I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 5 Chapter 6 - Finding The Missing Tyrant

Author: missme285


The bed smelled exactly like its owner.

“No…… I mean, what makes it so fragrant?”

Even his pillow and blanket were fragrant.

They were filled with Valhail’s scent as if I was hugging him.

I tried hard not to smell as pervert as possible, but it was futile.

“And so do you.”

When he said this, he had a deep frown between his brows.

His muscled profile was revealed every time the lamp’s flickering light turned toward us, then quickly vanished into the darkness.

Valhail stayed on the bed at my suggestion because the landlord couldn’t kick the guest out of his bed and only stared at the ceiling.

He didn’t even turn his head to look at me.

On the other hand, I leaned over and observed him.

“You don’t even look at me……”

I noticed him shaking his head and closing his eyes.

I burst out laughing because his forcibly closed eyelids looked so uncomfortable.

His bulging throat trembled once more.

“You’re so handsome.”

When he heard me muttering admiringly, he turned to his side, his back to me.

I puffed my cheeks at his cruelty as he hid his face.

“You’re too cruel.”

“You’re the one who’s cruel to me.”

A soft voice echoed throughout the room.

“Please sleep now.”

I snorted softly.

“Who falls asleep the moment he lies down?”


“You can put me to sleep and say things like that then.”

He let out a long sigh.

Somehow his face, in deep impression, seemed to be drawn before my eyes.

The night couldn’t get any better than this.

I was able to hold back my laughter and lie down.

It was a precaution taken in case my bad hand stretched out while I slept.

“Sleep tight, Valhail.”

Long moonlight fell over our nesting beds.

Outside, I could hear crickets chirping.

Valhail spoke up unexpectedly.

“You make me feel like a human.”

It was around this time that I became so numb that lifting my already closed eyelids became difficult.

“Only when I’m with you.”

Breathe in- breathe out-

Of course, you’re a human.

That’s what I thought I said in my sleep.

His pleasant low voice continued like a lullaby.

“I feel like a human being, not a monster who has no idea where he came from.”


“Just a normal…… man.”


It was early in the morning.

I awoke stuffy and suffocating from a dream in which I was crushed by a rock all night.

The appearance of the strange bedroom then perplexed me.

I remembered that I had decided not to return to the count castle and instead spend the night at Valhail’s house.

‘Then this is……’

Valhail’s arms wrapped tightly around me from behind.

I definitely fell asleep with his back facing me.

However, as we fell asleep, Valhail turned his body to face me and covered my stomach with one arm, as if he were a giant snake.

Furthermore, the other hand is supporting my head.

This firm touch between my back and his thigh was his.

‘This is a murder attempt.’

He’s trying to crush me to death with his hard body, which is like a weapon.

Someone had clearly asked him to kill the young lady from Count Crawford while I was sleeping.


I could feel his body move as I coughed in frustration.

“Did you wake up?


“Can you then let me go?”

Valhail remained motionless for a few seconds before leaping out of bed.

‘Wow, that’s fast.’

I slowly rose to my feet, admiring his speed.

My muscles tensed as if my body, which had been tightly wrapped, had finally been released.

‘Whoa, he’s really shameless.’

He didn’t even look at me, but he hugged me like that while I was sleeping……

Valhail was stranded like a sinner at the door.

In disbelief, he looked down at the arm that was hugging me.

He finally spoke, his ears red as if burned.

“Ha-habit…… That was my sleeping habit.”

Oh, my.

“So it seems you have a habit of sleeping with a woman in your arms.”

Were you originally a playboy who didn’t want to get married?

Valhail hurriedly opened the door as I curtailed my eyes and looked at him with a pathetic expression.


Soon after, a dog much larger than me jumped into the bed.

It was a very friendly dog.

The dog, who had been licking my face and shaking his tail vigorously, revealed his belly.

‘……Yeah, I know you’re a man.’

I stroked the soft dog’s neck and chest.



I naturally smiled as I felt good about the touch I felt after a long time.

“You’re the very first.”

I stared at him with my eyes wide open, still touching the dog.

Perhaps he was looking for an excuse.

Valhail opened his mouth again, this time with a nervous expression I had never seen before.

“You’re the first person to sleep next to me. I swear.”


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Comments (6)

  1. “You make me feel like a human.”
    This is so sad TvT
    “You’re the first person to sleep next to me. I swear.”
    So cuteeee hes desperately trying to clear her misunderstanding
    Thank you for translating this story!

  2. “This is a murder attempt”, I nearly spat all over myself. What a gal!

  3. At times like this I wish this is a R-19 novel… Sighs away