I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 3 Chapter 6 - Please Put Your Imprint On Me

Author: missme285

* * * * *

Camilla’s maids’ corps stormed into my room late in the evening.

“Oh, my. My Lady. Your skin has the appearance of white jade……”

The maids dragged me into a pool of scented water, as if they were armed warriors.

“W-w-why a-a-are you d-d-doing this……”

Camilla was at the forefront of the well-coordinated maid’s corps.

Camilla arranged a plush sofa for herself in the bathroom so she could sit and watch me wash.

“It-it-it’s… eugh…s-s-scary…”

This scene appeared in the original story as well.

When I observed Camila’s glittering eyes staring at me, I realized she’s starting to look for potential marriage partners for me.

William was embarrassed by my order to not to stop them.

“Is it because she doesn’t spend much time outside?” How is it possible that her skin is like this?”

“How is it possible that she doesn’t have a single hair?”

“Oh, my goodness. It’s not fair.”

As they cleaned me, the maids grumbled.

They may have snatched Selina’s hair at some point. Just as Shannon had done before.

“In any case, she’s a doll.”

“She couldn’t even speak, like a doll.”

“Ha ha ha, that’s right.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. What gives them the right to be so disrespectful?

For a moment, the two maids who were rubbing my skin with a strong touch exchanged their glances.

I could easily predict what would happen afterwards.

‘That’s interesting.’

It’s exactly what the book stated.

I screamed as soon as the maid gripped my forearm.


Camilla, who was getting her nails done, looked at me as if she was wondering what was going on.

Selina had never screamed in her life.

That’s why the maid’s cheeks became red with embarrassment.

“My hands slipped…… and I’m guessing the Lady was harmed.”

My skin is so light that even the tiniest touch might leave a scar.

Camilla could see my red forearms and back, which the maid had rubbed roughly, when I crouched and stood up.

“M-Mo-Mother…… ”

I was going to shed tears, but the laughter kept leaking out, so I gave up, and I just fell to the side, pretending to faint.

“Lady Selina!”

The maids didn’t appear concerned because Selina had a habit to pass out easily.

“Madam, what shall I do?”

“Keep washing her. She’ll wake up soon.”

Camilla didn’t even take me seriously when I passed out.


“Yes, yes?


The sound of someone being slapped on the cheek silenced the room.

“How dare you, as a maid, touch my daughter?”

Camilla said in a threatening tone.


Camilla had to carefully wrap me in order to sell me for a good price, but the maid dared to harm me?

“I’m going to chop your wrist if this happens again. Do you see what I mean?”

“Yes, Madam!”

Camilla returned to the sofa after a sharp warning to the maid.

The touch dealing with my body became more softer.

I felt like I was at a luxury spa.

‘Oh, it’s refreshing.’

Because I wanted to savor such bliss, I didn’t open my eyes till I concluded my bathing ritual.

* * * * *

“Look to the side. That’s right.”

Then it was time for a doll dress-up game.

Camila dressed me in matching outfits made from her own dresses.

“Maybe because your skin is white and fine, you look good in a solid color.”

Camilla had exceptional artistic sensibility as the second daughter of a Duke.

She was very adept at taking care of her own body.

Camilla was the one who discovered what color suits me best.

It was similar to when people took profile pictures on social media sites.

First, find the right color.

‘People in this world also looked at the warm-tone or cool-tone. I’m probably cool-toned……’

Nevertheless, I suppose the warm tone looked fine on me as well.

Camilla almost had a perverted face on me when I wore a coral dress.

“Oh, my… Selina, how did you get so beautiful? You look like an angel.”

“M-m-me…? R-r-really?”

I saw her, showing the eyes of a lady who had been involved in the social world all her life.

“Yeah. You’re so blinding.”

Camilla stroked my cheeks as though she were handling pricey jewelry.

“Just don’t say anything. Because you’ll look like a retarded kid.”

“Yes, yes……”

“Didn’t Shannon have a jade chiffon dress?”

“Yes Madam.”

“Bring it here.”

Camilla brought the dress again and over again, as if she was attempting to match all the colors on my body.

‘How much longer will she go on like this?’

In the original story, Camila spends ten days washing and polishing Selina before presenting her to the local aristocrat.

She was well compensated, and the marriage was even planned.

Shannon and Emma, on the other hand, who wanted to visit the capital, lure Camilla.

“Come to think of it, Selina received an invitation to the Queen’s birthday banquet……”

“Mother, wouldn’t a feast in the capital city attract more wealthy guests?”

Camilla didn’t mind if I wasn’t married to a nobleman.

It’s fine as long as she receives a large sum of money!

Camilla eventually succumbed to the twist and sent Shannon to the capital with me when the archduke fell in love with me and annulled our previous engagement.

‘Instead, I think I should dispatch Shannon to that position.’

Shannon, who desires to be archduchess with all her heart, starts an unpleasant marriage with that local aristocrat as my pinch hitter.

Her husband, on the other hand, was elderly and died not long after they married.

Her late husband’s family was on the edge of bankruptcy, having given the Crawfords almost all of their fortune.

Camilla, who had already killed Cedric, was as energetic as ever when the widowed Shannon returned to Countdom.

‘That’s when Shannon grew a hate for Camilla.’

Camilla tried to marry Shannon, who had just become a widow, to another older man.

Shannon, who could not hate her real mother, thought that the beginning of her misfortune was Selina.

As a result, she instructs Valhail to kidnap, confine, and torment Selina.

Camila, in the end, was the one who integrated everything in the story.


I faked to faint since I was suddenly exhausted.


Penny, who was uncomfortably watching, hurried in and helped me.

“Madam, you should call it a day today…… If Lady Selina overdoes it, she won’t be able to wake up the next day.”

“Oh, my, that’s a big deal. Does she even eat well?”

“My Lady can’t eat well. She doesn’t eat much at first…”

“That’s not going to work.” I’ll tell the chef to pay attention to her meal. How beautiful would she be if she put on a few pounds?”

“Do you mind if I lay her down?”

“All right, hurry up and put her to bed. Her skin is going to become tough.”

When Camilla and the maids went, I was intrigued.

Who the hell is that local aristocrat?

“Penny, can you call Charles?”

“Yes, My Lady.”

That old man was briefly referred to in the original story as a “local aristocrat who maintained the region.”

‘However, the fact that the engagement was concluded indicates that some work was done behind the scenes.’

Charles and Emma have spent their entire lives working for Camilla.

Regardless of the fact that they no longer work for them.

“Did you call me, Lady?”

“Yes, I have a question.”

“Ask me anything. I can tell you everything I know.”

I patted the commendable child on the head and quickly asked the point.

“Are you aware of who my mother is trying to marry me to?”

“Oh, that’s… My sister told me that.”

As expected, Emma knew.

“I’m not sure if the Madam has made up her mind, but she communicates to the Old Count Grandson frequently.”

Old Count Grandson?

I’m curious as to how old he is to be referred to as the Old Count Grandson.”

He’ll be seventy-three this year, and he won’t be able to visit you, Lady Selina, since his knees aren’t in good condition…”

Oh, my goodness. Crazy!

Camilla is going to marry me with a 73-year-old grandfather while I’m still 18 years old?

‘If she cares so much about money, she should remarry him.’

Why is she selling me out?

I couldn’t sleep for a while after sending Charles because my fury was out of control.

‘Count Grandson……’

It’s a name that rings a bell.

I was grinding my teeth at the time.

A good plan came to mind.

* * * * *

“Lady, I heard Madam beat Shannon the other day.”


Shannon didn’t disturb me much because she wasn’t accompanied by Emma, as was expected.

If she didn’t have somebody to rely on, the overly dependent child wouldn’t be able to raise her voice on her own.

There’s a reason she’s locked away in her room.


“I assume she requested that Madam give her an escort.”

Oh. It appears to have worked.

” Because she was seeing you with Lord Spencer a lot…… No, I heard she was chastised for acting in an impolite manner. The Madam was so angry that she dared to ask for an escort, wondering if she was trying to ruin her reputation again outside.”


“Yes, she stayed in her room all day because she wasn’t allowed to go out, but she requested an escort? She won’t reflect.”


“Honestly, it is. Madam must have felt ridiculous.”


Wait a few days and then ask your mother when the ban will be lifted.

‘Her personality, too… she’s impatient.’

Because of Emma’s profession, Shannon didn’t seem to interact with Camilla as often as he used to.

Even a mother-daughter connection could not adequately define the two.

“The Commander is about to come.”


I waited in the study for Cedric while Camilla was gone.


Cedric appeared to be very busy these days, regardless of how much work he had.

Despite this, he made a concerted effort to greet me cheerfully.

“I think it’s the first time you’ve come to see me.”

“I have something to tell you, Uncle.”

“That’s perfect. I just happened to have something to tell you.”

“What are you talking about?”

Cedric locked his gaze on Penny.

Penny, who had been following me about like a shadow, immediately exited the study.

“In the Knights… I’m considering retirement.”


It came as a complete shock.

I can’t believe he left the Knights on his own. Even before the poisoning incident started.


Why did Cedric make that decision so quickly?

He’ll be the one to lay his own bones among the White Eagle Knights……

“Who will be the next commander? Uncle, there is no one who can take your place.”

I thought of William.

In fact, he will serve as the knight’s squad’s commander better than Cedric.

However, the response was entirely unexpected.

“Isn’t there Adrian?”

I was taken aback for a second.

Cedric couldn’t just hand over the general manager post to a kid like Adrian.


‘There’s no way… Are you attempting to delegate all military authority to Camilla?’

Certainly not!

I’d prefer him to be poisoned.

How could he say that?

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