I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 5 Chapter 7 - Finding The Missing Tyrant

Author: missme285


Well, that was the case for me as well, so what did he……

“What are you swear……”

Then, with a serious look on his face, he confessed.

“I have a bad sleeping habit.”

“But you just sleep well and don’t even snore.” Valhail shook his head.

“No, Selina, that’s not what I mean.”

“Then what?”

“When I feel someone else’s presence while I’m unconscious or asleep, I act instinctively.”

“acting on instinct? What is it?”


His face quickly grew darker.

When I saw him unable to answer, I stopped petting the dog.

‘N-no way…… does he kill the person?’

That must be right, I suppose.

I could tell from his hardened expression.

How could someone have such an alarming habit?

When I recalled who he really was, it made sense.

Valhto Heinrich.

He would have grown up facing numerous threats to his life because he was born as the potential successor to the Castaques family.

He had six half-brothers, so it’s not too surprising,

Children from families with enormous power and wealth tend to fight ferociously for succession. Killing, and being killed.

Rather than being families, they were competitors who had to get rid of their own rivals.

I could tell by Camilla’s furious and desperate attempts to seize control of the county and a few isolated rural territories. That is the definition of family.

Anyway because of this habit that he was placed in a containment room.

Because whenever he has fallen asleep, he killed everyone who was nearby.

It is now clear why he was given this cruel nickname during the martial arts competition.

The Berserker.

If he lose consciousness and felt his opponents’ presence around him, he would instantly kill them……

Valhail frowned as he looked at me who was silent.

“That’s so fearsome.”

If I said I hadn’t feared him, I’d be lying.

On the other hand, I felt bad for him because he couldn’t get a good night’s sleep and had to defend himself.

“I feel fear of myself, too.”

“But it’s not like you want it to happen, don’t you?”

Is it wrong of me to feel pity for him?

Or perhaps the ticklish tongue licking makes everything seem less serious.

Indeed, dogs do possess that ability.

“But maybe that sleeping habit has been fixed.”


“You have ever slept next to me before. Both of us sleep well back then.”

I was talking about the time when we unintentionally spent the night in the containment room together.

And in the morning, I had to go back and leave him alone in that dark room.

Just thinking about that time made me feel bitter.

“Don’t you remember? You really sleep back then.”

“……No way.”

He finally revealed the truth to me about that day, belatedly, and with a dejected smile.

“I never fell asleep that day.”

“What? Really? Why?”

“Because I was afraid… that you would be gone when I opened my eyes.”

His intolerable brutal honesty hit me directly in the face.

I couldn’t help but forgive him for keeping me bound in his arms all night when I discovered the explanation.


I couldn’t return to the county in this condition because I dared to spend the night outside.

So, after refusing Valhail’s offer to accompany me, I made the decision to visit the temple by myself.

But Valhail gave me a cheese and fig sandwich.

“You should have a meal as soon as you arrive at the castle.”


“Moreover, eating red meat will improve your health. Request that they cook the fatty portions.”

“I got it. Do you know how many times you’ve said this?”

How am I supposed to eat such a greasy breakfast?

I know it’s ridiculous, but he wouldn’t stop bugging me, so I just said, “I got it.”

You’re too frail. It’s so terrifying…… like you’re going to break.

You still gave me a tight hug all night despite knowing that, huh?

He quickly averted his gaze after hearing my words.

His appearance as his thick lips closed and his ears turned red was so adorable and completely did not fit to his size.

Teasing him is so much fun.

Sadly, I had to say goodbye to him as I made my way to the temple.


Fortunately, because it was early in the morning, I could easily meet Franz.

“What? Lady Selina, what are you talking about right now?”

Franz, whom I met in the temple, blinked naively, as if unable to believe what I had just said.

“Please say that I was praying all night at the temple and didn’t realize it was already dawn.”

“Are you asking me…… to tell lie?

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  1. You still gave me a tight hug all night despite knowing that, huh?
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