I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 3 Chapter 9 - Please Put Your Imprint On Me

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If people regularly visit the temple to pray, they establish a “calm and thoughtful” image.

It was the method that even non-believer nobles often used.

For example, when the nobles tried to seek a marriage partner for their child who acted like a brat.

People in the same neighborhood as them already know all the bad deeds the child had done, so the parents had no choice but to seek a marriage partner from a different land or country.

That’s what happened to ‘Jenna Grandson’ as well.

“The Crawford Family is preparing for a marriage? That’s why they sent me that letter.”

While I was doing all sorts of chores for the martial arts championship, Jenna Grandson, let alone revive her dignity or doing her task, all she did was watch the match.

Her parents forced her to the temple in order to revive her dignity, but it didn’t mean much.

If there’s no match at the day, then she would hide in the garden near the confession room to find anyone and chit chat there.

“Nevertheless, grandfather said that he would pay a visit to the Crawford Family soon. Just what kind of desire does that old man who doesn’t have much time left have?”

Jenna is Count Grandson’s granddaughter from his second marriage.

The marriage that happened shortly after the death of his first wife, who had lived with him for more that 50 years, under the excuse of loneliness.

“Is she Lady Selina’s step sister?”

Naturally, Jenna predicted that her grandfather’s remarriage partner was Shannon.

“I heard she’s also still so young. That won’t do.”

As the legitimate daughter of the Crawford Family, people thought that kind of marriage is not worthy for me.

In common sense.

‘Well, I don’t think there’s someone worthy of such a marriage, in common sense.’

While having conversations with Jenna since before, I realized that Jenna was quite talkative.

“The remarriage partner for the Old Count is not my sister.”

“What? Then who? Don’t tell me… you, Lady Selina?”

I shook my head.

The unmarried women in the Crawford Family are not only me and Shannon.

I mean, people always only thought of me and Shannon as the unmarried women left, but that’s not the case.

“It’s…… our mother.”


Jenna’s face looked really surprised. It’s as if her face was filled with exclamation marks.

“I heard that my uncle always enviously mentioned about the Old Count’s achievement to my mother. Since then, my mother has been secretly admiring the Old Count.”

Jenna held out a fan and covered her face after seeing me confessing the other people’s shameful things as if I was repenting,

It was clear that Jenna was laughing behind the fan.


Suddenly, Camilla;s situation became ridiculous.

The situation turned as if Camilla herself had sent a letter on purpose to remarry herself to the Old Count Grandson.

“Please, pretend you don’t know about this, Lady Jenna.”


Through the fan lace, I could see Jenna’s eyes gleaming.

“I’m sure my grandfather would like this too.”

* * * * *

It wasn’t long before the news of Count Grandson’s visit to the Crawford was heard.

That night, the doll playing reached its climax.

“Is she prettier with her hair tied up or not?”

Because my hair was tied up together, my elegant neckline, shoulders, and collarbone were revealed completely.

My face and skin, which had been taken care of for days, glowed.

And of course, I smelled so fragrant.

In front of the mirror, Camilla worked hard untied the pin that tied my hair.

My blond hair, which was falling like silk, tickled my waist.

“Or, doesn’t it look prettier if the hair loosens?”

Camilla alternated her attention between me and the mirror, as if she were a man dealing with a major national issue.

“She’s pretty with her hair tied up, but she’s also pretty with her hair loosened. Just which way is prettier?”

Camilla burst into a happy laugh. Then she told me to go to bed early, fearing that my skin might be damaged, then went out of the bedroom.

And there was Penny, who looked distressed.

“My Lady, you won’t really going to marry that Old Count, are you?”

“Am I crazy?”

“I think Madam is preparing for that possibility. Please, you have to be carefull, My Lady.”

“I’ll be out for a while. If anyone comes, just tell them I’m already asleep.”


I took William with me and stopped by Shannon’s bedroom first.

Knock knock-

I knocked on the door and Shannon immediately opened the door.

As she was detained in her bedroom, she might have missed other people’s touch, and she looked a little thin.

“You shouldn’t open the door like this without asking who it is, Shannon.”

“……just say what you want to say.”

“I went to the temple today.”

Shannon, who was standing sideways and not even looking at me, turned her body to me as soon as I said temple.

“Priest Franz asked about your wellbeing.”

“What? Really?”

No. Of course it’s a lie.

I was so busy that I even went back without seeing Franz’s face.

“He said that he’d be happy if I could come with you next time.”

“The Priest said that?”


Shannon’s eyes sparkled dazzlingly.

“Next time, I should ask Mother if I could take you with me to the temple.”

“Well…… that’s……”

Shannon tried hard not to show it, but she couldn’t keep her lips from rising all the way up to her ears.

“I also went there with permission. Because I went with Lord Spencer, Mother wouldn’t worry.”

I said, implicitly proud of my escort.

Shannon stared enviously at William, who stood behind me like a well-behaved husky.

‘It would be good if you had an escort too.’

I wanted to say that word, but I didn’t. Instead, I just looked at Shannon pitifully.

“Ah, anyway, I get it!”

Bang! The overproud Shannon shut the door roughly.

‘Look at that! That girl is totally rude.’

As I was coughing because of the dust, I escaped that corridor.

* * * * *

“Lady, are you going to the Outer Guard Post again?”


On my way to meet Valhail, Willian asked cautiously.

“I think you may attract attention if you visit too often, My Lady.”

I turned to William and answered him.

“Thank you for your concern, William.”


Is it because I still haven’t removed the makeup yet?

We’ve already seen each other every day, but William blushed as if he had never seen me before.

Indeed, the make up this time was quite thick that I’ve usually done.

Camilla feared that the Old Count might think I was too young for his marriage partner, so she applied bright red to my lips and dark shadow to my eyes.

And thanks to that, I also felt that I looked more mature and seductive.

“I will call him, My Lady.”

“Thank you.”

William, who was about to run and call for Valhail, paused for a moment.

“My Lady.”


“Is there…… is there any reason why you come looking for him this often?”

“Yeah. It’s a very important thing.”

“Perhaps, our Commander also happens to know about it?”

“Of course. Don’t tell me… are you asking because you thought I only came to see him because I’m bored?”

“That’s…… that’s not what I mean, My Lady.”

William flustered as he rolled his eyes around as if trying to find an excuse.

“But, My Lady, if a man sees a beautiful lady like you so often, he might harbor presumptuous……”

“Do you have that kind of thought when you see me?”


“You see me everyday. Doesn’t that mean you’re also the same?”

William’s face was so red that I thought it might burst.

I took a step closer to him. And William’s lips twitching without saying a word.

“Am I wrong?”


I raised his chin, which was lowered to avoid my gaze.

“Then tell me that you’re wrong.”

Even with my impudent hand gesture, William didn’t dare to do anything.

When his eyes met mine, William recited his innermost thoughts, almost like a confined prisoner confessing.

“My Lady… What you said is right. All the time, everything you say is right.”

It was then.

I quickly turned around to the rustling sound I heard from behind.

It was Valhail.

From the guard station, it appeared like he had come out to smoke, since he held a cigarette in his hand.

As soon as I averted my gaze, William moved his body and dashed away, as if a prey had been released from the trap.

It was quite unlike him that I let out a smirk at his hurried back.

Valhail, who came closer before I knew it, stood next to the tree behind me.

The long cigarette looked like a toy in his big hand.

He fiddled with the cigarette in his palm instead of smoking it, as if he was worried about something.

‘Look at this punk. Did he know how to smoke?’

As I stared at him, he broke the silence by opening his mouth first.

“It seems that harassing people is your hobby.”

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