I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 1 Chapter 13 - Persistence Tragical Story is a Big No

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“How dare you seduce my son?”

“Uh-uh, m-mother, uh-he-uh, no, uh-uh, r-read him a book, Eddie…Argh!”

“What, you’re a stutterer, can you even read well!? Ha! Someone like you!?”

Camilla, who could be a little self-conscious and self-controlled, explodes when Adrian gets involved. She’s a little more worked up than usual.

“Where did you learn to do dirty things and summon your little brother to the bedroom, like a whore?”

Adrian was the only child Camilla relied on and adored. Her depth of affection for Adrian was different from Shannon’s.

Selina was aware of this, so she avoided getting too close to him, but she couldn’t stop a child who considered herself to be his own sister from approaching her and asking her to read a book.

“Mother, oh Mother! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I was wrong! Argh!”

The brutal beating didn’t stop once it began. And eventually, the harsh whipping quickly knocked Selina out.

Adrian adored Selina so much that he became more obedient to her than to his biological sister.

As a result, Camilla always beats Selina whenever she gets entangled with Adrian.

‘Adrian Berry.’

The surname “Berry” was given to children born in the west. Shannon’s full name, like Adrina’s, was Shannon Berry.

Camilla had no choice but to raise her son as an illegitimate child.

For Camila, Adrian was her biggest traitor.

‘That’s why Camilla despised Selina so much more.’

Perhaps she was afraid that his son would die while attempting to protect Selina.

In the original story, Adrian died in a tragic accident when Selina’s carriage was attacked while she was selling to the Grand Duke.

Camilla blamed Selina for her son’s death as a result.

‘Does Adrian have a reason to write me a letter?’

Curiosity got the better of me, and I quickly unsealed the seal and opened the letter.

The content was brief and to the point.

[I miss you. Forgive me.]

‘What exactly is this?’

I looked at the back and forth of the letter, but that was all there was to it.

I got a chill for no apparent reason, so I burned the letter right away.

I was able to escape the rooftop full of cages only after I double-checked that the paper was completely gone and the black ash was flying away.

I went down the tower, feeling uneasy, and clicked my tongue inside.

‘As one would expect, Camilla has a good hunch.’

Is it normal for a younger brother to write such a letter to his older sister?

Did he feel relieved when he realized I was still alive?

Even more so when we don’t share a single drop of blood?

‘So, why are you so beautiful that you’re causing all of this havoc?’

While admiring a slight reflection of my face with the silver candle, I remembered Adrian’s final line from the original story.

‘I’ve always loved you, sister.’

And the Grand Duke slain Adrian to death.

Because of this, Selina becomes even more shocked and disgusted by the Grand Duke.

That’s how the love-hate relationship, the main content of the 19-year-old novel <Bound of Salvation>, started.

‘I thought romance occurred only with the Grand Duke.’

I thought he was the only one I needed to avoid.

But, unexpectedly, receiving such a letter from Adrian made me feel uneasy.

‘If I get involved with him, I’ll be dead.’

I haven’t even met the original male protagonist.

Of course, I had no intention of getting along with him.

Although I was compelled to purchase the book because of the keywords ‘Regretful, Obsessed, Bad Guy,’ such a man is a no-no in reality.

And this is now my reality.

The genre is a waste on its own.

‘I shouldn’t even look him in the eyes.’

I couldn’t support a character who gave up his life for me.

There’s no way such a kid could ever be a normal kid.

* * * * *

“Listen closely, Lord. If I don’t come back in an hour, it means I’m being cursed at, so don’t worry.”

William Spencer, commander of Count Crawford’s outer guard.

He was in the warehouse at the maid’s request.

“However, if I don’t return in two hours, it means I’m being beaten.” I just need to scream loud enough for them to only hit me mildly. That is why you are not required to come, Lord.”

“…… I get it.”

It had nothing to do with his job or duty, but he nodded solemnly.

Penny, who was looking for food in the warehouse, turned around and went on.

“But what if I don’t return in three hours and there isn’t a scream?”

Penny shivered just thinking about it, as if it were terrifying.

“Then it means I was beaten until I was unconscious and imprisoned. So you must come and find me as soon as possible. Do you understand, Lord?”

“I understand.”

“Madam usually locks me up in the annex’s closet on the first floor.”

Penny expertly tucks jerky and dry fruit between her clothes at the same time.

“If she’s in a bad mood, she might lock me up in the basement, and if she’s in an even worse mood, she’ll have to lock me up in a hound cage.”

William remained silent and calm in the face of Penny’s words.

He didn’t even laugh at Madam Crawford’s abuse stories as if they were normal.

“The annex is so cold that a person could die without the heater, so please come as soon as possible.”

“Lady Crawford…. Does she enjoy being cold?”

“Of course not.”

“Then, why was she staying at the annex?”

“Then, if it’s you, would you like to stay there? At that frigid annex?”

“Then why?”


“It appears that you, too, are unaware of it.”

Sigh, Lord, why are you so infuriating to me? It’s better to hold a conversation with the firewood than with you, Lord.”


William Spencer didn’t get it.

Isn’t it true that her Lady was staying in the annex to avoid interacting with people?

Perhaps, the angelic face he had always seen from afar under the guise of a coincidence had a sorrowful side.

William was dumbfounded.

He had a hunch Selina wouldn’t get along with her stepmother, but……

“The thought of being beaten by myself makes me feel a little lonely.”

He had no idea it was this much.

No one in the countdom must have known.

Contrary to rumors, Selina is good at speaking, her smile is inseparably lovely that he can’t take his eyes off her, and she speaks as if a bellbird sings.

He is most likely the only White Knight who has seen her face and heard her voice.

“Oh, that doesn’t mean I want my Lady beaten along with me.”


“My Lady has frail skin, so once she gets smacked, the wound lasts for two months. She even fainted the last time she was hit. Sigh…”

William’s complexion darkened as he calmly listened to the maid’s story.

Today, the maid came to see him and requested assistance. But, if Camilla abuses the Lady again, how will she be able to stop it?

Unless specifically requested, an unmarried man is not permitted to enter or exit the annex where an unmarried lady lives alone.

William is thinking that he should pay Cedric a visit when he isn’t too busy and talk to him.

Lady Crawford requires an escort.

* * * * *

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