I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 11 Chapter 2 - The Heretic's Possession

Author: missme285

I Will Avoid the Male Lead and Make a Harem
Vol. 10: The Heretic’s Possession
Chapter 02

“Dear my beloved Lady Selina, I hope you’re doing well. Thanks to you, I’m still doing fine and haven’t been caught yet.”

Fiona unfolded the illustrated letter and read its contents with a cheerful voice.

“I’ve heard that my younger eonniter has adjusted well to the Count’s Mansion. Fiona must be very grateful too. Meeting or Lady was a gift from heaven, isn’t it?”

Listening to Fiona’s brazen interpretation of the letter, I chuckled. Fiona kept on reading the content.

“As you were commanded, I found out why Shannon was adopted by Madam.”

It was an interesting piece of news.

“Her name is Lady Felice… and she claimed that she knows Adrian’s biological father?”

Surprised, Fiona lowered the letter and locked eyes with mine.

“Is Lady Felice… Lady Shannon’s biological mother?”

“Yes, it seems so.”

It was quite remarkable how she deduced the name “Felice” from the letter, which coneonnited entirely of illustrations.

“Even though I asked who her biological father was, she didn’t say a word. It looks like Maple Duke was trying to find and kill that man. Look at here, My Lady.”

As Fiona pointed out, the letter depicted an angry maple leaf wielding a knife.


“They said Adrian Duke’s biological father was a fallen noble who had perished. Could it be that he’s still alive?”

That was Camilla’s past, publicly known.

She couldn’t marry the fallen noble husband against Maple Duke’s opposition and ended up raising her child alone.

However, Shannon wasn’t Camilla’s biological child, and it appeared that Adrian’s biological father was still alive.

“Who could be lying?”

Perhaps this woman named Felice might be using me in reverse.

To avoid confusion, I decided to verify everything. It was clean.

“Tell Penny to send me five strands of this Lady Felice’s hair.”

“Yes, My Lady.”

I still had three more disposable bloodline readers given by Cousins.

If needed, he was more than willing to provide them.

‘Adrian’s biological father……’

There was a clue.

“Fiona, could you please go outside and call William for me?”



William entered my bedroom, his head hung low. He looked utterly defeated.

I wondered if something had happened at Aina.

‘Has something troubled him?’


William Spencer, once the youngest knight in the White Eagle Knights, had suffered greatly at the hands of the savage barbarians.

Furthermore, after I was kidnapped and returned, he hadn’t mentioned a word, as if it never happened.


William, who abruptly dropped to his knees, cried out in my direction.

“My Lady, please kill me.”

Like a sinner, he placed his hands on his knees and didn’t even dare to look at me.

“I promised to God to protect my master, but I couldn’t. Please don’t forgive me, My Lady. I’ll pay for it with my life!”

“I know, right?”

I leaned comfortably in front of him with my arms crossed.

“I believed that William would protect me no matter where or when.”

He flinched, and his broad shoulders tensed as if he had been whipped.

The corners of his eyes trembled as if it was hard to even look at me.

“Why on earth did you make such a vow?”

“I… I’m not qualified to be in your presence, My Lady. Please cast me out with the trash!”

His earnest plea made me suppress a chuckle.

“Okay. If that’s how you truly feel, I understand.”


I responded calmly, and his expression turned instantly shocked.

His face, filled with disbelief, showed that he had never even imagined this possibility.

“No need to throw you out with the trash. You can leave on your own.”

“My… My Lady……”

He raised his head with an expression as if the heavens had fallen. His pupils shook uncontrollably.

I sighed deeply and stood up from the chair.

“Well, what can we do now? I have no one to trust by my side…”

I went to the window, lamenting my lonely and precarious situation, and extended my hand outside.

“When Mother returns, should I hang myself…”

As my words reflected a sense of loneliness and despair, William suddenly ran to me with an alarmed face.

“My Lady!”

He gripped my hand as if it were a lifeline, and his eyes trembled violently.

It seemed like he had spontaneously envisioned me falling to my death even though I had no intention of doing so.

“Since my life is going to be discarded anyway, I will willingly sacrifice it to protect you. Please grant me that honor!”

Sigh, this should have happened earlier. Where am I going anyway?

“…… Really?”

I tightly held his rough hand with both of mine and asked.

“You really won’t leave my side?”


“But why did you say you’d leave the castle?”

“It’s because… I think you’re disappointed in me.”

His voice quivered with huskiness. It seemed like he felt neglected after we returned from Aina.

‘But that’s because I was really busy.’

Looking for Cedric, going to the royal court, and suddenly finding out about my birth secret left me exhausted.

“I don’t throw away my people that easily.”

“But you were kidnapped and taken away like that……”

“You did your best under those circumstances. I know, William.”

“My Lady.”

With a spark in his husky eyes, he looked quite moved.

“Do you know how hurt I was when you said you suddenly wanted to leave my side?”

In a soft, remorseful voice, he replied.

“I thought you might never call for me again…… and I felt abandoned……”

His voice trailed off into a whisper.

“Even if I had ten mouths, I don’t have any excuse to say.”

His large, floppy ears seemed to visibly droop above his eyes.

I gently patted his broad shoulders.


He looked rather adorable as he responded eagerly to my touch, like a tambourine that jingles along with the beat of the hand.

“Let me take a look…… did you get hurt a lot?”

“N-no, not really… just a little scrape…”

When I lifted his chin with one finger, William showed his face to me like an obedient puppy.

Oh dear, did you get scratched by a tank?

Tsk, tsk, I clicked my tongue, took out a magic stone, and treated the bruised area.

As I used a small stone to treat the minor wound, William couldn’t help but squirm.

“Miss, you don’t need to worry about such small injuries. I’ve had worse during training……”


As I placed a finger on his chattering lips, he suddenly stopped talking.

As I focused on the treatment, the torn forehead, bruised cheekbones, and swollen eye all disappeared cleanly.

It was a moment of relief.


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