I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 11 Chapter 3 - The Heretic's Possession

Author: missme285

I Will Avoid the Male Lead and Make a Harem
Vol. 10: The Heretic’s Possession
Chapter 03

Thud. Rolling-

Suddenly, my hands trembled, and I dropped the healing stone on the floor, clutching the window frame to steady myself.

“My Lady!”

William quickly supported me.

“I need… water…”

I pointed at the table with water by the window, and he rushed over to get a bottle of water.

My throat was parched, and I couldn’t reeonnit taking a sip.

I spilled half of it while drinking, but my thirst didn’t easily subside.

“My Lady, should I call a doctor? Is this because of me? Is this because you are trying to heal me?”

He blamed himself, anxiously asking as if he were about to jump out of the window.

I weakly shook my head.

‘Something’s not right.’

His injuries were clearly minor trauma, so why did it take so much effort to heal them?

It was different from before.

When I healed Valhail, he had severe wounds, and I was able to heal him with much less effort.

‘At that time, it wasn’t like this.’

What happened to me?

As I looked down resentfully at the black stone tumbling at my feet, I could barely calm my gasping breath.

Sigh… I have a favor to ask, William.”

“Yes, please tell me!”

He was ready to pick the stars from the sky.

I think he felt sorry for me because he thought I had overexerted myself while treating him.

‘Then this is good.’

I could ask him something Fiona hard to accomplish.

“Can you get me some of Adrian’s hair? At least five strands.”

“Adrian’s hair? That’s… yes, I understand!”

That was a quick response, no questions asked.

‘Good job, Husky.’

“I will go get it right away.”


Husky seemed enthusiastic to have a task after a long time.

I smiled with satisfaction and handed him the magical tool I received from Zachary.

“Keep this safe for me. Do you know what it is?”


Though he didn’t seem entirely sure, William dutifully accepted the magical tool from me.

With our business concluded, I sent him off and headed for the bed to rest.

However, as soon as I lay down, someone knocked on the door quite vigorously.

Bang, bang, bang!

Eonni! Eonni! Let’s have breakfast together!”

“My Lady, you shouldn’t do this. Lady Selina is resting now.”

Eonni! What did you do last night? Why did you come in so late? Where did you go? Come out for a bit!”

…… Will you please let me rest?


In the end, I was dragged out by Shannon’s strong hand and sat down in the dining room.

“Why aren’t you eating? The basil butter is really delicious.”


You can eat as much as you want.

I couldn’t eat any bread in the morning because I had a sore throat.

For the same reason, I usually skipped breakfast or filled up with a piece of fruit like an apple.

“Why? Is there something wrong?”

Swiftly spreading butter on freshly baked bread, Shannon spoke calmly.

“Tell me once, eonni. No one knows, maybe I can be a help for you.”

Shannon seemed eager to build a closer relationship with me, and she didn’t care if Camilla noticed.

From calling me “eonni” in the hallway to dragging me out to have breakfast together, it was clear she wanted to get closer to me.

“Penny isn’t here either, and you probably need someone to talk to, right? Don’t you think so, eonni?”

It seemed she thought Penny’s absence was a good opportunity to get closer to me.

‘It is all obvious.’

Her mischievous grin was evident, but I also had some use for Shannon.


I let out a sigh, put down the piece of bread I was holding, and cleared my throat heavily.

“Actually, I met my stepbrother yesterday.”


Shannon, utterly surprised, quickly covered her mouth and scanned the surroundings as if she hadn’t expected that at all.

She lowered her upper body and whispered when she confirmed that the chefs and servants were far away.

“How did you find out? Could it be that Lord Patron say something?”

So, you knew too.

In fact, it was only natural since Emma knew. They got along so well that they didn’t have many secrets.

“It was written in Emma’s will.”


Since I had retrieved Emma’s body and organized the funeral, there was nothing unusual about this revelation.

“Was there… nothing about me in the will?”

“There was nothing.”

“…… Where is the will? Can’t I take a look?”

Despite being a maid, she was a close friend Shannon had kept by her side for a lifetime.

Shannon’s hand trembled as memories of Emma’s death resurfaced.

Eonni, please let me read it just once…”

“Lord Patron took it. There’s nothing worth reading for you. It mainly…… talked about our mother.”

In the end, Shannon, who showed tears, covered her face in despair.

Shannon was, in essence, a witness who had vividly experienced the circumstances of Emma’s death.

However, to acknowledge Camilla’s wrongdoing, she first needed to overcome the significant barrier of accepting Camilla as her mother, a huge emotional obstacle tied to her bloodline.

And I decided to relieve her of that burden.

“Anyway, they… wanted to confirm if my stepbrothers are legitimate…”

Speaking quickly and in hushed tones, Shannon became deeply engrossed in our conversation, as if afraid of being overheard.

“They used a magical tool called the Bloodline Reader.”

“What? A magical tool?”

Shh! Keep it down.”

“Oh, right, sorry! But, what is that?”

“You put five strands of each person’s hair into it, and it reveals family relationships.”

“…What? Really?”

Shannon seemed quite interested.

She listened carefully as I explained the process in detail.

I let out a sigh, as if troubled, and continued,

“I mean, Zachary orabeoni and his brother are technically father’s children, but… I wonder if using a flawed, heretical pagan tool to determine bloodlines is really the right thing to do.”

Shannon remained silent, her expression unchanging, lost in thought.

“But it’s so accurate that it’s hard not to believe in it.”

I spread butter on my bread as I spoke, feeling a shiver run down my spine.

“And if it’s so amazing, how many of those devices do you think Lord Spencer has obtained?”

“Where is Lord Spencer now?”

Shannon almost interrupted my words.

‘She’s hooked.’

The prey has taken the bait.


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