I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 5 Chapter 15 - Finding The Missing Tyrant

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I Will Avoid The Male Lead And Make A Harem
Vol. 5 Finding The Missing Tyrant Chapter 15

“We must thoroughly investigate this case! You are the core of our family. Cedric.”

Camilla arrived at Cedric’s room early in the morning with a healthy soup she had requested from the chef.

“I was afraid something would happen to you. Do you know how much I……”

“I’m not going to conduct research into the culprit.”


Cedric rose from his seat, holding the bowl of soup in his hand.

“Countess, from now on, do not enter my bedroom carelessly.”

“But I was just trying to take care of you!”

“There is no need to do so. There’s a temple high priest here, and I’ve already recovered enough.”



The soup bowl shattered and rolled across the floor.

“Don’t you feel my sincerity? I was worried about you so I was up early making soup for you, but you……!”

“Please leave right now.”

Camilla’s hands trembled in response to Cedric’s cold response.

“You’re like a cruel man who has no idea what a woman’s feelings is like!”

Camilla, enraged, burst into tears and stormed out of Cedric’s room.

But as soon as Camilla walked out the door, she turned coldly, as if she’d never cried before.

‘He won’t look into the culprit? How come?’

Just in time, her daughter, who couldn’t understand what was going on, arrived with medicine and a blushing face, unaware of her mother’s mood.

“What are you, Mother?”

“Get the hell out of my way!”


Camilla was well aware that her daughter had been flirting with the high-ranking priest who represented flour dough under the guise of making Cedric’s medicine.

“You useless bitch!”

‘I should get her married and send her away as soon as possible! Everything she did was a disaster!’


Camilla returned to the annex right away, nervously biting her nail.

‘Why the hell won’t he investigate the culprit? Just why?’

Camilla had nothing to do with the Cedric poisoning case.

Of course, she had intended to feed him ‘widow tears,’ but not so soon.

Isn’t it too obvious?

It was like a trap made with the intention of making everyone suspicious of her.

Some of the servants’ gazes on her were strange.

To make matters worse, Cedric’s promise not to find the culprit appeared to be a proclamation, as if he was saying, ‘I know you’re the culprit, but I’ll pretend I don’t know.’

‘I can’t even go to a banquet, much less go hunting!’

Camilla attempted to marry Selina quickly and send her far away, then return to their previous room, but even that plan failed. She was now frustrated and insane.

‘How long must I stay in this beggar’s bedroom?’

It’s strange. Something is strange.

This county castle, which had always been like a toy in her hands, no longer works at her control.


Camila screamed and ruffled her hair as if it had always been her habit.

There was no nobility in her.

Her appearance in front of the other people was all a ruse.

“Ruben! Ruben!”

Ruben, who had rushed in from the outside, embraced Camilla and gently swept her back.

“Sshhh, Camilla.”

“It is all a mess! Every single thing!”

“What exactly is going on?”

“That damn Cedric is suspicious of me. I couldn’t get my hands on the knights, and Eddie’s status is still that of an illegitimate child with no surname.”

“Camilla, calm down. What makes you think that stupid piece of wood suspects you? He isn’t the type of person to suspect someone without evidence.”

“I have no idea. I think someone must have told him something.”

Camilla’s eyes darted left and right, anxious.

Camilla had a hunch that someone might actually do that.

“It’s Patron. It has to be him. He’s manipulating Cedric because he still holds a grudge against me for Emma’s death. I am certain of it.”

“That’s why he didn’t attend the funeral……”


Ruben quickly changed the subject, feeling guilty.

“You can return to the capital if you have a headache.”

Camilla grew up in the imperial capital.

She traveled all the way to the West to fulfill her father’s will, which she can never refuse, but……

“My father still regards me as a useless child. I can’t go back like this!”

“Instead of capital, you can live in peace and quiet in the suburbs. With no one knows.

“Are you telling me not to go to any banquets?”

Camilla looked pityingly at Ruben, who was always optimistic.

“Do you believe it makes sense! I am the daughter of Duke Maple, Camilla Maple.”

The West is the land where the principality and the frontier border meet.

Duke Maple worked hard for a long time to get his hands on the western part of the empire.

However, the big accomplishment was brief.

Camilla becoming the head of the household was an unexpected result for Duke Maple, but she was still a disgrace to the Duke.

A sinner who gave birth to a child whose father was unknown.

“I can’t live on a rural land like this.”

The only way for Camilla to return to the capital was to give Adrian the county castle. Optionally, obtain the Knights of White Eagle.

But both seemed too far away at this point.

Ruben sat on one knee, looking at Camilla’s nervousness.

“It won’t be a problem. Loosen up.”

Ruben’s touch was very familiar as he removed Camilla’s high shoes and caressed her white feet.

Camilla muttered, her gaze falling to Ruben, who was rubbing her feet.

“First and foremost, I need to get out of this filthy room.”

‘I need to reclaim the Countess’s bedroom from Selina.’


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