I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 10 Chapter 2 - Reunion of the separated families

Author: missme285

I Will Avoid the Male Lead and Make a Harem
Vol. 10: Reunion of the separated families
Chapter 02

He made an excuse as if he had sensed my ridiculous reaction.

“You were so soft and weak that I had to be careful. I’m afraid you’ll get hurt.”

How can I get hurt? You only touched me with your lips.

“Your skin……”

He slowly furrowed his eyes.

It was as if he was reminiscing about the moment he kissed the nape of my neck.

“…… Your skin is strange.”

He gazed at the palm of his hand, trying to relive the sensations he had.

It was a little funny to see him trying to reminisce about the sensation he had when he could just reach out his hand and touch me.

“It’s so… so strange. Your skin, flesh, even bones…… Your whole body.”


“Everything is strange.”

I know what that means. Because I feel the same way when I touch his body.

‘No matter how much I touch it……’

But isn’t it too much to say that everything is weird in front of that very person?

However, as I looked down at his deep forehead, I didn’t feel like being mean anymore.

“Seeing this, Fiona was horrified, thinking I had a terrible plague.”

“That’s not so wrong.”

Valhail was calm, comparing himself to a plague.

“It may be terrible for you, who are too weak and thin.”

“Well, that’s something I need to handle. Since I’m the one who decided to have you.”

I poked him with the tip of my foot, with a cold look on my face.

“Be careful. If you want to keep being mine.”

It was a scary warning in its own way, but it didn’t seem to bother him because the place my foot touched was his thigh as hard as a stone.

“I should engrave it even more harder then.”

Valhail, with a faint smile on his lips, grabbed my leg with one hand.


Then he lowered his body and put his lips on my ankle. A short kiss came down to my feet.

‘I haven’t washed yet, so it’s embarrassing……’

Of course, I only smell good even when I sweat.

Sometimes, I caught Penny sniffing at the robe I had worn.

This seemed to be the advantage of the heroine.

“Tell me more, Selina.”

After letting go of my leg, he knelt down on one knee and looked up calmly.

“How can I keep being yours?”

I liked his surprisingly submissive demeanor, so I leaned over and reached out for his hand.

Valhail bowed his head nervously as if he had been waiting.

A gentle soft touch brushed between my fingers.

I touched his hair carefully and opened my mouth.

“I heard Mother seems to want you by her side. Is that so?”

“I am not sure.”

As if the mere mention of Camilla annoyed him, his body crumpled nervously.

“I haven’t figured out what the Countess is thinking.”

“Didn’t she ask you to go to the capital with her?”

I’m sure he had been told before by Camilla in that regard.

In this regard, Valhail had yet nothing to say to me, but looking at Camilla’s and his attitude, it was quite predictable.

“I… I can’t do that.”

As expected.

Camilla will leave for the capital when dawn breaks, but given that he hasn’t said anything to me so far, he must have already rejected the proposal or intended to get out without permission.

“Do me a favor?”


Valhail gave me a miserable look.

“So it won’t work, huh?”

I lowered my eyes as if I hadn’t seen his eyes chasing me. And gently brushed his cheek and pulled my hand away.

He grabbed my hand urgently and put it back on his cheek as if forcing it.

“I can’t go far. I don’t know what I’m going to do if I don’t see you.”

Confused, he went on rambling.

“But I do anything, as long as I’m not away from you. Just don’t send me far away from you……”

“I was going to tell you not to follow Mother, too.”

I cut off his words at once and grasped his hands.

“There’s no way I want you to be away from me for so long.”

When I whispered in a low voice, his blue eyes shook helplessly like a lantern in front of the wind.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Do you think I’ll tell you to follow her to the capital?”


“You didn’t trust me.”


“Should I not trust you either……

As if speechless, he licked his dry lips.

Valhail didn’t seem to be gifted enough to express his feelings with words.

When I see his hand clinging to me as if I were an indulgence without saying an easy excuse while looking so distressed……

His soft eyes, high nose, moist lips, and shallow breath were transmitted to the palm of my hand, touching my conscience.

‘Okay. I’ll stop bothering you.’

I reached out my other hand, which was resting on his head, and wrapped it around his cheek.

“I’m just kidding.”

I held him gently with both hands as if holding a glass and lowered my lips to his straight forehead.

“Who else would I trust if it wasn’t you? There is no other place for me to rely on.”

I whispered what he would love to hear.

And I kissed his forehead briefly, at the same time, our eyes were intertwined like chains with his eyes open wide.

At the moment when I thought something was dangerous about his eyes, Valhail slid upward like a snake, touching both sides of my buttocks.

In the blink of an eye, I lay on the table and was looking up at him.

Before I knew it, a big hand supported the back of my head.

It seemed that he was wrapped around my head in case I bumped into the table.

I burst into laughter in bewilderment.

“Did I teach you this, too?”


“So who did you learn this from?”


Oh, my.

I was quite surprised, and when I looked at him with my mouth round, he said a little proudly.

“I heard that I’d be good at everything I do with my body.”


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