I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 4 Chapter 8 - I picked it up without even realizing it

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‘I got him.’

I can’t believe that pretending to be pitiful and pathetic is working for Valhail.

“First, listen and tell me what my mother tells you.”

“……is that enough?”

“For the time being, yes.”

“I got it.”

He then looked at me with a confused expression and let out a big sigh, as if he had a lot on his mind.

“Does something like this happen frequently?”

“Not at all. She was only venting her rage at me since my marriage had failed.”

“That means it’s my fault.”

Because I come to see him every night.

I didn’t exactly refute it. Even if I deny it, he’s unlikely to believe me.

‘In some ways, he’s rather witty.’

Valhail’s face darkened as he felt awful about the fact that I had been beaten because of him.

To change the subject, I came to know about the spreading of the rumor about Camilla being humiliated by the old Count Grandson.

“Did you happen to hear about my marriage?”


However, the rumor Valhail heard was not at all what I expected.

“Everyone said you made them blind. Because you were really stunning in a coral dress.”

“……Uhm, I did wear a coral dress that day.”

Valhail put out his hand toward my cheek as I was embarrassed and perplexed by the rumor.

“Show me the wounds.”

“I don’t want to.”

I strolled around the castle with my head up high because I wanted everyone to see the wound. But I don’t want to show him the wound for some reason.

“Show me, Selina.”

His long index finger moved to my earlobe, straddling the thread of my mask and trying to loosen it.

As his cold finger touched my sensitive ears, I felt a tingling sensation.

“You’ve seen me wounded many times.”

That’s true. I’ve seen his body and wounds several times.

I’ve watched him suffer both physically and mentally. I’ve even watched him crumble and beg me to kill him.

It actually felt unfair for him that I hid my wounded face.

Eventually, I couldn’t stop him untie the mask.


The fluttering mask was thrown on the ground. I made eye contact with him while seeing the mask become wet in muddy water with the gentle gesture of lifting my chin.

Valhail flashed a pitying glance all over my face.

He seems to have forgotten that I could easily heal such a wound with the magical stone.

He smoothed my slightly ripped brows, forehead, and puffy cheeks one by one.

He had a more pained face than I had, despite it was me who had been pounded like a sandbag.

“Did that woman personally hit you?”

“No, she ordered her maids to do it.”

“What’s the name of the maids?”

“It’s no use knowing that. Those maids may have already left the territory.”

His fingers delicately stroked the back of my quivering lower lip.

It was the spot where I purposefully peeled my skin off.

Valhail’s expression as he gazed at my wound was so mournful, almost if all of my wounds were penetrating him.

His gaze, which was gradually lowering, soon reached my neck and shoulders.

The flesh around my neck is light enough that the scratches and firm imprints with fingernails are still evident.

To be honest, the wound around my neck wasn’t as painful as the mark. It was only that my skin was super sensitive.

“Would you want to see more?”

I enjoyed the way his anxious and compassionate stare fell on me, so I rolled up my robe to my forearm.

My wrists were blue and bruised from being caught by the maids.


Valhail raised my arm in disbelief.

He closed his mouth again after a period of silence, looking at my delicate wrist, which is not half his size.

“How could they beat you this badly?”

“My legs are even worse. Since she whipped my legs.”


He inquired again, his face furrowed as if he couldn’t believe it.

“Should I also show you my legs?”


Valhail placed his hands across his brow, as if he couldn’t deal with it emotionally.

I couldn’t help but giggle at how serious he looked.

“…… what’s so funny?”

“It’s funny. I’m talking about your reaction.”

“I don’t find it funny.”

“Don’t tell me you forgot I could heal these wounds myself with the magical stone?”

“But because of them, you are…… It’s not like you’re a sinner nor a servant who deserves to be beaten like this.”

Valhail then turned to the small bright post and kept staring at it.

“I should not have seen your wounds.”

“Anyway, whenever you feel furious, remember what you saw today. And help me in avenging myself.”

He wiped his face violently, as if brushing away the rain.

“Don’t be like anyone else who ruins my chance at revenge.”

“Who’s that?”

“There’s a guy who really likes me. He was continually interrupting me and never listened to what I was saying. So bothersome.”

I’m not sure what he’s startled about, but Valhail’s eyes widened. And at that very time.


The door to the bright post opened. Camilla seems to have chosen to leave because she couldn’t wait any longer.

‘What should I do?’

The situation had escalated into an issue. There’s no way I could avoid Camilla. Because I was standing on the way back to the castle.

The situation where I met Camilla outside the guard post without an umbrella in this heavy rain was never in my favor.

The butler was the first to appear from the post and open the umbrella for Camilla.

“This is a problem……”

And the awkward moment when I looked Valhail in the eyes.

Valhail’s strong arm drew me into his robe without hesitation.

I instinctively hugged his muscular waist as I was tugged into his fluffy coat.

Our physiques were noticeably different.

I was like a cicada on an old tree.

It was a good thing the robe was thick and big since it also served as a raincoat.

‘I don’t think it’ll show.’

With a little self-interest, I put my head on his chest, totally embracing him.

Kkung, kkung, kkung……

The sound of his hammering heart reverberated in my ears and spread throughout my body.

Time passed and I had no idea what had happened outside.

“Are you the one called Valhail?”

It was the butler’s voice.

I had considered it before, but his tone of speech was so similar to his master’s. I’m not sure if it’s due to my bias.

“Oh, is your mouth stitched up? How dare you not respond to the great count’s butler?”


Is that the type of person he was?

He was rude to William before, and he is still rude to Valhail today.


It seems that the butler’s name is Ruben.

I have no idea what his name was before today because he was never mentioned in the original story.

“Don’t raise your voice.”

“Yes, madam.”

Camilla, who immediately silenced him, was approaching. The sound of muddy steps alerted me.

“Well, you are, contrary to my expectations……”

Camilla’s delicate fingers caressed Valhail’s face.

Valhail appeared strained to have his chin caressed through the little exposed robe.

“You’re rather handsome. Are you the Toono who won the martial arts competition?”

Camilla spoke like a slave-picking merchant. That’s how she speaks and acts.

The tone with which she was speaking made me feel bad, yet…… deep down, I agree that Valhal is rather handsome.

“What is your name?”

In the pompous aristocracy’s tone, Camilla treated Valhail like a slave.

If Valhail was genuinely a slave, he might already be kneeling in front of the countess…… Valhail, on the other hand, was never a slave.

Even though he doesn’t remember his memory, he maintains a dignified demeanor.

It was impossible for me to ignore.

“Why don’t you respond?”

Valhail’s breath became heavier as a result of Camilla’s aggressive tone. He looked to be controlling himself.

‘No…… you shouldn’t be angry here.’

I patted his back to try to calm him down.

Meanwhile, I could see his powerful muscles through his thin garments.

‘I as well……’

It would be a major issue if my thoughts became filthy like this.

Anyway, it appeared that my touch had calmed him down.

I could hear his voice as his breathing became more calm and serene.

“…… it’s Valhail, countess.”

“Your eyes are quite wild.”

Camilla snorted and spoke in a voice I’d never heard before.

“Fine. I like that part of you.”

Camilla’s delicate fingers moved as if ravishing Valhail’s face.

“It’s fun to tame a spoiled dog like you.”


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