly moved his pinkish lips. 


‘D**n, why is this room so cold?’


She thought that he would jump to the bed right away after he took off his robe. Standing at the corner like that, he was cold. It was cold, and it was even colder now. 


‘I told him to wear it again though.’


Rubiana frowned when she saw his blue lips. 


In the north, she gritted her lips in the cold. When she arrived in the capital, she felt itchy with the warm weather. That was why her bedroom was colder than the other rooms. 


[‘Shouldn’t we put in at least one brazier?’ 


‘I’m not going to use it, so why would you?’ 


‘You don’t know. You might need it one day.’ 


‘Then you can bring it back by that time. Why keep it when I am not using it now? Forget about it.’ 


‘You may regret it later when you need it.’


‘Regret? Just do it.’


Rubiana slightly shook her head, recalling the conversation she had with her Head Maid recently. 


Who knew that such a beautiful man would jump inside her bedroom? 


“Sir Louismond.”


Uhm, Rubiana scratched her forehead and called him – Louismond and not Louis. Apart from feeling sorry for him, she didn’t want to do what he was good at with him right now. Tomorrow morning, shouldn’t she explain something to the palace? 


‘Ah, we didn’t go to the end. If you really say we can’t, it can be undone. We can do that!’ 


It was the same for Louismond who was at a loss. 


‘What’s the matter now? You said I am your husband earlier.’ 


He felt uneasy for some reason. He may not be able to become Rubiana’s husband if he stepped down like this, and this life might end with his neck being decapitated as well. 




Louismond screamed in his mind.


‘Tonight, I must make everything a definite fact.’ 


Reproductive ability – all I have to do is to prove that d**n reproductive ability! 




Louismond wasn’t shy and dived into the bed. 


“Where are you going?”


And he was immediately subdued. There was no need to draw the sword. 




Louismond shrieked as he sank on the empty bed. Rubiana pressed his back with his knee, and he screamed for the second time. 




Rubiana crossed his arms behind his back and pressed him down, climbing on top of him. His body was firmer than she thought. She thought that it would be soft or limp, but it was a surprise. 


‘This is unexpected.’ 


Rubiana was surprised, but she didn’t show it and continued twisting Louismond’s arm. 




A third scream was heard. 


“Let, let it go. Please let go. It, it hurts.”


Louismond struggled. His body trembled. 


‘He’s really powerful.’ 


She felt it when he resisted against Lisana, but it was different when she actually experienced it. 


‘He’s like this even without training, so wouldn’t he make a pretty decent knight if he trained properly?’ 


As the ruler of the North, who always lacked good knights, she felt that it was a pity. 


‘How could you go to the House of Scholars with a body like this? I would rather have you come to the North.’ 


As Rubiana thought that it was such a pity, she bent Louismond’s finger. It wasn’t to the point where she snapped it enough for it to fall out, but just before it. Crack. 


“Ack! I surrender, I surrender!”


Louismond immediately gave up resisting. His crushed body grew limp. Heuuuk…. He was in pain, felt miserable, and was crying again. Louismond gritted his teeth and held back his tears, but he couldn’t stop crying. It was the same technique he used when he was praying for someone to save him, even if it was someone from the north or anyone – how should I comfort you? 


Rubiana pondered for a moment. And she watched Louismond weep. If he was this handsome, even his crying figure was also state of art. 


‘This is dangerous.’


He bit his lips and cried, but it suddenly made her feel as if she was going to like something dangerous as she kept looking at him.


‘Oh, I shouldn’t think like this.’


She didn’t want to hear words like the ruthless Northern Duke, nor did she want to hear that she was a perverted Duke. 


“Why are you here?”


Rubiana asked kindly as much as possible. Depending on his answer, she would let him go if he seemed to have come back to his senses even if it was too late. 


“Aren’t we supposed to do this?” 


I think I shouldn’t let you go after all. 


‘I suggested it, but I didn’t mean it at all…. It wasn’t completely empty words, but….’ 


Half of it was after checking if his reproductive ability is alright, then she would talk to the Emperor and make him her husband. The other half was buying three days to investigate how this man knew about her blood oath during that time. That was what she thought at that time. 


“Duke, please let me go.”


“If I let go, will you go back to your room?”




“Then I can’t let you go.”


“But I won’t be able to do anything in this state. My reproductive ability….” 


“And I told you there was no need for you to show that to me.” 




Louismond turned his neck and looked up at Rubiana. 


It was that look – the look that hurt Rubiana’s neck every time she attended social gatherings. The look in his eyes that says he was desperate, and he has a story that he couldn’t tell. From the front, it wasn’t easy to turn a blind eye. 


‘Why are you looking at me with these eyes?’ 


Fearing to complicate things, Louismond tried to turn over his body. 


‘Look at this guy.’ 


Rubiana found his figure struggling below her laughable. But Louismond was desperate to turn over, so she wondered if something would be different if he could. She thought that his neck must be painful the way he was looking back. So she just let him flip over. 


As expected, this was a generosity never given to ugly men. Of course, as soon as Louismond turned over, she grabbed his hands again and pressed them over his head. 




Louismond wriggled again with an unfair look as she held his hands again. Rubiana just shrugged her shoulders. 


The two were now facing each other. Rubiana was sitting on his lower abdomen, which looked like her position attempting to attack Louismond. Only then did Rubiana realize that it wasn’t a good idea that she let him turn over. 


The candles were shining softly on the bedside table. Reflected with the light, it simply showed off Louismond’s fine beauty. His wet silver hair clinging on his face, moist black eyes, sharp nose that cuts through the light, his trembling lips due to cold. A clean body void of any scars under his long neck. She felt lucky and disappointed at the same time as his body was wrapped with the sheet from turning and tossing. 


Doesn’t this stimulate people’s imagination even more? Wow. As soon as she started admiring it, the balance of her mind started to tilt sharply on one side. Should I just do this? This guy is suspicious and there was nothing good in touching him. But even though she knew that her heart tilted to one side. 


Now, she could understand the feelings of the kings in history books, who fell in love with beauty and the beauty that ruined the country. One night would be fine, right? Isn’t it impolite to let him come but not do it?  


‘… So this was why the beauty trap was scary.’ 


Rubiana pulled herself together and turned her head away from Louismond’s dazzling appearance. 


“Duke….” Louismond called Rubiana in a soft voice. 


Oh my. That shook her heart once again. Rubiana couldn’t take her eyes off the lips that called her, which turned red before she knew it. 


She doesn’t have any hobby of cannibalism in particular, and she also didn’t even think of eating human flesh when she almost starved to death due to the loss of supply in the North. Why do those plump lips look delicious? It was hard to tell why. 


Rubiana was closely watching Louismond as she smacked her lips unconsciously. 


‘It’s working.’ 


Louismond felt with his whole body that the opportunity had finally arrived. He smiled softly at Rubiana, who was staring at his lips as if she wanted to devour it. Her eyes were a little more ferocious than he thought so he was a little scared, but he didn’t avoid it. Because that gaze – that gaze that wanted to swallow him, and the gaze he wanted to look at him. 


Although he had never experienced it with his body now, it didn’t mean that his accumulated experience from his past lives would be for nothing. Once she let go of these hands, that is if Rubiana’s heart melted and let him hold her for just one night. Louismond was confident that this night wouldn’t be just one night. 


“Would you mind letting go of this?” Louismond wriggled his wrists and whispered. 


Rubiana almost answered ‘Yes’ as if she was possessed by something. 


“Sister, what are you doing?”


If it wasn’t for her sudden auditory hallucinations, she would have let go of his hand. 

(T/N: Just putting it here so there’s more impact fufu)

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