I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 5 Chapter 4 - Finding The Missing Tyrant

Author: missme285

I was so angry that I scolded him, but Valhail made no excuses.

He was either punished for complying with my request, or he simply couldn’t help himself.

‘It would make me feel better if he blamed me!’

He’s got to have something to say.

However, he changed his words, possibly because he felt it was unfair that I was scolding him for nothing.

“How did you find this place?”

“I inquired of William.”

“The magical stone had turned purple before I knew it.

I closed my eyes and looked at his broad back, which had become a tangled mess.

I discovered this when I was treating Cedric previously, but even if I don’t pray aloud, I can still treat the wound effectively.

All I had to do was concentrate.

‘I prayed to the merciful God, please heal the wound……’

Valhail’s gaze was drawn to me, and he asked me insinuatingly.

“Are you close to him?”

“…… yeah, since he is my escort knight.”

Then he opened his mouth again after a long period of silence.

“Then it means you’ve ever treated him before like this.”

“I haven’t yet……”

Without realizing it, I opened my eyes.

The light from the magical stone faded at that point as if to indicate that I had become distracted.

‘Let’s concentrate. Focus! Focus!’

When I saw the glowing purple again, I closed my eyes.

Then I began to pray in my head.

Valhal was silent for a moment as if contemplating something, before hurling a bomb at me.

“That guy must be in love with you.”

Valhail’s voice was calm when he said that, but the content was excessive.


I abruptly opened my eyes and met his gaze, which had been fixed on me.

“He must want to kill me.”

Despite the fact that those were his words, Valhail’s gaze implied that he was the one who desired to kill William.

‘What the hell……?’

I swallowed my breath, surprised.

I had the impression he was wearing a steel helmet.

It’s ironic that I even questioned his existence as the steel tyrant, despite Valhail’s intense gazes being the most accurate evidence available.

I was covered in goosebumps.


The magical stone slipped from my grasp and rolled to the ground.

Valhail rose from his seat and took up the rolling magic stone.


However, the magic stone in his hand lit a fine purple color.

The light flashed when I looked at it with curiosity.

In Valhail’s large hand, the magical stone resembled a small toy.

“This stone has lost its power.”

How did he find out? Did he just know by touching it?

“Do you have that power as well?”


His brow furrowed.

“Is this some kind of power?”

The magic stone in his hand emitted a blindingly bright purple light at the end of his sentence.

I turned my head and closed my eyes tightly.

The light then went out in an instant.

It was the most intense light I’d ever seen.

“You are bestowed with divine power, Lady Selina.”

Franz’s surprised and envious expression flashed through my mind.

My mouth was wide open as I stared at Valhail.

‘Isn’t this a blatant fraud? How could someone as powerful as he exist?’

How could this be?

His specifications and abilities are absolutely perfect.

Face +999
Body +999
Divine Power +999
Combat Power +999

‘No, his face is more sophisticated. His face points +9999.’

With a straight face, I told him.

“Never tell this to the other person. Never.”


“That’s…… Of course, you must not reveal this to the others!”

If anyone notices his divine power, he will be taken to the temple and forced to be a priest.

The temple’s civil servants appear to be doing a fine job, but they are not.

Banned from dating, banned from eating meat!

Perhaps he was aware of it as well.

That the temple priests should only be vegetarians.

But perhaps he was thinking about something else in his head.

Because not long after that, he slowly opened his mouth while casting a bitter look at me.

“In your eyes as well…… Do I look like a monster?”


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  2. ‘No, his face is more sophisticated. His face points +9999.’
    LOL shes so funny! the MC is def a facecon
    Thank you for translating this story!