I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 4 Chapter 9 - I picked it up without even realizing it

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I mean, no one would be happy if they heard the word “dog” addressed to them.

I couldn’t imagine somebody would willingly follow someone as arrogant as her.

“My daughter requested that I assign her an escort.”

Oh, it’s finally following the original story’s flow.

I paid close attention to their discourse. In this case, I was curious what Valhail might reply.

“How does that sound? Don’t you want to be a knight who escorts aristocratic ladies?”

Camilla stated it with extra emphasis on the word “knight.”

“I know it would be difficult for you to obtain your knighthood because you were previously a Toono. However, I can provide it to you.”

Camilla quickly offered the term ‘knight,’ which Cedric couldn’t bring up easily.

“Be my person.”


“I am the person who will rule over the Western in the future.”

I had chills on my arms as soon as she said that.

I never imagined that Camilla was such an ambitious person.

I assumed she was just a wicked stepmother who enjoyed torturing her stepdaughter.

“I will give you the opportunity to experience my glory with me.”

Gosh…… Her pick-up line is just wonderful.

To be honest, a person like Camilla is better suited to become the family’s head than an indecisive knight like Cedric. I couldn’t help but acknowledge her.

“Oho! How dare you not obey madam’s command?”


“Please accept my apologies, madam.”

Camilla appeared to have a firm grip on the butler.

Valhail eventually answered after a little pause.

“I’ll give it some thought.”

“Even the way you veer off subject is endearing.”

Camilla came out laughing as she clutched around Valhai’s neck, uttering her goofy uncle-like words.

“You’ll find me on all fours very soon.”

They then walked past Valhail, possibly on their way back to the castle.

‘I didn’t get caught.’

I’m breathing a sigh of relief right now since I was too nervous.


Camilla came to a halt on her way back.

“I could sense Selina’s scent here.”


I kept my breath held.

“Did you possibly just meet her?”

“That’s correct.”

Valhail responded strongly. It appeared like I was the only one who was concerned about the issue. My heart was racing like crazy.

“She is my daughter, yet she is rather lovely. Don’t you agree?”

Camilla did not seek an answer from it.

“As well as pitiful.”

Camilla added, which immensely eased me. Far from checking, she appeared to be completely ignorant that I was present.

‘That’s a relief.’

I was terrified she’d bring up Shannon. Fortunately, I could still hear what she was saying since I was paying attention.

“Don’t you want to have her?”


“If you become my person, I’ll give you her. Once.”


I felt my blood was cooling down.

I never considered that Camilla would sell me like this behind my back.

Fortunately, Valhail didn’t fall for Camilla’s ridiculous temptation. He just took a deep breath after stopping for a moment.

And I could sense his raging rage.

“Don’t you think it’s a good idea?” It’s your only chance to embrace an aristocratic lady.”

I retract my statement that Camilla is suitable to be the family’s head. Certainly.

‘Cedric is far preferable than her.’

I patted Valhail’s back to calm him down, while trying to calm myself down. Valhail responded quietly when he had cooled down.

“It seems that you enjoy unpleasants jokes.”

“Do you find it unpleasant? That’s a good thing. I was concerned that you could have inappropriate interests for my daughter, but it appears that I was overly concerned.”

Even though she insisted it was only a joke, I was grossed out.

“That child is the most valuable treasure I have.”

I already guessed it out from the way she prepared me, bathing and dressing. I was handled thoroughly.

“She’s someone who shouldn’t be touched until the right price is paid.”

The more I heard it, the more speechless I became. I couldn’t even express my rage.

“You should keep it in mind. Then let’s go, Ruben.”

“Yes, madam.”

Camilla and the butler quickly vanished after she spewed her rubbish.

Valhail then scooped me up like a package and led me inside the guard post.

He then placed a clean cloth on the bench for me to sit on before firing the braze without saying anything.

“Since when did that woman raise you?”


Since I am now eighteen years old, and the war ended five years ago…… and the count remarried to Camilla two years before the war ended.

“…… since I was eleven.”

“So this has been going on for seven years?”

“Well…… I suppose I could say yes to that.”

“Why on earth would Lord Crawford leave you like this?”

“My uncle is just really busy. He’s solely interested in knighthood.”

“He’s out of his mind.”

Yeah. I couldn’t agree with you more.

Valhail continued while tending to the fire in the brazier.

“You don’t have to listen to those who have no sense of shame.”


“I’d have torn her tongue out if you hadn’t stopped me.”


“It’s a shame such a horrible human is still alive.”


“It would be nice to tear up her limb and throw it for a stray dog.”

I was perplexed because it was my first time seeing Valhail be so talkative.

“Are you attempting to comfort me right now?”

His hand, which was cracking the wood, came to a halt.

‘It seems to be the case. He tries to comfort me……’

Why is he comforting me with such frightening words?

“You must be really surprised because of my mother.”


“It’s okay. You don’t need to try to comfort me. I’m already used to it.”

While staring at the raging fire, his eyes were drawn to me.

His face, which was filled with uneasy sensations, was strangely adorable while not suiting him at all.

He eventually opened his mouth with difficulty as he blinked still.

“I apologize. I’m not very good at talking.”

Maybe for the people who knew him, it is the truth.

“I apologize, Selina.”

Valhail was disappointed that I was isolated within the count’s castle.

As he stared pityingly at me, I reflected about the life of the original Selina. The abuse and neglect she suffered.

The only thing on her side of this huge castle was only the weak maid.

‘She was so afraid of her stepmother that she stuttered.’

Not only that, but she attempted suicide by swallowing poison endless sleeps.

How difficult it must have been for her to decide to purchase the poison when she had no money left.

I reflected on myself as the main character in this world.

‘You just wait. Because I will take revenge for you.’

Camila was unable to socialize because of her current custody issue.

…… I was successful in making it happen, however……

‘It is not enough.’

It would be good if Cedric would come to his senses quickly and plan to kick Camilla out.

But it’s faster to have him being born again than to wait for that to happen. I need to make Cedric suffer for a while.

“But, how could my mother have known I was there? Is my scent that obvious?”

I smelled my clothing. However, because my clothing was wet from the rain, it simply had a fishy smell.

“I don’t believe my scent is unique enough to be noticed.”

Camila, on the other hand, recognized me right away.

‘Is it because of the chamomile oil I used?’

It was a moment when I was trying to figure out where my scent came from.

I immediately remembered a sentence from the original book.

“Your fragrance is pretty special, Selina.”

Goosebumps appeared behind my neck. It was the line the archduke said on their first night with Selina.

“Everything about you is special.”

Valhail’s eyes, which were fixed on me, shone brighter than ever.

Like a devoted puppy who will go to any extent to protect his master.

“No one can ever hurt you anymore.”

On the one hand, I appreciated his undeniable affection for me, but on the other, I was frightened.

Such eyes could not be developed by ordinary humans.

‘What is your true identity?’

This question became very complicated.



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