I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 5 Chapter 14 - Finding The Missing Tyrant

Author: missme285

I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make A Harem 

Vol. 5 Finding The Missing Tyrant Chapter 14


“You mean against my mother?”


I was the one who was embarrassed by his assured response.

“But…… there is no evidence.”

Despite the fact that Camilla has control over the garden, it would be over if she claimed she was unaware of the poisonous weed that had been planted there.

Franz and my testimony was merely a statement.

“When the trial begins, the evidence will be discovered.”

It was such a stupid idea.

‘Does he have no logic?’

Everyone knows that the great high priest is a distant relative of Duke Maple. I don’t believe Cedric is unaware of this.

“Even if we find the maid who committed the act on my mother’s orders, my mother will kill the maid and the case will be closed. Just like hat happened to Emma.”



Cedric returned my gaze with firm conviction.

“I will win the trial and ensure that the Countess receives righteous punishment.”


“Well, you know when the trial put. Because justice always wins in the end.”

For a brief moment, I thought I was watching a youth drama from the 1990s.

‘……I should’ve just killed him. ‘

Justice or anything like that won’t always win, you frustrated human.

“The winner is the one who survives. Uncle, you can’t be hostile to my mother right now.”

How will you handle it when you don’t have any money, power, or clear evidence?

She won’t sit still at family meetings. Cedric could be expelled by the vassals unanimously.

In the land that is completely dependent on the Maple Duke’s finances, it is obvious what would happen to Cedric.

“First and foremost, you must create a force.”

The Eagle Knights stand behind Cedric, but they are not worked under family’s force.

“Because the family situation is chaotic on the inside and out, say you will cover the poison case. And, as my mother has requested, please contact the painter.”

“You want me…… to cover it down?”

“Yes, until we have strong evidence and a solution to the family’s financial problems, we could send my mother away.”

Cedric looked upset.

But, with nothing prepared, it was impossible to turn Camilla into an enemy in the absence of evidence.

“I can handle the financial situation. In addition to farm work.”

“Do you have any plans?”


Cedric finally started listening to me.

It was the moment when the poison he was fed shone through.

“There is a force that could replace Count Granson’s labor while also providing you with strength, uncle.”

The West does not have the manpower to do so, but there is across the border.


“The barbarians.”


“Make them an ally of yours, uncle.”

Cedric looked embarrassed as if he hadn’t thought about it before, but he didn’t refuse right away, saying it was nonsense like before.

‘Though it was William’s accomplishment, it doesn’t mean Cedric couldn’t do it.’

In the original story, William, who left the Crawford family, joins forces with the barbarians.

The incident reached the Imperial Palace, and the admiring emperor resumed his support for the west.

The barbarians actually wished a place where they could settle.

They had no choice but to loot because neither the Duchy nor the Empire would accept them.

“We can lend them our farmland in exchange for rent.”

The land where they live now is contaminated, so they couldn’t grow anything on that land.

Now that Countess Granson’s men have left. The Crawford family’s farm will be left unattended.

If that is the case, we should lend it to the barbarians “Instead of giving up the land, the family knights should receive their outstanding warriors. And when the time comes, uncle, tell them to fight for you.”

Cedric was lost in thought and had no response.

However, he will end up following me.

“Justice is always victorious because only the victorious survive and claim to be the only ones who are just.”

“Only victory brings justice.”

No one can hear the righteous voice of those who have died and decomposed into the soil.

“My mother failed this time, uncle, but she might poison you again in the future.”

Camilla must keep Cedric in check for the rest of her life unless he disappears.

Cedric had to have realized that badly after this incident.

“You’ve got to kill before you’re killed, uncle.”

Soon, his determined gaze was fixed on me.

“Yes, I should do as you say.”


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  1. Sigh Cedric would be a good mc for a little boys story, I’m glad Selina is finally getting her way though even if she has to almost kill her uncle herself lol

  2. “Well, you know when the trial put. Because justice always wins in the end.”
    oof Cedric……dont make Selina give up on u
    Thank you for translating this story! Waiting for your next update!!

  3. cedric is a total polyanna. i wanted to grab him by the shoulders and shake him and take off those blinders

  4. This book is great and I am super thankful to the translator however it needs proper editing. It’s so confusing because it’s not edited. Some of the sentences don’t make sense and the beauty of the story gets lost. Hopefully the translator can get a good editor to help out.