I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 5 Chapter 16 - Finding The Missing Tyrant

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I Will Avoid The Male Lead And Make A Harem
Vol. 5 Finding The Missing Tyrant Chapter 16


“Are you going to evict her? For the time being, leaving Selina alone is……”

“Do you think I’m stupid?”

Unexpectedly, Selina’s wounds had not healed.

So she should cover it thoroughly.

The beaten marks on the calves were visible through the ragged fabric of the ragged dress.

Selina didn’t even go out, and she had no idea how to dress up because she was a rigid douche.

When Selina lived in the annex, Camilla couldn’t tell even if she went around like that, but since she was in the Countess’ bedroom of the main castle, she seemed to stand out to the employees.

There was a terrible rumor going around that Camilla was abusing Selina.

“Make sure the things below are well done.”

“I’m working on it.”

Camilla is feeling better thanks to Ruben, who has been rubbing her feet so tirelessly.

“Sigh, I’m going to be a mother once more.”

Camilla must find a new marriage partner for Selina. She needs to send Selina out as soon as possible to reclaim her bedroom.

Camilla, her head cocked, cast an arrogant glance at Ruben, who was carefully rubbing her feet.

“Take it off.”

“……Since there are still a few people coming and going from the annex, shouldn’t we be quiet now?”

“Do I need to say it again?”

Ruben arose quietly and began unbuttoning his shirt.

A secret relationship that no one knows about has already lasted 20 years.

Camilla could only be herself in front of Ruben, her childhood friend.

Her white feet moved like snakes, ravaging the lover’s naked body.

“Ruben, make me feel good.”

Under his master’s orders, he bowed his head like a dog.


“Where…… have you been?”

“I’ve been to the border.”

“With that body?”


I was taken aback by Cedric’s calm demeanor.

‘Now that I see him, he’s no different than a bulldozer.’

I was wondering where he had gone when Franz informed me that Cedric had not been seen in his bedroom since the evening.

But he rode alone to the border on horseback with that unhealed body.

“Did you meet the barbarians?”


The conversation didn’t seem to go well, but Cedric’s complexion was unusually bright.

“They said that they couldn’t believe us.”

Until three days ago, the White Eagle Knights and the barbarians were at odds.

Reconciliation could not take place overnight.

“However, it was something I wanted to believe.”

Cedric thoroughly explained the situation to me.

It was also the first time he had spoken to the barbarian.

“I went there determined to risk my life, but they brought me inside as if they had been waiting.”

Of course, it was claimed that during the process, there were so many loud voices and terrible situations that they had to hit and kill him right away.

“Everything you said is correct, Selina.”

Cedric’s eyes shone with optimism.

“They are willing to settle anywhere. If only there was a place that reached out a hand.”

The question was how to gain the barbarians’ trust.

They didn’t fully trust Cedric, and Cedric was concerned that he would place them in their territory and then loot them.

It was time to establish a reliable connection that could serve as a bridge between them.

After confirming Cedric’s desire for peace with the barbarians, I decided it was time to open my mouth.

“Bring Lord Patron along with you, uncle.”

The one who secretly cared for my half-brothers.

‘I’m sure they keep in touch.’

Cedric had to keep quiet about my father’s children being born between him and a savage woman.

The children were the ones who would be the head of the family if Camilla was kicked out.

However, having two more grown nephews inherit the family name would not be ideal.

It was something he would consider after I left for the capital.

I will only assist Cedric in becoming a stable householder.

For him to gain power and the Crawford family to secure stable finances without Camilla’s support.

“I’m confident Lord Patron will help. I heard he delivered supplies to the barbarians on several occasions.”

“I’m not sure if he’ll do me a favor. He does seem to be still in mourning over what happened to Emma……”

He had lost his daughter! Of course, he was in mourning.

Sir Patron had resigned from the Knights and was now in limbo.

Cedric was a man who couldn’t say anything negative, so he didn’t seem to dare to pay him a visit.

“I will ask Charles to do it.”

“Will you do that?”

Cedric’s face brightened.

“I should have talked to you about it, Selina.”

Cedric began to trust me after hearing Franz’s testimony that he had saved his life by taking the antidote I gave him.

Also, as soon as he returned from the border, he came over and discussed it with me.

‘Collecting completed.’

Cedric is now mine.

“You need to get my mother out of here as soon as possible so I can breathe and live.”

I said it in a mournful tone.

“But…… as you say, it will never be easy to make the Countess go.”

“If it’s discovered that she keeps a man next to her, she’ll have to go out even if she doesn’t want to.”


Cedric, with his hawk-like eyes, made an immediate impression.

“Don’t play dirty tricks on women’s chastity, Selina.”


“What a disappointment.”

It was a surprising remark.

Elevating women’s morality was the most common and simple attack everywhere, and Cedric was displeased with it.

He intends to keep his faith even to the woman who poisoned him.

‘Oh, it happens again.’

But Camilla’s affair was real.


As I looked out the dim window, I smiled.

“Why don’t you go to the annex right now?”


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