I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 4 Chapter 7 - I picked it up without even realizing it

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“M-my lady.”

William instinctively sought to kneel down on one knee as he was surprised.

In this wet ground, how could he even kneel?

I immediately urged William not to kneel, and I looked around before saying.

“Could you try calling him?”

Because I need to keep our presence hidden, I didn’t bring a lantern with me today.

“Yes, I will go and look for him.”

William went straight and rushed after a faithful bow.

I then took a stroll outside the castle, near the guard post, watching the rain splash down on the path where William was passing.

Raindrops splattered on the gray brickwork, forming a path to one side.

‘It appears that the drainage around the castle is well-maintained.’

I was immersed in pointless thoughts at the moment.

In an instant, a tall man stood in front of where I was standing.

He was clearly a member of the Count’s Guard, thanks to his thick blue robe.

“What are you doing standing in the rain?”

A gentle, soothing voice was heard.

The scent hit me like a bomb, and I immediately recognized him.

The scent of herbs was stronger than usual, maybe due to the rain.

When I hesitated, the man drew his hood down, as if to show his true identity.

Rain poured down his muscular forehead and bridge of nose, all the way down to his lips.

For a brief period, I was deaf to the pouring rain.

The scene, which was much too luxurious to be seductive, simply blew me away.

I just gazed at his drenched face, speechless.


Huh? Lady?

I came to my senses late because of the awkward way he addressed me.

‘It’s a good thing I’m wearing a hoodie.’

Otherwise, he’d catch my gaze, which was mesmerizingly fixed on his.

‘I believe his face is a little too much for me. It’s a complete ruse.’

I should thank Valhail for holding a lantern. I wouldn’t have been able to witness this beautiful scene otherwise.

He took a step closer to me after that, perhaps because he thought it unusual that I didn’t respond.

“Lady Crawford, what are you……”

“What do you mean?” says the narrator. “Are you really going to call me that?” says the narrator.


Is it possible that he didn’t hear me due to the rain?

I walked him underneath a large tree after waiting for his answer, which never came.

I simply pulled on his sleeve a bit, but he kindly followed me.

Under the large tree, we could stay out of the rain.

“You do know my name.”

Although the sound of the rain nearly drowned out my voice, it appeared like he did hear me this time.

“But your name shouldn’t be called by random people.”

“But you’re not just some random people.”


“Aha, you want to hear me say that?”

His look remained unchanged even as I teased him.

“Just call me Selina from now on. You almost made me upset.”

Valhail finally voiced his actual feelings after hearing me.

“I shouldn’t call a noble woman by their name…… without permission.”

Well, indeed. That was the rule among the aristocracy.

Even though aristocratic families’ relatives called each other names as youngsters, as they grew up, they would refer to one another by their titles.

Only the fiancees might be able to address each other by name.

‘As predicted, he is a royal.’

He couldn’t recall his own name, but he kept his impeccable manners…

“Isn’t it cold?”

“It’s cold.”

As soon as I finished answering, Valhail started to loosen his robe as if to take it off.

“What are you doing outside? In these weather, you should stay inside.”

As he unbuttoned his robe, he suddenly turned his head back to the guard post and stopped talking.

The brilliant light shining from the inside of the guard post was not the dim light of the lantern that the guards typically carried.

“There’s my mother inside that post.”

After hearing my response, his lovely brows furrowed.

“My mother has come to see you.”

“…… to see me?”

“Because I complimented you a lot.”

I could sense his wonder.

“She’s the type of person who gets whatever she wants.”

Camilla had a habit of separating those who stayed by her side.

Camilla’s speciality was to make anyone, who she found useful, on her side.

Camilla even had the grand duke on her side in the original story.

Even after the grand duke married Selina, Camilla still tried to manipulate him.

In the end, she compelled the grand duke to provide money to the countdom on a regular basis and entrusted him with the financial management of the West.

As Camilla’s demands increased, the grand duke began to doubt her, prompting him to divulge Selina’s abuse.

Despite this, Camilla was able to secure the grand duke as her most important political ally.

“Perhaps she’ll request you to be Shannon’s escort. I told you before about her, she’s my stepsister.”

He looked really displeased.

He shifted his gaze away from me, as if he didn’t want to hear me speak about it.

“She was aware that I visited you occasionally. She thought you and I were up to something sinister……”

Only then did he return my stare and open his mouth with an apologetic expression on his face.

“You must have been in trouble.”

“I was in serious trouble. Still, I have a solid reason for it, so I’m alright.”


“That I met you at my uncle’s request.”

Cedric was eager for Valhail to join the White Eagle Knights, but first he needed to repent to the Holy Knights and seek forgiveness.

He looked shocked since he hadn’t even considered the temple’s relationship with the count.

“Did Lord Crawford actually ask you to do that?”


“But, why haven’t you informed me anything up until this point?”

I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders.

“I’m sure you despise the temple, especially the Holy Knights.”

I removed my hood in case he couldn’t hear me because of the rain.

“How could I tell you that when you’ve already labeled them fanatics?”

Valhail merely listened to me calmly at first, but then he stretched out and touched my forehead.

“Hold on……”

“You’ve been wounded.”

I hastily yanked my head away, but his large fingers clung to it with tenacity.

He didn’t touch my face. Instead, he examined it carefully, searching for the wound.

He even attempted to lift the lantern and the mesh mask in order to get a better look.

“What are you doing!?”

He pulled his hand from my face as soon as I responded in an offensive tone.

Rather, he took a step closer and held me on the shoulder with serious eyes.

“Who dared to make you like this?”

It seemed that he noticed whether I had been beaten or fallen on my own.

“How dare someone…… Who did this to you?”

His enraged tone sank rapidly. I felt a chill and goosebumps from the way he spoke.

“Who do you think would dare to do this to a count’s daughter?”

Valhail, who was peering into my eyes visible above the mask, shifted his gaze to the side, as if a beast had changed targets.

His violent murder intent could be seen in his gazes, which were directed at the guard post.

I could tell what he was thinking right now.

I grabbed his right hand, surprised.


As I expected, he was about to go to the guard post with his knife.

I had to block him with virtually my entire body.


“That’s…… of course you can’t do that!”

“I want to kill the person who made you hurt like this. As soon as possible.”

His comments were typical of the Middle Ages.

However, killing Camilla and the butler and spending the rest of my life in hiding with Valhail for the murder of an aristocrat was not an option.

That’s not the kind of life I want. Definitely!

“In any case, don’t! I want revenge.”

“I can take care of it for you.”

I shook my head vehemently as I grabbed him as he was ready to rush to the guard post.

“Not in that way!”

There’s another way to get revenge other than killing your opponent.

‘Why the hell did he take his knife out first?’

I understood it was the Middle Ages, but Valhail’s demeanor was oppressive.

Yet, I assumed he had a gentler demeanor…… Was he too used to Toono’s way of life?

I grew increasingly curious about his true identity.

I was curious as to where he had come from.

I need to persuade him not to do so so that I may read the book right away and learn about his heritage and origins today.

“Valhail, I want my whole possession back. Everything, including my rights, title, and family.”

Before now, I had never mentioned anything about my plan.

“And Camilla has to be alive for that.”

Valhail’s wrath subsided a little after that.

“I am going to put my mother on trial. The accusation was……abuse, but I’ll need to think of something else to charge her with.”

In this society, proving that parents abused their children was extremely difficult.

Camilla would make explanations, claiming that she was intending to discipline me, and the majority of society would agree.

I was aware of a far more lethal allegation charged against Camilla.

And what I might be able to acquire as a consequence.

“Killing Camilla in a fit of rage will thwart all of my plans.”

His breath, which had been wildly up and down, now calmed down.

“You’re obliterating my sole chance of escaping this family.”

I didn’t like Count Crawford’s territory very much.

I understand Cedric’s pride in serving as the Empire’s border guard, but…

‘I’d just give it to my uncle.’

I refuse to live in the countryside.

My goal has always been to go to the capital.

“If I screw up my plans, the only way I can leave the Crawford family is to get married.”

Valhail’s serene gaze gradually returned, as if my desperation had reached him.

“Being sold like a cow to an unknown man, spending an unwanted night, and giving birth to his child……”

I purposefully chose a provoking term for him to hear.

“I’m not interested in getting married like that.”

Valhail’s hands, which had fully lost their anger, drooped in the end.

After a long sigh, he inquired, peering at the guard post.

“Then…… What can I do to help you?”


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