I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 2 Chapter 10 - Face is The Scary Thing

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* * * * *

“What brings you to my room, Mother?”

Shannon, who had just received word from the maid that her mother had arrived, greeted Camilla with a beaming smile.

When the postal servant noticed Camilla, he quickly bowed down and walked away.

“I was just about to go greet you, Mother.”

Camilla didn’t respond to Shannon and instead gazed at Emma, who was embroidering herself in front of the stove.

“At the monastery, Selina must have seduced a man. That bitch really.”

Shannon was overjoyed at the good news she had just received.

“I think I should pay a visit to the temple. I’d like to investigate the priest named Aaron, whom she seduced, and……”

Shannon, who was trying to impress after receiving the ‘love letter’ that Selina was going to send to the temple, could not finish her words.

It was because of Camilla’s cold expression.

“Lock the door and get out.”

“Yes Madam.”

The servants promptly locked the bedroom door and left as Camilla gave the order.

The sound of the door locking was reflected in Shannon and Emma’s features at the same time.


Camilla, who approached Emma at once, grabbed Emma’s hair and whispered.

“On the subject of the daughter of a lowly knight…… Do you think you have the audacity to threaten me?”

“It’s a misunderstanding, Madam! Argh, it’s a misunderstanding! Arrggghhh!”


Emma was slapped in the cheek and collapsed to the floor.

“I’m sure you made everything up. Cedric became like that to me because of you, you bitch.”

Camilla led her to the fireplace, which was ablaze.

“Would you like me to rip off your face?”

Emma burst into tears as she shook her head.

“Do you honestly believe I didn’t know you were resentful of Selina? Do you think I wouldn’t know that you live with the pleasure of tormenting her?”

“I didn’t do it, Madam! It’s all Lady Selina……”

“Wasn’t it you who was the happiest while watching her get tortured? By the way, did you think you’d be fine after threatening me in this way? It seems that you have huge ambitions.”

Camilla gazed down at Emma, who had crumpled under her feet, as she let go of her hand as if pushing.

“Pack your belongings and leave as soon as possible.”

Shannon stood in the corner, holding her breath as she watched it.

“Please, Ma-madam, have mercy……”

“Did you believe you’d be able to seek forgiveness after such a brazen act? Emma.”


“You weren’t such a stupid kid.”

Tsk- Camilla kicked her tongue and slid the small vial from her neck into Emma’s trembling hands.

“If I don’t hear about your body being discovered in the forest by tomorrow morning, your father, who has nothing but honor, will die first, followed by your mother, and finally your siblings.”


“Emma, save your family.”

Emma’s eyes welled up with tears when she felt a gentle tap on her back.

* * * * *

“How do you manage to act so perfectly, Lady?”

Penny asked with her big eyes when only the two of us were left in the room.

Because that’s my major, it’s no surprise that I act so good.

“My Lady, your tears are pouring down like a waterfall!”

Penny felt both intrigued and soothed by the situation.

“Actually, I was taken aback. I genuinely thought you were stuttering once again and……”

Penny must have been embarrassed, even though we had planned the actions ahead of time.

“You performed an excellent job as well.”


It was then. Outside, there was a lot of noise.

Penny, who had gone out to find out what was going on, returned with a broad smile on her face.

“This is amazing, lady! Emma was exiled from the Countdom.”


As I heard the shocking news, my eyes widened.

“Has Emma worked for a long time?”

“She was said to have been taken as a companion for Lady Shannon when she was still a baby. I heard that Madam only breast-fed Lord Adrian.”

“That’s a pity…… Shannon has to be sad.”

“What exactly do you mean, Lady? That’s a pity? Don’t you remember what she’s been up to all this time?”

Penny, who had become contemplative, gave me a weird look.

“Emma pushed my Lady into the pond in the dead of winter. Think of how you nearly died back then, my Lady!”


“How about the time she brought a ferocious hound into your room and nearly bit you, my Lady? She even fed you some rotten fish!”

The feeling of pity for Emma vanished as I listened to it.

“My Lady, she even ripped your dress! Twice!”

What happened to Selina when she was a child was not detailed in the original story.

However, Selina, who has a good personality, stated that she was delighted from the bottom of her heart when she learned that Emma had died.

“Penny, call William.”


Penny’s hasty exit from the bedroom was satisfying.

It made me feel good to know that someone was following my instructions and that everything was progressing as planned.

“It’s not twice, Penny, but once.”

At that time, Emma wasn’t the one who ripped the dress.

Because…… It was me.

I remembered how much pleasure it was to tear the dress apart and burst out laughing, which I had been holding back.

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