I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 10 Chapter 6 - Reunion of the separated families

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I Will Avoid the Male Lead and Make a Harem
Vol. 10: Reunion of the separated families
Chapter 06

Then I can easily be number one.

‘And change the system to dictatorship. So that they can never challenge my leadership.’

But it was amazing that they had continued that barbaric way all this time.

‘I guess those people are quite naïve.’

I maintained the expression of a nephew, who worried about her uncle on the outside, even though I had these insidious thoughts in my mind.

“Before you challenge the chief, you must fight and defeat his SS warrior first. It’s never easy to face 21 warriors alone.”

“I see… The new head must be a great person.”

“It’s like that. Usually, when a head dies of illness, one leading the SS warriors takes over as the leader.”

Oh, then he’s such a great person.

I can see why Cedric waited three hours.

A new head of such force would have almost absolute power within the barbarians.

“If you negotiate well with him, it will be easy in the future.”

“I suppose so, but now……”

Cedric shook his head.

‘I think that stubborn person is really amazing if a stubborn man like Cedric raises his hands like this.’

Why wouldn’t he talk to Cedric?

Rather, the situation of the West is opposite of their situation. Because Camilla originally is an outsider and a slender woman.

“They must be very different from the imperial people.”

“Everything is different. First, look back on the history of their matrilineal society……”

“What? Matrilineal society?”

What? Why do you say that now!

Now they make sense. I know what kind of person the new head is.

‘Matrilineal society. Then it’s good.’

I glistened my eyes as I put down the tableware.

“Shall I go and meet them?”

“Yes…… you?”

“According to their laws, I’m qualified enough to be the lord’s representative.”

“But a weak girl like you is not a very suitable person to sit face to face and have a conversation with them. They are very rough…… It’s barbaric.”

“That’s all right, uncle.”

I’m confident in training a beast!


After hearing the agreement from Cedric, I headed straight to Aina Village.

Persuading him wasn’t as hard as I thought.

“The Barbarians, whether they are enemies or allies, they will never try to kill you.”


“Yes, that’s their core rule, so if one breaks it, even if he’s the head of the group, he’ll be chased by society.”

“I guess my uncle allowed me to go since he knew that.”

I was accompanied by Lord Patron, who was hiding far away.

If I was neglected, I wanted to meet the head using my bloodline with my half-brother as a weapon.

Cedric asked if I wanted to be accompanied by him till the end, but I managed to get him away because of the possibility of running into my half-brother.

Cedric doesn’t know my half-brother’s existence yet. It was because Lord Patron remained silent as I requested.

“How old are my father’s sons? What are their names? What are their hair colours……”

“You will know them as soon as you meet them, My Lady. They look just like the Count.”

I have no idea what the count looks like.

‘I should have seen the count’s portrait at least.’

The castle had a private room of a householder with portraits of former Counts of Crawford hanging side by side.

But it was so dreary that it was a place where no one went, not even Camilla.

“Zachary and Kirch. The older one is Zachary and the younger one is Kirch.”

“How old are they?”

“Zachary is 22 years old. Kirch was born later than you, My Lady, but he’s the same age as you.”

He must be a few months apart from me.

“Are they good at conversation?”

“Kirch is so sly that he can communicate well, but Zachary……”

Lord Patron shook his head as if it would be difficult.

‘I’m a little worried.’

I had a lot to ask them, and I even need them to stand as a witness in the trial.

In fact, as long as the head of the barbarians meets me, everything will be solved.

‘I am the daughter of the Crawford family, and since the lord is away, it is right for me to go.’

No matter how riotous Kirch and Zachary are, since I was talking to their head, there’s no way they would ignore me.

It was the moment when I made up my mind and entered the barbarian village.


The carriage swung violently, forcing itself to a halt.

‘What is it?’

Outside, horses were grumbling


And wild shouts could be heard coming and going as if someone was fighting.

“My Lady, are you all right?”

It was the time when Lord Patron was trying to lift me up after I had fallen to the side.


Suddenly the door opened, and a well-ripened copper-skinned man appeared.


He alternately looked at me and Lord Patron, with a wicked smile.


I breathed a sigh of relief at Lord Patron’s

Lord Patron, who had pulled out his sword before I knew it, let out a sigh of relief.

‘Is he my half-brother?’

I stared at the shirtless man in surprise. I wondered if he was feeling hot or cold but he didn’t look awkward as if it was his usual.

It didn’t seem very awkward that it was a routine.

Dark-black hair, dark-green eyes, dark-brown skin…… everything about man is dark.

While I was observing him, a long, rugged finger gently lifted my chin.

“Who is this pretty girl?”

At that moment I regretted not bringing Valhail with me.


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