I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 1 Chapter 7 - Persistence Tragical Story is a Big No

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“You must be out of your mind, huh? I can’t believe you want to go to the monastery on your own feet.”

Shannon and Emma had arrived at the annex by the time I was going to leave for the monastery.

“She must have turned into such a stupid idiot.”

“I believe I remember uncle forbidding you from entering this annex. Or perhaps you assume what my uncle said was merely horseshit.”

“Uncle? Un-cle? Oh my goodness.”

Shannon burst out laughing, as if she was taken aback.

Emma spoke to Shannon without missing a beat.

Then Shannon opened her mouth.

“I heard you consumed some medication. What kind of medication did you consume? Your stuttering barely improved after taking it, but you’re overjoyed, aren’t you?”

I simply smiled at Shannon and made eye contact with her, pulled up my lips and bent my eyes.

Shannon and Emma became paralyzed as I did it.

“Why? Have you ever seen my smiling face before?”

I’ve never read a description of Selina’s smiling face while reading the novel.

Maybe that’s why the two of them just stood there staring at me.

“I know. I’m so pretty, right? But please stop staring at me. You’re going to make my face wither away.”

“You crazy b*tch……”

“The designer will arrive shortly. You pay her the price of the dress you ripped.”

“I didn’t do it!”

“I’m busy, so I’ll get going. I informed the monastery that I would be coming today. They’ll be concerned if I’m late.”

I grinned and walked back into the bedroom.

“Wouldn’t you stop there?!”

Shannon yelled back from behind me.

“Now what is this idiot doing and bragging about?”

My expression abruptly cooled.

It was an offensive remark that could not be tolerated.

Penny, who had run out in the midst of the commotion, was holding her mouth shut and trembling as I slowly turned around.

She must be taken aback to see me up against Shannon.

Because in the original story, Selina always was hit or hid by the evil mother and daughter, and even until the day before her wedding, she had never talked back or fight back.

With my gaze fixed on Penny, I inquired.

“How do you feel about this annex, Shannon?”

“You’re a crazy b*tch! You’re a stutter. You know what I mean?! A stutter!”

Shannon was even more perplexed by my cool demeanor.

“You know, I don’t like this annex.”

This is a small annex that was originally used for the attendants when guests arrived.

Camilla’s ruse kept me in this place where there was no sunlight.

But even after I went to the monastery, I didn’t want to be here.

“I need to leave soon, so I’ll leave. Shannon, I’ll see you next month.”


“Drink a lot of Herb tea. It helps with anger management.”

“Ha! How could she be so totally different in a single day?”

Shannon, who was muttering to herself, snatched my arm as I turned around pretending I hadn’t heard anything.

My body spins like a fish entangled in a hook.

“What the hell are you up to? Did you summon a demon out of nowhere? And what is there in the monastery? Huh?”

I roughly shake Shannon’s hand off.

‘Her body is as light as a feather….’

I ignored her and shut and locked the bedroom door.

“Hey! Can’t you answer quickly?!”

Shannon slammed the door and yanked on the crotch.

‘So, what’s there in the monastery?’

Well, maybe……

‘your husband?’

At that moment, Penny looked at me with a pale face when I couldn’t hold back my laughter and giggled.

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