I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 3 Chapter 14 - Please Put Your Imprint On Me

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Valhail finally let go of my hand when I became impatient.


The iron clattered to the ground.

As if I had fallen down, I sat on the wooden box.

I was so frightened that I could feel my blood flow through my veins.

What a heinous act to commit against a person’s body.

My heart was pounding.

I grabbed my face and turned my head to face him.

‘You dare force me to do this?’

Valhail, on the other hand, was peering into his forearm, where the burn traces were still evident.

Those eyes didn’t seem to be in any pain.

Rather, he looked proud, as if he had just gotten a nice tattoo that he had chosen himself.

‘He must be insane……’

I couldn’t even be furious with him since his reaction was so absurd, and the searing wound looked so painful.

I’m at a loss for words.

Even though he looked fine, such a wound must hurt.

I furrowed my brows and quickly rummaged in my inner pocket.

‘It’s unnecessary to leave such a scar.’

The purpose has already been met. The tattoo of swords pointing in opposite directions on his bulky forearm had already disappeared.

If I treat it using the magic stone, the pain will go away and the scar will also disappear. I rummaged around my robe pocket, but I couldn’t find the stone’s heavy touch.

‘Where is it……?’

No matter how hard I searched, I couldn’t find the magic stone.

As I rummaged through the robe, a thin white cloth fluttered and the silhouette of my slender legs shone white.

I was wearing my pajamas.

For a brief period, I remembered that I had changed my clothes and put the magic stone in a drawer next to the bed.

“…Wait a second. I’ll return with the magic stone.”

Valhail’s gaze turned to me like an arrow to the target at the same time I got up.

“Do not leave.”

The little smile that had been on his face had vanished.

“Please don’t leave.”

At that sight, I remembered the time when he desperately held me up, in a shabby quarantine room.

At that time, I shook his hand off coldly, but…… For some reason, I couldn’t do so this time.

He may believe that if he lets me go this time, I won’t come back to visit him in the meantime.

‘Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been here.’

Finally, I sat down again, my keen eyes fixed on his forearm.

Ugh, I could feel the pain just by looking at it.

“It is better to treat such a wound……”

The wound is in the shape of a large droplet.

Traces of burning iron on his smooth skin.

“It will remain a scar.”

“It’s the mark you gave to me. This isn’t a scar.”

He, too, gazed down at his forearm with a proud face while I looked at his forearm in bewilderment.

“This is the proof that I’m yours.”


By harming another person’s body.

He lifted his gaze provocatively when I couldn’t bear the sensation of guilt any more.

“Are you afraid to come now?”


I felt as if my insides were being pierced.

“It’s late.”

Valhail now had a playful smile around his mouth, indicating that he was in a great mood.

‘Well, since he said he’s all right……’

I wanted to believe it, but his red skin looked so painful that I let out a low sigh.

My hair flowed down like it was pouring down the side as I bent my head slightly.

“I’m not frightened at all. I’m just……”

I wrapped my messy hair over my forehead as I swept it up.

“I want you to live a life in which you are not bound by anything.”

I really meant it.

I had no wish for him to win the Toono’s martial arts tournament, nor did I want him at my side.

Only, may he survive.

I just wanted him to get out of that hellish place and live like a human being.

As a person to a person.

“Of course the mark doesn’t mean much, but it might interfere with your whole freedom.”

Have I always been as honest as I am today since I first came into this world?

I’ve never even been more sincere to Penny, who is always by my side like a limb.

I felt terrible for this man, who had strayed far from the story I was familiar with.

That’s how I’ve felt from the first time I met him.

“Now that you’ve started to get along with other people, you’ll get married and……”


For the first time, he cut me off.

“You’re talking nonsense.”

I looked at him with round eyes, surprised.

He became honest with me in the same way that I expressed my honesty.

“I know what you said was a joke. Because I am yours.”

“…… a joke? I was trying to raise your awareness because you don’t seem to care about your body.”

“You’re strange.”

Valhail stared at me with eyes that seemed to pierce my soul.

“How come you’re thinking about Toono’s freedom?”

That was not a question.

It was his revelation and confession about a person named ‘myself.’

“What makes the Count Lady sympathize with her servant?”

And now I was speaking to him in Selina’s form as ‘myself.’

“You’re acting as if you’re unaware that I’m Toono. As if you and I are on the same level…… ”

For a little period, I couldn’t speak, and my heart felt like I’d been stabbed.

Valhail Castaques.

‘You are the king’s bloodline.’

Valhail, who is more noble than anyone else.

But I’m not in a position to tell him……

Why did we find ourselves in this weird situation?

‘How did he come across me?’

A member of the royal family who lost his memory and went on to win the enemy country’s martial arts championship.

I can’t believe that a man with such a compelling story was only a supporting character.

The biggest setting error was that face.

‘And that body.’

Valhail smiled faintly, unaware of the filthy thoughts I was thinking inwardly.

“You’re a good person. You.”

For a brief period, I was caught away by his smile.

That just shows how beautiful he is.

“Do not try to take away the mark.”

As if he were a jeweler, he draped a towel around his arm.

“Because this is the most precious thing I have.”

So, what should I do now?

I no longer resented the engraved mark on his arm.

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