I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 5 Chapter 21 - Finding The Missing Tyrant

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I Will Avoid the Male Lead and Make  A Harem

Vol. 5: Finding Missing Tyrant Chapter 21


I could tell how angry she was just by looking at her quivering mouth.

Cedric, who had wiped his mouth, opened his mouth weakly.

“Isn’t a successful social debut for Selina out of the question now?”

He asked with the same emphasis on ‘successful’ that Camilla had.

‘Who are you mocking now?’

Camilla is already irritated, and Cedric is making fun of her.

I couldn’t stop laughing at Cedric’s audacity, which I had no idea existed.

“No way.”

Camilla was aware of the gaze directed at her and quickly changed her facial expressions.

“I hear the other ladies are in town to watch the wandering troupe, Selina.”

Camilla quickly regained her composure in this shittx situation and returned her elegant smile to me.

“I picked a bad date. I had intended to introduce you to a close friend.”

“I-i-it’s o-o-o-okay.”

I awkwardly nodded, pretending to be nervous.

“It is rather good.”

Camilla said with a comforting smile.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to show your portrait to the capital’s prominent literary men.”

She planned to commission a portrait of me and then show it to the men of the capital’s aristocracy.

‘This is my beautiful daughter. Please line up if you want to take her.’

As if a bid in an auction, she planned to marry me to the gnome who paid the highest price among them.

Camilla, after all, isn’t the type to give up after her marriage to the old Count Granson failed.

“I get a lot of chances to meet the sons of prominent and prestigious families. Lucky for you, Selina.”

When I heard the compliment, I shook my head and said, “Th-right.” that’s

Cedric looked pityingly at me and asked Camilla.

“Do you intend to visit the capital?”

“I can’t help myself, Cedric.”

I don’t believe any other ladies recommended she go to the capital, but will she still go and join them?

“Without me, everyone in the capital is as stupid as a child. There’s no way I could be left out.”

A bamboo basket can’t carry water. That arrogant demeanor appears to be natural.
(T/N: literally means “leak at home, then leak everywhere,” or “a bamboo basket can’t carry water” in English. A person with a bad nature will do bad things wherever he or she goes.)

I couldn’t hide my irritation when I saw her sweet eyes, as if she was trying to be generous.

If it was modern age, there is definitely a group chat room except for Camilla.

‘There’s no way a person with that personality doesn’t have any enemy.’

On this occasion, the group action must have been led by a lady who wanted to replace Camilla and become the number one person.

‘Perhaps Camilla was attempting to track down the suspect by accompanying them to the capital.’

Anyway, her leaving the county for a while wasn’t a bad idea for us.

“Have a safe journey.”

Cedric, perhaps thinking along the same lines as me, said his goodbyes to her without saying much.

Following the poisoning case, I asked him to be more generous with Camilla than ever before.

Because that way she won’t keep Cedric in check and will let her guard down.

“I believe I’ll be busy finishing the work on the barbarians.”

Preparing for a reconciliation with the barbarians was still a fact that only I, Cedric, and Sir Patron knew.

“Before that, would you like to go hunting with me?”

Camilla’s eyes widened at the unexpected suggestion.

‘She’s definitely a beauty.’

I was taken aback because I was used to seeing her solemn expression.


“Hunting would have been your only hobby, but you haven’t done it in a long time.”

“Oh, you’re so considerate.”

Camilla’s eloquent demeanor made the butler sigh, as if she had fallen back in love with Cedric.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who had seen the image.

“You’ve already put in a lot of effort, Cedric.”

Camilla smiled like a noblewoman and offered him a glass of wine, as if to propose a toast.

I quickly tapped Cedric’s foot under the table when I saw his contemptuous eyes, which couldn’t hide his expression.

“For the sake of the Crafword family’s future.”

“For the sake of the future.”


The sound of clear glass striking and ringing was very pleasant to hear.

Camilla said as she happily sipped her wine.

“I’m going to finish Shannon’s marriage before I go to the capital.” Finishing Shannon’s marriage?

‘It hasn’t even begun, so what the…’

Cedric, like me, had a curious expression, but Camilla didn’t bother.

“I’m considering making a proposal to Marquis Whitelot up north.”

Marquis of Whiterot?

‘Who is he?’

There was no mention of that name in the original story, and the western part had bad relations with the northern part, so it was a name I had never heard of.

“……Are you serious now?”

“Yes, Shannon is old enough.”

Cedric and the maids were taken aback. Based on their reactions, it appeared that the person was well-known.

‘Who could that be? Who is that guy?’

I’m curious. I’m curious!

Once I became curious, waiting for the dinner to finish was a pain in the ass.


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