I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 6 Chapter 11 - I Will Become A Parvenu

Author: missme285

I Will Avoid the Male Lead and Make a Harem

Vol. 6: I Will Become a Parvenu

Chapter 11



“Don’t be too concerned. We still have the mine, so if we sell it, we’ll be able to pay off the family’s debt, Cedric.”

Just as I had expected.

Camilla said precisely what she said in the original story.

She truly bravely borrowed money from the Okeii Silver bank, using the Movilon mine as collateral.

“I mean, I had my own plan.”

“Mine you say…… do you referring to Movilon Mine?”

“That’s correct.”

Cedric’s complexion darkened for a split second.

It was given because Joanna brought the Movilon Mine as her wedding dowry.

“I had no idea you were worried about the County’s financial situation. I need to dispose of it within this month.”

Cedric looked at Camilla, surprised.

Camilla’s decision was reasonable, given the family’s debt and the imminent closure of the Movilon Mine.


“That’s…… I don’t think we should touch the Movilon Mine.”

The Mine, in the name of the Crawford family, was Joanna’s only legacy to this world.

“What do you mean?”

Camilla replied, her eyes wide open as if she didn’t understand.

“That is, the mine is said to be owned by someone else. And by now, the mine’s owner is……”

In his elevated voice, Cedric’s eyes naturally turned to me.

I warmed my lips with difficulty, like the true Selina, who couldn’t express her opinion in any unreasonable situation, sitting like a folding screen.

“M-mother… b-but… t- that’s……”

Camilla let out a low sigh when she saw me.

“The Movilon Mine no longer produces pure gold, my dear. It didn’t have a lot of reserves, to begin with.”

That is, of course, a given.

‘Because that mine is not a gold mine.’

Now, at the Movilon mine, discolored gold has been mined, and everyone thinks it has reached the end of its lifespan.

But I know.

That beneath it is buried the empire’s largest magic stone.

In the original work, ownership of the Movilon Mine, which Camilla disposed of, wanders from place to place and eventually falls into the hands of a cunning merchant.

He approached the Archduke after realizing the mine was worthless.

“The owner of the mine was Lady Joanna Chester. Duke Chester gave it to the lady when she married Count Crawford.”

The Archduke, who was depressed by his wife’s continued defiance, responded to the words ‘Joanna Chester’.

It was the deceased biological mother of his wife.

He has no idea how his wife’s noble heritage ended up in such an unseemly situation, but it was a good thing for the Archduke.

In the meantime, no priceless gift has changed his wife’s mind. But what about her late mother’s legacy……?

“Give this a try, Your Excellency. Your wife will undoubtedly love it.”

The Archduke, who was leaning on the sofa with an arrogant expression on his face, finally began to lift the Movilon Mine documents.

In his mind, the merchant then sang a joyful song. True, the great Archduke was smitten with his innocent young wife.

The Archduke, as the male protagonist, was wealthy.

He hires a worker to give Selina a gift while the gold is being mined if possible, but when only discolored gold is extracted, he consults an expert out of curiosity.

Then he discovers that a large quantity of magical stone is buried beneath it.

It was a very protagonistic story about acquiring enormous wealth through unintentional investment.

In any case, the empire has been turned upside down, and the Archduke proudly hands over the Movilon mine to Selina.

It was one of the few scenes where I found myself nodding and thinking, “this male lead bastard, he truly has a bad temper and foul mouth, but he still makes a good fortune.”

“Because your mother brought it, I will leave it if you wish. I can pay off my family’s debt by selling my dress.”

“Oh… N-n-no, m-m-mother.”

“You did want that, didn’t you? You want me to sell all my belongings and walk around like I’m a beggar, right?”

Camilla shot back, glaring at Cedric.

“That was not my intention. However, the financial situation of the family I entrusted to you was a mess……”

“Huh? What!? A mess!?”

I exchanged terrified glances with the two as a result of the sudden loud noise.

“D-d-don’t be like this, p-p-please. T-t-the mine…… M-m-mother, you can sell it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Y-y-yes. O-of course……”

“Then sign the agreement.


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