I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 6 Chapter 12 - I Will Become A Parvenu

Author: missme285

I Will Avoid the Male Lead and Make a Harem

Vol. 6: I Will Become a Parvenu

Chapter 12


Camilla snapped her fingers as she nodded tearfully, as if she had planned ahead of time.

Paper and quills were thrown on the table where refreshments were being served.

“You can sign that the Crawford family agrees to sell the Movilon Mine and that you will not object, Selina.”

I laughed quietly to myself.

‘You must be nervous, don’t you?’

Cedric looked at Camilla with disgust, probably thinking the same thing as me.

I politely signed as she ordered.

‘Since I signed the contract, she will try to sell it as soon as possible.’

Anyway, the mine under the name of Count Crawford is not mine.

And what I wanted is a mine under my name.

“I should be able to dispose of it within this week at the earliest. Though we won’t make much money from it.”

The Movilon Mine is now worthless and will be sold cheaply.

“If you’re so concerned, I’ll pay the loan back to the Okeii Silver Bank first. Is that alright, Cedric?”


“What are you doing, embarrassing me in front of my daughter?”

Cedric drank tea, staring into the garden as if to hide his expression.

I gave an awkward smile as if I didn’t know what was going on.

Camilla, having gotten her wish, naturally changed the subject while sipping her tea.

“Do you still have that sword? The gift from a hunting festival.”

“I take good care of it.”

“I asked you a question for no reason. It’s an item that you treasured a lot, so of course you would have kept it well.”

“Why do you ask all of a sudden?”

“It just reminds me of the old days. Time flies by so quickly.”

Cedric has been deafeningly quiet since then, as if he thought it was all nonsense.

Camilla shifted her gaze to me this time.

“The Marquis of Whiterot is on his way to propose to Shannon with a gift. Isn’t he a sweetheart?”

“Y-yes… s-s-sweet……”

“I’m not sure why Shannon misunderstands such a person, really.”Camilla, who had cut me off, smiled brightly and took my hand in hers.

“Why don’t you go comfort her, Selina? After all, you are a good sister.”

Camilla didn’t want to listen to me from the beginning.

I only need to nod my head like a doll during this conversation. I felt more at ease after realizing this.

“That’s very kind of you. Have you met the artist from the South?”

“Yes, ah, Isaac……”

“Yes, yes, Isaac. He’s a very famous painter in the South. Did he complete your portrait before he left?”

“Oh, no, h-h-he just……”

“Right. He only looks at your face, right? Isn’t he amazing? It’s hard to draw a portrait without looking at the subject.”

“T-t-the portrait… c-c-can’t wait……”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to seeing your portrait. It would be perfect if he could bring it soon.”

Camilla never listened to me and only spoke to herself until the end.

‘What was the point of calling me here if you were going to do this?’

This awkward tea time ended only when Cedric excused himself from his seat, claiming to be busy.


Penny’s sister is unwell. She stated that she was in a crisis tonight.

Penny, who was washing my hair, burst into tears, which surprised me and prompted me to inquire.

“What should I do, my lady? I’m supposed to assist you with your bedtime routine……”

“Am I a child? Get up and go. You must hurry because even an hour is valuable.”

Penny, who had her back to me, looked around the room restlessly.

“I’m all right. So hurry up and go.”

“What if something goes wrong with Fiona? I’m scared, my lady……”

Penny’s sister was still young, but she was only twenty years old.

As tears streamed down Penny’s cheeks, I wiped her back.

“It’s not going to happen. You got the money, didn’t you?”

Penny nodded her head.

The ladies-in-waiting in charge usually have lodging and boarding and rarely return home. Until she was no longer a lady-in-waiting.

It was because the nobles relied heavily on the maid who had stood by their side since childhood, as Shannon did with Emma.

“You should look after your sister until she is completely recovered. Don’t be concerned about me.”

“Thank you, my lady. Thank you very much……”

Only in a few cases was the maid-in-law sent home, as I just did.

Shannon had never sent Emma home, and perhaps the real Selina didn’t want to be apart from Penny either.

If I recall correctly, there was only one line in the original story where Penny was depressed because her sister died of illness on her own.

‘After all, Selina didn’t even send Penny to her house.’


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