I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 4 Chapter 1 - I picked it up without even realizing it

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  1. I picked it up without even realizing it.

Penny exclaimed as she peered through the curtains to see what was going on outside.

“Madame has returned!”


“What do you mean already, My Lady? The Commander is already enraged?”

Camilla has returned from her hunt.

It was because Cedric, who was enraged about a feud with the Grandson, sent a guy to chase her.

“Does my uncle still consume a lot of alcohol?”

“Yes. Not only My Father, but I, too, My Lady, am quite concerned.”


Doesn’t he like it? Since he’ll be receiving more orders?”

“My lady, you really.”

Penny had a bitter smile in response to my joke.

Penny was the daughter of one of the West’s most delectable breweries.

Although the scale is not very large, Selina’s biological mother had given Penny’s father the exclusive right in the Count’s territory for his brewery.

“Madam will go to the Grandson family and beg them, right?”

The Old Count Grandson, who fell in the garden, was still unable to get up.

Camilla’s rejection would have been more humiliating for him than injuring his fragile body.

It seems that you still don’t know my mother, Penny.’

She’s not the kind to do anything like that.

Camilla and the butler were spotted exiting the carriage and entering the main castle through the window.


“I’ll have to prepare myself to be hit.”

“Go and get my uncle.”

“My Lady, to your room?”

“Yeah, there’s something I must tell him.”

Penny seemed perplexed, but she quickly left without asking any further questions.

“I’ll be right back!”

She now seemed to feel that all of my orders were reasonable.

Penny’s attitude toward me had changed from the outset, which was good to see.

While I was pleased with Penny’s development, I felt pity for Cedric, who was still ignorant.

* * * * *

“My Lady.”

Not long after Penny left, William announced someone’s visit.

It had to be Charles, because he didn’t state his name.

“Come on in.”

The little boy poked his head out through a small opening door when my permission was granted.

“My Lady?”

“Come here.”

These days, Charles was taking orders from me and keeping an eye on the people in the castle.

From the chef to Cedric’s situation, and even a specific maid.

“You didn’t notice anything strange?”

“Yes, it’s still quiet. Perhaps it’s because Madam has been on the hunt ever since.”

I was afraid Cedric would be poisoned.

In the original, he died after eating poisoned food prepared by Camilla.

At the dinner where everyone was present.

Selina was going to get engaged to the Old Count Grandson at the moment.

Camilla announced their engagement, and Cedric, who had been away from home and was unaware of the situation, was going to oppose.

Blood was pouring out of Cedric’s nose, eyes, and ears as he died.

Of course, there was no dinner to announce the engagement because the marriage to The Old Count didn’t happen.

Nonetheless, I was concerned.

‘How will I know when Camilla plans to kill him? Since everyone in this castle is on Camilla’s side.’

Cedric was the biggest issue.

Despite the fact that he had seen the poison, he didn’t appear to be disbelieving Camilla or kicking her out.

‘Tsk tsk, that’s why he died.’

In the original book, there was a reason why he, the Commander of the White Eagle Knights, was killed like a dog.

And that’s because of his personality!

I couldn’t get rid of my worries.

“What should I do now that Madam has returned? Do you want me to keep an eye on Dmitry in the dining room?”

Dmitry was the chef.

As I was worried about Cedric’s poisoning, I pushed Charles’ back.

“Charles, I’ll call you later. I now have visitors who have come to see me.”

“Yes, My Lady.”

Not long after I sent Charles out, I heard a squabble outside the door.

“Lord Spencer, please take a step back for a moment.”

It was a man’s voice I had never heard before.

“I’m escorting Lady Selina under Commander Cedric’s orders. Without his consent, I’ll never leave her side.”

“You dare to speak back against me, Crawford family butler!”

“I’ll never leave her.”

“Oh no… I guess I’ll have to call the guards!”

“You are free to call them whatever you like.”

William was adamant, and he was about to raise his sword.

I hurriedly opened the door and exited.

What I immediately faced was an old man who had just begun to lose his M-shaped hair.

‘So this man is the butler.’

Next to him, Camilla was staring at me with her arms folded.

“Can this mother speak with you for a moment, Selina?”


Camilla visited me as soon as she arrived at the castle, as I had expected.

This revealed her aim.

Camilla, who had just passed by William and shut the bedroom door, gave a cold gaze.

The two mads next to Camilla approached me like dreadful reapers with a wink.

From the left and right, the maids gripped my arms hard.

“Le-le-let go……!”

“Lady, you should keep still!”

I looked at Camilla with a terrified expression on my face, tears streaming down my cheeks.

Camilla broke the ice-cold quiet with a smirk.

“Did you go to the monastery just for that purpose, Selina?”

“Ye-yes? Wh-wh-what do you mean……”

“You’ve been flirting with men there.”


I took a deep breath and pretended to be terrified.

“And because it isn’t enough for you, you dare…… to bring a jerk like that inside my castle?”

Camilla pulled out a small whip hidden in the breadth of her skirt as she approached me one step at a time.

Maybe she was thinking about hitting me hard and locking me up.

Then the maids and the servants will guess what I’ve done wrong.

“Such presumptuous things!” Now that Cedric is so upset, Camilla needed an incident to rebuild her status.

And I was the scapegoat.

By scolding and humiliating me, the legitimate daughter of the family.

That was Camila’s method of seizing her power all the time.

‘How can she act like a villain without making an error like that?’

It seemed unusual and a bit amusing to me.

Everything was so expected.

“Where on earth did you learn such dirty things? That is something I never taught you.”

“Wh-wh-what I……”

“I’m talking about the Toono, Selina, who you see every night.”

As expected, Camilla was watching me while she was away.

To be specific, my night out.

“Didn’t you have an intimate meeting at the guard post every night? Don’t you even feel ashamed as a grown-up lady?”

It looked like Camilla had no doubt that I and Valhail had done an immoral thing.

‘However, not every night.’

Yes, it was an intimate meeting, but did I touch his hand or kiss him?

If I had never expected Camilla to come out like this, I would have been really upset.

I’m not even sure whether I’ve ever attempted kissing him.

“N-n-no mother. It’s not l-l-like that……”

“Then tell me. “Did you intend on flirting with him and then fleeing the house?”

“Tha-tha-that thought n-n-never……”

I shook my head and trembled.

Because my arms were clenched together, the motion seemed meaningless.

“Where the hell did you learn to do that? Your marriage arrangement was ruined since you didn’t behave correctly.”

So you’re blaming me for everything that’s gone wrong with Count Grandson?

‘You really make the most of the situation when you get the chance!’

Camilla was a villain with so much for me to learn.

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