I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 11 Chapter 4 - The Heretic's Possession

Author: missme285

I Will Avoid the Male Lead and Make a Harem
Vol. 10: The Heretic’s Possession
Chapter 04

The husky must be lurking around Adrian, ready to collect his hair strands.

‘There is no need for me to deal with that crazy boy myself.’

Gosh, having an underling is truly worthy!

“Well, it seemed like he was heading to the training grounds……”


Shoving her chair roughly, Shannon abandoned her bread and headed out to the training ground direction.

Her frozen, confused face seemed to show that she had many thoughts.

‘Of course, she must have wanted to check it right away.’

Haven’t we all had that thought at least once in our lives?

‘Hurry up and find out whether you are your mother’s daughter or not.’

I couldn’t take my eyes off Shannon’s retreating figure as she walked away quickly.

“Ah, move away!”

His hysterical shout was just like Camila’s.

They only resembled each other in the bad parts.

Behind Shannon, Cedric, with a slightly bewildered look on his face, entered the dining room holding a tray.

‘Why is that guy coming to the dining room  at this hour?’

And what is he carrying now?

Cedric hesitated, looking surprised as he approached the long dining table.

“What’s going on?”

His breakfast time was normally much earlier than this.

By now, he should have finished his meal and been in the study doing his work.


Cedric, who was standing next to me holding a tray like a servant, began speaking with difficulty.

“Do… do you like peaches?”


Why is he suddenly talking about peaches?

I looked at him somewhat puzzled.

I wondered what was going on this early in the morning.

Caught off guard by my unenthusiastic gaze, Cedric quickly opened the lid of the tray.

As expected, there were two ripe peaches that looked like baby butts, neatly placed.

They were brought in this morning, so they should still be fresh. Why don’t you try one?”

“…I’ll have them later. Just leave them there.”

Oh, I really want a bowl of cold noodles. As I was spreading butter, I turned my head with a sigh.

Upon doing so, Cedric put down the tray and awkwardly took a seat, behaving strangely like a robot.

“Khm khm, you… um, you seem to skip breakfast often……”

I could sense that the person sitting across from me was very conscious of me, so I couldn’t help but frown.

“Don’t the peaches look delicious to you? Oh, perhaps you don’t like the skin?”

Now he’s talking about the peaches’ skin.

“Should I peel them for you? I just washed my hands thoroughly.”

I couldn’t help but burst into laughter as I watched him reach for the peaches.

“Uncle, why are you like this?”

I like them with the skin!

I bet he has eaten them like this since when he was little. But it’s just not my preference.

“They said you fell from the balcony early this morning. Are you hurt?”

“W-who told you that?”

Seemingly embarrassed to explain further, Cedric’s face suddenly turned red.

Tsk, to think that even people in the County, their mouth is so loose…!”

Apparently embarrassed, Cedric’s grip on the peach he was holding caused it to burst with a loud pop!

So, you thought the story of a man falling from the fourth floor while drunk and being perfectly fine wouldn’t spread around here, did you?

You’re quite innocent.

“Are you really not hurt anywhere?”

I’m a bit skeptical about his head.

They can’t do a CT scan here either.

“I’m fine.”

Cedric, who had been brimming with confidence, calmed down and licked his lips.

“Did you… worry about me?”

“Of course. You shouldn’t be hurt.”

I smiled and continued cutting the butter.

“After I leave, you’ll have to lead the house on your own.”

Cedric, momentarily taken aback, suddenly raised his head and stared at me with widened eyes.

“Wh-where are you going?”

He asked me, as if finding it hard to believe.

“You mean marrying, aren’t you?”

“No. It’s not like I could marry someone in a sudden.”

I chuckled and wiped my mouth, then turned my attention to him.

“I’m leaving for the capital, Uncle.”

“The capital?”

He looked bewildered, as if he had just heard a foreign language.

“Yes. The West is too cold, and… there’s nothing here. We don’t know when the Principality might invade again.”

“But this is where you were born and raised.”

“That’s why I dislike here even more.”


“You don’t understand, do you?”

Right now, I was denying both Cedric and the Crawford family.

“Have you ever thought why I bothered to meet the Zachary brothers at all?”


“People with a purpose have deliberate actions.”


“Next time, try to be suspicious, Uncle. You’re going to be the head of the family.”


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  1. Thank you for your update! I feel a little bad for Cedric but at the same time i totally understand Selina because he has really been a very bad uncle(father) up until now even if he didn’t know that she was his daughter.

  2. Something wrong with his head from the beginning so don’t worry😂