I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 4 Chapter 6 - I picked it up without even realizing it

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* * * * *

“I am tired. So tired.”

I groaned naturally as I laid down on the bed, more like throwing myself down.

Because of the unexpected situation, I became anxious whenever I faced Adrian.

‘Ugh, so distressing.’

There was something I could use Sandy and Laura for, however……

‘I couldn’t believe they were kicked out in such a way.’

It’s a pity I lost them.

I knew Adrian did it for me because he believed I was beaten by them and wanted to avenge me, but……

‘I’m not grateful at all.’

What I wanted was a pawn who could be useful and would follow my orders no matter what.

But a pawn who was selfish, rude, and thoughtless… was a big no-no.

I could hear stuff going on outside my room but couldn’t care less.

Instead, I just opened the book that contained the lineage of Kingdom Castaques and searched for Valhail’s name.

However, drowsiness crept in and forced me to switch off the light.

The following day.

Camilla stood in front of me, her face worn and dressed in the most modest dress I’d ever seen.

“This mother has misjudged you, Selina. I apologize if my disciplining method was too harsh on you.” She did this in front of everyone in the palace.

Servants, maids, the gardener, everyone.

Cedric had obviously told her to do this.

I purposefully approached Camilla in a dress that would draw more attention to the scrapes and bruises on my body.

It must have wounded her pride for apologizing in front of everyone like this, yet she didn’t show it at all.

And for someone who came to apologizing to me, she was only interested in my face.

“This beautiful face is so battered…… What should I do about this?”

Only words that sounded sincere.

“N-no, it’s okay, mother……”

I pretended I wasn’t in any discomfort. Rather, I looked at her with admiration, as if delighted that she cared about me.

“I k-k-know…… t-that you’re doing it because y-y-you’re concerned about me.”

“Of course, Selina. Who could love you more than I do? After all, I am your mother.”

“M-mother…… sob sob.”

Cedric gazed at the two of us, who were doing a live show in the corridor.

I feel I could tell what was going through his head right now just by looking at him like that.

‘How could someone be that easily fooled?’

I exhaled a sigh.

I’ve tried to understand his personality, telling myself, ‘that’s why he was poisoned,’ but it’s still so frustrating.

‘I can’t help myself. I should make him see the truth for a change.’

As Camilla departed, Penny, who was looking at her back, told me the truth about Camilla’s actions as we walked back to my room.

“I heard madam received an invitation from Viscount Robert. But she won’t be able to go because she’s on probation, right?”

“That’s true.”

“She was unhappy about it and wanted to throw a banquet. We haven’t had a banquet at the castle in a long time.”

Camilla was the second daughter of a duke who resided in the capital and the most dignified lady in the territory.

Obviously, what happened at the castle was crucial, but she also needed to focus on her social circle.

However, she usually threw her own banquet whenever Cedric was away from the castle, and she was also on Cedric’s probation.

In any case, that was good news for me.

Because I need to divert Camilla’s attention just in time.

“Should I request that my uncle leave the castle for a while?”

“Yes? Are you going to help madam, my lady?”


Penny’s astonished expression was innocent and endearing.

Penny, who had been stunned for a moment, quickly answered.

“My lady, do anything you want.”

She then massaged my shoulder.

“Aw, that hurts.”

“Did I apply too much pressure?”

“It’s all right.”

I patted Penny’s hand and smiled as the injured part ached from the light pressure.

Penny cast an ambiguous glance down at me and added .

“My lady.”


“Is it just me……  How come I believe you’re becoming more beautiful?”

I returned an indifferent smile.

“Does it mean I wasn’t beautiful before?”

“Of course, you’ve always been beautiful. But these days…… or is it because your look has brightened?”

That has to be the cause.

Because Camilla’s strict ‘discipline’ method made Selina perpetually gloomy and depressed in the original story.

But I wasn’t like that.

I was really happy living as a noblewoman who didn’t have to work.

Because in my past life, I had such difficulty at work and was hungry.

‘I even have my own spacious room.’ 

It was best that I left the annex as soon as possible.

The annex reminded me of the small studio apartment where I used to reside in my previous life.

Mold formed on the walls, and pests like bugs and cockroaches crawled around, no matter how much ventilation there would be.

The room I’m in now, on the other hand, was the main room, with a window viewing a lovely garden.

A life worth living without effort in a bedroom like this!

‘If this is a dream, I would never want to wake up.’

Furthermore, I could pursue something that I was so passionate about in my previous life that I wanted to make it my job.


It seemed bizarre, but I was proud to believe that I was acting and living the role of the main.

In other words, it was the most fulfilling job I’d ever had.

“Perhaps because I used to want to die, but I don’t anymore.”

“It appears to be the case. Are you no longer afraid of Lady Shannon?”


She wasn’t even my opponent from the start.

“Even madam?”


Camilla didn’t scare me either. I just found her troublesome.

I haven’t reached anything before, but the situation became different.

Because Penny, William, and Valhail are now on my side.

Even though Franz hadn’t yet arrived at the castle, he was already on my side.

It was still difficult to describe Cedric as “my people” who would listen to me, but the opportunity could come soon.

The opportunity to have him totally on my side.

“I understood that the same circumstance might have different outcomes depending on how I make my decision.”

“My lady, you’ve changed a lot.”

“It’s because of you that I am able to do what I am doing

“T-thanks to me? What did I do……”

“I am always grateful, Penny. Though I’ve never said this before.”

I stood up, turned around, and grabbed Penny’s fern-like hands.

“Thank you, Penny, for saving me.”

“My lady, I was just remembering the late madam that I……”

Penny started to say gibberish, her eyes widening as she felt touched.

“I… I’m worried you’re going to end up like the late madam, who I always……”


To silence her, I pushed my finger across her lips.

“You’ve saved my life.”

You’re the one who handed me the drug.

The drug that will once again save my life.

* * * * *

It was late at night.

Camilla and the butler behind her stepped out of the annex as the rain came down heavily.

I hastily put on a robe after observing it through the window.

“Are you going to see that man again?”


I wasn’t sure if they were going to meet Valhail, but I had a feeling they would.

She must have desired Valhail once Cedric told her who he was.

“Won’t he start spreading weird stories if he sees you bruised like this?”

“He’s not the kind to do something like that. Is it still obvious?”


“Even if only my face is visible?”

As usual, I was wrapped in a long navy robe.

“The slap on your cheek was the……”

The swelling on my cheek subsided, but the redness remained.

A tiny cut opened on my face, perhaps caused by the maid’s nail brushing across it.

My lips had remained parched.

In fact, I was scraping the skin every day in the hopes that it would improve quickly.

“Well, I can’t help it.”

When I told him I was being sold to the elderly count, he became enraged.

I pondered how he would react if he saw me bruised like this after being thrashed by my stepmother.

‘I don’t think it’ll be a problem.’

Still, I was nervous about Adrian. I was terrified he’d ruin my revenge plan.

It was better to eliminate variables that may lead to an unexpected circumstance in the first place.

I used a mesh mask to conceal as much of my face as possible.

My eyes were the only thing that wasn’t covered, but if I put the hood on, they won’t even be visible.

Behind the mesh, just red lips could be seen.

Furthermore, the outer guard post was darker than here.

Valhail wouldn’t be able to properly see my face.

“……my lady.”

Penny, who was also staring in the mirror, took her time opening her mouth.

“Why? Is it strange?”

“It’s not strange, but it’s kind of……”

Penny, who had been contemplating her words, finally spoke after a long silence.

“It’s a little bit old-fashioned.”

“It’s already too dark to see. It’s all right.”

“Be careful.”

The cold sound of thunder and lighting made Penny seem more concerned than usual.

I walked out of the room, smiling reassuringly at Penny.

A shabby little post emitted a blindingly bright light.

Camilla must be inside. Is she there with Valhail?

When I felt compelled to peek inside.

William, who had been to the other post of the outer guard, rushed over.

“They say that he’s on patrol.”


So Camilla was waiting for Valhail inside that post.

“It must be difficult. It’s pouring severely right now.”

“It is his responsibility. The castle’s security cannot be overlooked for a second. Regardless of the weather……”

“I am not talking about Valhail.”

A hapless husky drenched with rain.

“I am talking about you, William.”

I put my palm on his cold cheeks as I felt sorry for him.

His trembling lips gave me a sense of how nervous he was now.

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