I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 4 Chapter 10 - I picked it up without even realizing it

Author: missme285

Penny had already fallen asleep whilst waiting for me when I returned to my room.

I changed my damp clothes and lit a candle after putting a blanket over Penny, who was sleeping on the table.

‘Valhail Castaques……’

I turned the parchment very carefully, looking for his name in the Castaques Kingdom’s family tree book.

His previous expression was beyond my imagination.

‘He wasn’t a nice golden retriever.’

Valhail, in fact, never suits the name of a golden retriever at all.

I recognized that from the first time we met, but I’ve been hoping he’s a nice retriever.

I knew he looked like a doberman, but I wish his demeanor was different.

‘……. but dobermans are also gentle and cute.’

I kept reasoning him in my head even after witnessing those beast-like eyes.

‘This is all because of his face.’

I spent the night reading the book of Castques Kingdom’s family tree, unable to shake a negative premonition.

However, I was unable to locate the name ‘Valhail Castaques’ anywhere.

Instead, there is just one name that is comparable to Valhail’s.

‘No. There isn’t a chance. Not this person.’ 

After reviewing the man’s data, I resumed my search for the Principality of Castaques royal family lineage with a stern expression.

Even after looking over and again, the only name that was comparable to Valhail’s name within the same age range was this one.

No matter how I deny it, it seems that……

“No way…….”


I slammed the book shut. I was too flabbergasted.

How is this possible?

‘I…… picked him up without knowing anything about him!’

The sun had come up.

Penny, who was sleeping on the table, gradually awoke in the dim sunlight.

“Eum, my lady……? When did you return?”

The letter I had just seen seemed to float next to Penny’s adorable face.

‘Valhto Heinrich Castaques.’

He was the king, the ruler of the Castaques Kingdom, and known as the Iron Monarch.

A true lunatic tyrant!


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