I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 5 Chapter 20 - Finding The Missing Tyrant

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I Will Avoid The Male Lead And Make A Harem
Vol 5: Finding The Missing Tyrant
Chapter 20

I quickly shut his mouth with my hand. I couldn’t take it any longer.

‘How come he’s taking this so seriously……’

By the way, a purity reader.

The Middle Ages were truly incredible.

According to what I’ve heard, the principality is much more advanced in magic and uses magic tools in their daily lives.

‘Why would you use such an enigmatic power for something like that?’

For a brief moment, I couldn’t shake the shock of the purity reader, but I quickly drew away from the touch of Valhail’s lips that I had felt late in my palm.

“It was just a joke. I was joking because you hugged me so tightly that night that I couldn’t breathe.”

“That’s…… I sincerely apologize. I had no idea I’d do something like that.”

“Because I thought my mother had finally gotten you to her side and had ordered you to kill me by applying pressure to my entire body.”

“That is simply not possible.”


I carefully concealed the reason for my visit to him.

“Did you happen to meet my mother?”



“Because I don’t have any reason to.”

Valhail was unwavering. I was overjoyed, but I secretly consoled him.

“It would be a good opportunity.”

“Good opportunity?”

“Didn’t you want to be appointed as a knight?”

“Even without the Countess’ support, I still can achieve that.”

“Even so, if you gain my mother’s trust, you’ll be able to advance quickly.”

“I don’t want to run into that obnoxious woman again.”

His responses sounded firm. He didn’t seem to be going down without a fight.

I placed a hand on his shoulder, which was still lower than mine.

His startled gaze followed my hand as he flinched. From his steel shoulders. I wrapped my hand around his cheek past his strong chin, and he had a thick but long and elegant neck.

“Even though it is my request?”

His neck, which I had completely seized, moved uncomfortably.

A seven-humped man with nothing to fear is barely grasped and shaken in my hand.

Contradictory, but true.

He’s afraid of me. He’s afraid he will lose my affectionate gaze.

“Say you will devote your devotion to my mother.”

My lips moved with ease, knowing he could never disobey me.

“Valhail, swear to him that you will be her man.”

“……she’s not going to believe me.”

He is correct.

Camilla is well aware of my closeness to Valhail.

“Ask her to give you my place instead. Then she won’t be suspicious anymore.”

I gave him an innocent smile around my mouth. Valhail’s face was filled with an indescribable emotion that day.

Soon after, he lightly clenched his fist and wrapped my hand around his neck.

“If that’s what you want.”

I will do anything.

The words were omitted, but it sounded clear to my ears as if he had said it with his mouth open.

He responded to my proposal without hesitation after previously stating that he would never speak to Camilla.

“You can use me as much as you want, Selina.”

Valhail said as he willingly gave me the ability to move him.


Cedric passed the attempted poisoning as if nothing had happened, and Franz returned to the temple.

The county appears to have returned to normalcy.

However, there has been a slight change.


Camilla, who was slicing the steak, inquired bitterly, as if she couldn’t believe it.

“Wait, what did you just say?”

“Viscount Hope, Viscount Fitzroy, Baron Aberon……”

The maid goes through the powerful families of the West one by one.

“All the ladies from the families to whom you have sent invitations…… Madam, they declined the invitation to this banquet.”


Camila dropped the tableware and rolled her eyes, as if shocked.

I, who sat across the table from her, quietly cracked the soup because I was afraid she would notice my gleaming eyes.

Camilla called me at every meal these days, as if she had heard rumors that she was starving me without feeding me a piece of bread.

“How dare…! How dare they!”

Camilla’s venomous yell echoed throughout the dining room.

“What is the reason for their absence?”

“Some refused due to family obligations, while others are visiting the capital. As a result, they will find it difficult to attend that day……”

It was merely an excuse.

If that were true, those ladies would have politely suggested Camila accompany them to the capital.

Camilla quickly snatched the letter from the maid’s grasp.

Her face turned red as she read the line.

“M-m-mother…… y-your complexion…… d-d-doesn’t look good……”

As everyone stared at the enraged countess, the restaurant fell silent.

Her hands were rough as she examined each letter she received as if to confirm with her own eyes.

‘That’s why you should have learned to control your nasty temper.’

Camilla was the queen of western society.

However, the small banquet she had planned was completely ruined.

The Western ladies declined her invitation as a group due to the horrifying rumors of abuse and failure to poison Cedric.

It was all her fault.

Camilla’s pride was shattered when the consequences of her actions came back like a boomerang.


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