I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Make My Harem Vol. 6 Chapter 15 - I Will Become A Parvenu

Author: missme285

I Will Avoid the Male Lead and Make a Harem

Vol. 6: I Will Become a Parvenu

Chapter 15


I became concerned about the distant future because his true character was very belligerent.

Well, I don’t care. It’s not like I made him to do that.

‘He was the one who expressed a desire in doing it.’

The strong arm that brushed against my knee moved slowly.

He asked a random question while lowering his head to concentrate.

“Do you despise war?”

In awe, I burst out laughing.

“Is there anyone who enjoys war?”

His hand came to a halt for a brief moment. Valhail’s hand moved awkwardly again after being stiff for a few seconds.

“Perhaps there is……”

His low voice grew smaller and smaller, unable to complete his own sentence.

“Huh? Wait, what did you just say?”

“No, nothing.”

Valhail has remained silent since then, his complexion darkening rapidly.

He stood up after gently wiping my feet and greeted me for the night with complicated eyes.

“… Good night, Selina.”

I couldn’t take my gaze away from his broad shoulders as they slid into the darkness of the balcony.

For some reason, from his back he looked disturbed.


Several days later.

Cedric returned and called for me. I happened to run into Valhail on my way to his study.

He simply bowed his head slightly and stepped aside to allow me to pass.

It was because of my request, as I was conscious of the passing glances.

‘That color also looks good on him.’

The red cape contrasted with the color of his eyes, reviving his features and making his body appear more robust.

I walked down the hall without greeting him or making eye contact with him.

Instead, as we passed each other, I grabbed his hand and lightly touched it before letting it go.

It was an unspoken signal between us, which no one knew.


As Valhail moved away, William, who was standing behind me, expressed his displeasure.

“He went under the Countess overnight.”

William would never dream that Valhail sneaks into my bedroom every night.

“How thoughtful has my lady been to him? He is so blinded by wealth and fame that he returns the favor to the enemy.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

‘Don’t be upset, Husky.’

William appeared to secretly enjoy the fact that I was estranged from Valhail.

“It is no different than a betrayal.”

“I know, it’s a shame.”

I stood in front of Cedric’s study, waiting for his permission to let me come in.

“There’s nothing wrong with the old adage that ‘beasts with hair should not be cared for in the first place.'”

I blinked back at him, who stood gallantly beside me.

“William isn’t going to betray me, is he?”


He came to his senses after being silent for a while, like a person who awoke at my silent urging.

“That’s…… Of course!”

“Of course?”

“O-of course. My Lady, I will never do the same heinous thing that man did.”

“Thank you very much. As expected, having William by my side gives me comfort.”

When I smiled brightly, he couldn’t take his gaze away from me, as if he had witched.

He was like a big dog, sitting calmly and vigorously flapping his tail.

‘What a cutie.’

The door swung open just in time.

I quickly entered Cedric’s study after erasing the face of the county girl who was young, naive, and indispensable to someone next to me.


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